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Can Rossi Win Another Title . . . Or Is He Done?: MD Reader Responses – Part 2

On October 19, 2007 Dirck asked our readers for their thoughts regarding Valentino Rossi’s future in MotoGP. We posted the first half of the reader responses on October 29, 2007. Here are the rest of the reader responses.

  • This is a no brainer! If you put Rossi on a Ducati next year, I would bet the rent money that Stoner would see alot of Valentino’s backside.
    Don’t get me wrong, Stoner is a incredible talent, but put them on equal bikes and tires, 8 times out of 10 it’s “THE DOCTOR”…………

  • Rossi will only win another title if everything comes together for him – best bike, tires, etc. Otherwise, wouldn’t bet the farm on it!

  • Give us a spec tire in MotoGP and Rossi would for sure win again.

  • I have total faith that Rossi has the cool head and skill level to lift the crown again. Hopefully his machinery and tyres will be on a more level playing field next year as I think it is apparent that Ducati had the more competitive package this season. Not to take away Casey’s achievement, but I can think of several races that Valentino out-rode him only to have the Ducati storm past once the track straightened up. After two less than successful seasons Rossi has a big point to prove – but I don’t think he will prove an easy man to beat. Don’t count out the Doctor just yet!!!!

  • If I were a betting man I wouldn’t bet against Rossi.

  • Are you nuts?

  • Yes Rossi has the hunger for victory more than ever if tires work for him next year he will be back stronger than ever.

  • HE will be the 2008 Moto GP champ.

  • Although I am a Rossi fan through and through, I may begin to think that Rossi might be done. No, wait, I take that back. The Rossi times are done. What I mean by that is simple, Valentino adapted to, rode, won on, and emerged with championships with equipment that some of the new riders only hear about in the pits as lore. This man rode and overcame the dreaded 500 GP bike. By his own admission, it was something like “F*#K” the first time out on the machine.

    So, the rules changed. So what? Well, to start with, the street bikes went from street bikes that looked like race bikes to race bikes that you could ride on the street. I remember saying that with the inception of the mighty GXR1000 a few years ago, that racing had just turned a corner of sorts. I mean, if an average or underfunded rider can come to grips with this, then the top level just got a bunch more even. New talent was about to become a factor.

    Did that contribute to the “demise” of the Rossi era? In a word, no. But, indirectly, I believe that it comes down to that. Just as the F1 drivers of today are more and more just passengers ( I really am looking forward to the end of traction control ) it seems that Moto GP riders are going the same route. I would love to see a man of Stoner’s talent take on a 500 GP machine. It would no doubt be spectacular, and, he might even do well at it. Point is this – Rossi has won on every machine he has been given, regardless of make, configuration, or class. Most importantly, he tamed the beast that Stoner has never proven that he could. People piss and moan all the time when the best machine wins. I take nothing away from Stoner in this regard, he has ridden a smart and solid race to his championship, but, he has the best tires and the best bike. Simple. Any single racer in the world would be expected to win wtih that combination. Rossi, in my mind at least, is the single best rider at adapting to the bike and the surface that he is given than any other rider in recent history. He wins with the bike he has, if he can. If he has the best bike, then it’s a boring race to watch.

    So, again I waffle…is the Valentino era done, or is he just about to write another chapter? We’ll see.

  • What is this ‘editor’ talking about? i guess he is not watching the same GP races as everybody else. Anyone can obviously see that the Yamaha is WAY down in power compared to all factory bikes. He is 2nd in the championship because he is trying to overcome Yamaha/Michelin’s weakness with his abilities. The question should read, can the GP field deal with a full Rossi assault for 2008? P.S. ….other than this season, when has Rossi lost a race by more than 30 seconds?

  • He’s a talented athlete who apprecaites the competative nature of the sport and he understands the business of racing. The last two seasons have tested his maturity and his team’s commitment. This next season he will be ready to rumble, We all hope is team is ready to support him.

  • Hahahahaha writing off Rossi already? And thinking that the field of robo-riders behind him can be anything like Rossi? Man, put the pipe down and back away from the keyboard.

  • Rossi is still possibly the most skillful rider in moto GP, but without the right equipment ie. bike and tires, he will always struggle. I also think that Casey Stoner is the future of moto GP, ” a reincarnation of Barry Sheene”!!

