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Suzuki Biplane and Crosscage Set for Tokyo Motor Show


Suzuki released the following photos and text concerning two Tokyo Motor Show concepts. The Biplane is powered by a V4 engine and features radical styling and chassis technology. The Crosscage features a compact fuel cell and secondary battery power source. The show opens on the 29th. Here are the photos and text from Suzuki.

Feel the joy of riding motorcycle! Look at this motorcycle! This concept model “The Biplane” communicates the joy of two-wheel mobility through a design that was uniquely inspired by the feeling of flying or piloting an aeroplane, which gives motorcyclists a similarity feeling while riding bikes. Despite being a modern machine, it gives a great feeling of openness-thanks to a shape that has a biplane – no canopy – motif, which was always giving softer, human-friendly and warm feeling to us. It’s powered by a V4 engine.

The crosscage is a fuel-cell motorcycle in which a simple, compact, lightweight air-cooled fuel-cell system and a high-performance secondary battery are brought together in a way that realizes optimal power control. A fuel-cell unit from British specialist company Intelligent Energy delivers quick activation with low fuel consumption, and a lithium-ion battery combines safety with a low environmental burden. The simplicity, compactness, and lightness of these technologies not only make the crosscage environment-friendly; they also helped enable sporty styling befitting the Suzuki name.

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