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David Knight’s Struggles in Early Rounds of GNCC

In our article on May 11, 2006, we let those of you who are unfamiliar with David Knight find out about this off-road phenom. You can look back at our article for the details, but Knight is quite simply the best off-road racer in the world at present, and he has been dominating enduro racing in Europe like no one before him.

KTM brought Knight to the United States for 2007 to contest the GNCC series, but things have not gone well for the superstar so far. After three rounds, Knight is not in contention for the series lead in points (he is no where near the lead) after a second place finish in Round 1, a DNF in Round 2, and a fifth place finish in Round 3. Knight started the year nursing a sore, recently broken hand that lead him to struggle in the opening round (while still finishing second) and drop out of Round 2 altogether. In Round 3, Knight had fuel problems and lost roughly eight minutes before mounting a late charge to finish fifth.

There are 13 rounds in the 2007 GNCC series, and Knight still has a chance to redeem himself, and even garner enough points to take the title. So far, however, circumstances have prevented Knight from showing U.S. fans what he is truly capable of.

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