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Mike Alessi Comes Around

KTM’s Mike Alessi has had his ups and downs since turning pro a few years ago. He came oh-so-close to winning the Lites Outdoor Motocross championship two years ago, and then seemed to have more difficulty competing in the Lites class last year. This year, he moved up to the Motocross class, and has had some difficult rounds, until last weekend at Red Bud.

At Red Bud, Mike Alessi scored two solid third place finishes, and returned to form with his starts (where he has always been known as a holeshot artist). In the end, he couldn’t keep pace with Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart (like everyone else), but he showed good pace, nonetheless. His third place finishes were well deserved, and not simply the result of his good starts.

Alessi has been humbled somewhat since he announced as an amateur that he expected to win as a pro (even against competition like Carmichael and Stewart). He seems to have his feet back on the ground, and maybe now he can show us just how good of a rider he is.

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