  • Regarding your article “Can Rossi Win Another Title – Or Is He Done”, my answer is of course he can. I read on another site where his team is already negotiating for a tire switch next season, and the Yamaha does have power. These changes, along with the tremendous riding talent of Rossi will make for an exciting next season. I just hope that Honda will see that Nicky Hayden should be given the principle effort in revising the design of the next bike!!!!

  • I think he could win again if he had a machine with as much power as the ducati appear to have. Also needs the best of tires. He appears to be limited by his tires.

  • Valentino Rossi is , I think , the most naturally gifted rider the world has seen . The last 2 years have proven he is human , comeplete with character flaws .The 2006 M1 was a turd , not even a polished turd can be expected to dominate , regardless of rider ability . The 2007 M1 is an over stressed turd , tuned to the brink of disaster , showing the design flaws that there is no band aid fix to hide .Shame on Yamaha for that . And now the tires are second rate . Boo Hoo , I didn’t hear any whining when Rossi was on what the entire paddock knew was superior rubber .Now he wants to dump Michelin and maybe Yamaha , too . He will likely get his way as Dorna is afraid to lose their Golden Goose .I would hate to think an entire world champioship series hinged on 1 rider who wasn’t man enough to suck it up and work with those who have supported him to solve the issues . A man of his talent should be capable of that , if he had the resolve , which he obviously does not .I say reprint his book and title it ” what if I had to do it on junk equipment, would I have tried ? ” I still respect the talent , but he sounds alot like another great Italian talent , Maxine Biatchi . Ducati Rules .Stoner and Bridgestone are pretty good , too . Valentino may win another title , but he’s not what I thought he was .Personally , I’d fire him for being mouthy . It sure helped Max to straighten up .

  • if you, like me, have seen mr rossi live, then you know of course he can.

  • I think he still has the talent and heart, just needs the tires and set up which at most races was not there after the middle of the race. It would be interesting to see Yamaha on the Bridgestones. Then we all would know the answer.

  • Put him on the Kawasaki ZX-RR on Bridgestones and most of the Rossi magic will reappear again!!!

  • If Vale has not moved onto something more important to his heart and wants to win another title, he will. If he still has the drive, he’ll get the equiipment. Or he’ll move onto rally cars or whatever and probably exceed in those sports as well. He will be missed when he does go given his gifts and skills as a rider and his personality and freedom that endears him to fans.

  • IMHO Rossi ‘s problems in the last 2 years have been the Motorbike and the tires, not his riding abilities.

  • Rossi is as good as he ever was. In those races where he has done badly, he has been let down by
    the bike or the tires.

    He is still 2nd in the 2007 championship, so, therefore, he is better than the rest in spite
    of not finishing two races and having OBVIOUS problems in others. Furthermore, Stoner has had an OBVIOUS power advantage in many races. Rossi through? NO WAY!

  • If you put Rossi on a competitive bike, not the underpowered Yamaha, and the Bridgstones he is goanna race on next year, I’m sure that he will give Stoner a run for the money!! He is by far the most talented racer in the Moto GP, the only racer that is near him regarding raw talent, it´s Casey Stoner.

  • Personally I find the recent negotiations regarding Rossi and his ability to win another title to be deplorable. If Dora is openly going to bat for Rossi over tires what else are they doing? Is it really racing it the entire organization seems to exist to assure Rossi a fighting chance at the VERY least? I feel that counting Michelin out for next year to be rather ill-advised. Michelin and Dunlop used to go at it in the past and Michelin proved it’s ability to adapt. These racers are professionals. That’s a good thing because were I a not Rossi I would be very offended by the organization trying to ensure Rossi wins because he tends to put a for more butts in the seats. It’s simply unfair to everyone else. Dorna has destroyed the last shred of its own credibility.

  • Being a hardcore American fan (read: Nicky, Hopper, or Colin) I rarely cheer Rossi on. However you have to be in a coma to not recognize the talent that he has. Yes the competition is getting better, but I think that if he comes to terms with any tire issues and there’s no mechanicals to worry about, he’ll be fighting at the front on a regular basis. We’ve seen overcome adversity on the track by his sheer drive to win and if he’s near the front, it will further that drive. I look forward to seeing how the next season pans out.

  • This year was amazing, you saw a better bike/tire combo beat a better rider. There is no question that Rossi is one of the greatest if not the greatest open class bike rider in history. This season his manufacturer and tires let him down, plain and simple.

  • Give me a break. Rossi has won several races this year despite having a much inferior bike to Stoner’s Ducati, and despite the fact that the Bridgestones have been dramatically superior to the Michelin’s. He’s still the best rider out there. How many times this year have we seen the Ducati pull away to a huge lead on the straights only to see Rossi make it up on the curves, but then have Stoner pull away again on the straight?

    There is still no human alive who can handle a GP bike like Rossi. Some of his past titles have been on slightly slower bikes than the competition, but this year Stoner’s bike as been as speed dominant as any I’ve ever seen on a GP track. I just hope some of the other factory teams can close the power gap next season, as it is really boring to see a bike that can dominate, to this extent, over talent.

    (Also, Repsol Honda, get a clue…build next year’s bike to Hayden’s specs, not to Pedrosa’s. Put Nicky on a competitive bike and he can contend for a podium spot every week. He’s much more consistent than Pedrosa. Why they left their world champion to defend his title on a bike built with his teammate in mind is beyond me. Pedrosa is very talented, but he’s also reckless. Reckless riders can’t maintain the consistency to win Moto GP championships.)

  • I Don’t think so! He’s had what is almost universally considered the 2nd or 3rd best motorcycle (and that hurts me to say as a die hard Yamaha fan) and this year having to contend with Bridgestones near dominance of tire performance. He is still the most gifted rider in the field and while he will likely not dominate like he once did, he will certainly be a difficult one to beat as long as chooses to continue. Look what Edwards has done with the same machine. No comparison (again, hard for me to say as a Texan). No one, to this day is the equal of Rossi on a given machine on a given day. Done? Not hardly.

  • It just depends on the machinery. He is as fast as anyone out there but his equipment wasn’t as good as the Ducati this year. I think Hayden has a good chance at repeating also, again depending on equipment.

  • I know that the equipment is part of racing, but with equipment up to par with Stoner’s, Rossi would have won this year. Rossi proves time and time again that even with inferior equipment he is able to rise above the rest of the crowd. Rossi was having a terrible time with his Yamaha and his Michelins and he still finished very well this season. He may not be winning but you can still see why he is a motorcycle legend.

  • Never ever think Rossi is done! He can and has done the impossible many times.

  • I can’t say for sure, but he appears to be riding like a man distracted by something…

  • Rossi is still the best rider out there. That fact that he was a very very close second in points in 2006 is amazing considering the regular problems with the front end of the Yamaha and all the DNF’s due to the engine blowing up on him. Ducati and Bridgestone have a superior product this year. Casey Stoner is amazing but he finishes somewhere between 2nd and 4th if he is on any other manufacturers teams primary bike.

  • what? are you kidding me?
    consistency is one of key ingredients of being a champion and he’s been consistently running with the best of them all these years – even this year and last year! he’s got it in spades! I don’t doubt the quality of the field (and his key opposition). he has the heart of a gentleman and a champion and he’s got a lot more good years in him yet and I believe he will win a few more before he’s ready to move on!

    on a side note, I am an aussie and I am proud and happy for stoner to win the 2007 title. he’s a top bloke and I am so looking forward to his battle with rossi next year.

  • For the last two years – Rossi has been the best rider overall. He’s finished second both years – and not been beaten by the same person twice.

    Is he done winning championships? Perhaps. But so what? Nothing is forever – and he has nothing left to prove. Time gets us all.

    I suspect that Rossi has other ideas. He’s still very fast and
    consistent as a rider – provided the equipment doesn’t let him down.
    To say his abilities are diminished is to admit you haven’t been watching.

  • Of course he will.

  • Rossi is easily capable of winning another championship.
    He’s second in the points after battling through most of the season with inferior Michelin tires.
    With the constant changes in tire technology he could easily enjoy a tire advantage next year or the year after and be the champion again.

  • For the past 2 seasons Valentino has had to deal with his fair share. Last season he had multiple DNF’s due to engine failure and Michelin tires chunking. He was leading in France and his engine seized. He was long gone that race. Tony Elias also took him out at the beginning of the season so add that to the tally of DNF’s. There is an argument that he choked in Valenica, but I beg to differ. The team couldn’t get the bike set up that weekend and he started over riding the bike to make up positions and it came back and bit him. He was starting to go backwards before that happened anyway and I think he still would have lost the championship despite finishing the race.

    This year you can see the story by watching the Qatar race. As good as Valentino is there is just no way that he could have overcome that Ducati and Bridgestone dominance. And then there is Stoner, who rode as good a season as Valentino ever has. Rossi will be back at the front fighting for wins every weekend when the package underneath him works again.
    He doesn’t have to have the best bike, he proved that in 2004 but he does need a bike that has competitive grip and speed. Another indicator of how well the ‘Stones worked this year was at Laguna Seca. He finished 30 seconds behind Stoner. Colin Edwards said “When have you ever seen Valentino finish 30 seconds back?” Yamaha need to get the power close to the Ducati, and he needs tires that work on Sunday and he’ll be right back. Such a shame that the bike and tires last year prevented him from riding at his best.
    Not much different this year but different reasons (lack of power and lack of grip).

    I hope he comes back in full force so we can have some fights at the front again. Not to take away from Stoner’s brilliant riding this year, but it has been a bit of a F1 season. Stoner rarely was challenged at the front during his wins, they were runaways. That says he rode a genius season, but it also means there wasn’t a bike on the grid able to match that Ducati/Bridgestone package every weekend. Valentino doesn’t need an equal bike, he needs one close enough where he can make the difference and he will.

    There are a lot of people who have waited a long time for him to lose and they are roosting in it. If you haven’t seen the brilliance in his riding in all the great races he has ridden and there are just too many individual performances to list….then you just don’t get it anyways. He’ll be back. They said he was done right before the ’04 season began too and I remember how that went down.

  • I was shocked that he managed to win any titles on the Yamaha. Nobody else has made much of a dent on them. I think he’s riding the wheels off of the slowest of the front line machines. The tire debacle of course added to his woes this year. If he has equal tires even with a slow Yamaha Rossi will win the title again. He just can’t over come all obstacles.

  • I was never a Rossi fan until the first race of the 2006 season. Sitting at the Dry Sack curve in Jerez (about half way around the track) I watched Tony Elias take him out at the first turn, then watched him remount & chase the crowd. When he came by me on the first lap he was already a half lap behind the rider in front of him. On a broken bike he made up a half lap and gained 2 points by passing 2 riders on the way. And, he was gracious to Tony after the accident. I was impressed. Last year was all about bike troubles–4 DNF’s due to bike problems & he still only missed the championship by 5 points. This year it was all about tires….& the Ducati. Still, on Michelin tires & a bike that broke a couple of times he will finish second with four wins and three more podiums. Look where his teammate, Collin Edwards is on the same bike and tires! 8th place, 120 points behind Rossi, and only one podium! The past 2 years have shown that it takes a combination of the right machine, tires, team, and rider to win. Can Rossi win again? Sure! He has the skill, the determination, and the confidence. Can his team put together a package that will allow him to win? That remains to be seen.

  • believe that there’s still a chance for the Italian rider to do better.

    Last year , he fought till the end (especially with the bike and tires) and he showed that he could still win, even if Nicky Hayden got luckier… That was the end of the 1000cc era!

    This year , the new 800cc bikes (and championship of course) were presented. Most of the teams weren’t completely ready for this change and so did some bikes…

    All I could say, is that “The Doctor” may had a little problem with the changes of the displacement (800 time) and the bad service he gets…

    Give him a trusty bike and a good pair of tires and he’ll do miracles again. He’s got the experience, he’s got the brains, he’s not old at all to fight and I think he finally got over with that “era adjustment”.

  • I think that he has the potential. It depends on his motives, but if he is as half as stubborn as Schumacher Michael in F1 he can get back to tracks in no time!

  • While Val can be competitive for another decade, he’s probably won his last title. His air of invincibility is gone. No longer does 46 sitting behind you automatically force you into a mistake. When he left Honda for a then inferior Yamaha, he was the dominant force in the series. Now he whines that he doesn’t have the right tires, and basically forces the series to bend to his whim … he’ll be on Bridgestone’s next year while his teammate is on Michelin’s. How’s THAT going to work in the garage. If Bridgestone refuses, Dorna’s going to a spec tire, so everyone’s the same. With championships in 125, 250, 500, and M-GP, the only reason Rossi’s still riding is to pay his hefty tax bill.

  • I think the answer has to be yes. Rossi has always had the advantage that he was simply better than his rivals. He could change to less competitive machinery and still win, due mostly to his own brilliance. Now this advantage has shrunk and maybe gone completely compared to Stoner. Rossi also enjoyed good fortune, lady luck definitely rode with him prior to 2006. This past two seasons have seen his luck turn from good to bad.

    The most important thing is that Rossi is still the same racer that dominated the sport not that long ago. At 28 years old he is in his racing prime. Give him a machine capable of staying in the slipstream of the Ducati, Tyres of similar performance and a little luck, then we will see him back at the top. Add to this Stoner’s new team mate, Melandri, may make run away victories and bags full of points a little more difficult. Next years championship is unlikely to be won with such dominance. This will suit Rossi who has proved he can fight for the whole season.

    Here’s hoping that 2008 will be a vintage year. It would be good to see Rossi win but as he often says “it has to be good for the show”.

  • The fact that this question is even asked, points out how we live in an age of 30 sec attention spans. Rossi came within inches of the title last year; even though I’m glad Nicky won, he was fortunate to hold on. Rossi is the most talented rider in many a year. The fire is lit under him, his team and his tire supplier. The perfect storm of the 800cc Duc, the Bridgestones and an unflappable Stoner prevailed this year, congratulations to them all. Having said that, I wouldn’t bet against Rossi to win the title again within 2 seasons and then move on to rally or another such challenge.

  • How could he?
    He’s got the Italian Government chasing him down with a $100M tax evasion case !
    How can he focus and get his set ups right etc , etc.?
    But if he does, he should be given the GOAT Trophy, just for being able to keep his mind straight.

  • Can Rossi win another one? Absolutely. He needs to ditch Yamaha and find a team that will provide him with equipment worthy of his talent.

  • YES, He still has got it, Yamaha has to step up along with Michelin.

  • I am far from a Rossi fan. Hayden is the rider I most relate too. But Jesus Christ people! Rossi has a few unlucky years and you’re putting him in a bike grave? He has ridden the best bike in the paddock and he’s ridden a straight dog. The first Yamaha he threw a leg over was not, by any stretch, the best bike on the grid. But he won! Even I give him props for that and I’m really really not a fan. This years bike is a total dog and he still has won on it. His tire situation (Michelin arrogance) has not held him in good stead either. Even with the best tire testing in MotoGp on his team he’s still not catching up, so there’s a lot more to the story than Rossi’s age or desire. This is starting to sound like an Italy press story and they are as fickle as the wind. Are you following their lead?

  • I am far from a Rossi fan. Hayden is the rider I most relate too. But Jesus Christ people! Rossi has a few unlucky years and you’re putting him in a bike grave? He has ridden the best bike in the paddock and he’s ridden a straight dog. The first Yamaha he threw a leg over was not, by any stretch, the best bike on the grid. But he won! Even I give him props for that and I’m really really not a fan. This years bike is a total dog and he still has won on it. His tire situation (Michelin arrogance) has not held him in good stead either. Even with the best tire testing in MotoGp on his team he’s still not catching up, so there’s a lot more to the story than Rossi’s age or desire. This is starting to sound like an Italy press story and they are as fickle as the wind. Are you following their lead?

  • I think Stoner and Pedrosa are going to make it very tough for Rossi to regain the dominance he had in years past… and unlike Biaggi and Gibernau they won’t be intimidated or psyched out by Rossi mind games.

  • Provided with competitive tires and a competitive bike, Rossi is still capable of beating anyone on the grid. Most of the pros in the paddock will tell you that. Will Yamaha (or ???) be able to field a competitive bike? Will the series go to a spec tire, or will a rules change allow competitive tires from all brands on any given weekend to be the rule as opposed to the exception it was this year? Only time will tell.

    And, of course, what about the issue of Rossi’s brilliance in being able to control a MotoGP bike better than most any rider being diluted due to the implementation of ever-more sophisticated engine management / traction control systems? I think that ship has sailed. Honda and Yamaha have the loudest voice in MotoGP (even over Dorna), and they want traction control systems on the street. This allows them to keep the technology train moving to feed demand in the sport bike pipeline. (Think Intel and microprocessors). Race on Sunday, sell on Monday.

    Don’t get me wrong. I do not kneel at the alter of Valentino. Besides, I’m a Nicky Hayden fan. But one cannot deny Rossi’s brilliance over his career.

    I don’t believe we have heard the last of Mr. Rossi. I suspect he will want to win at least one more championship to show his ability to overcome adversity yet again.

  • Give Rossi a solid machine and some reliability form race to race and everyone will be looking at the “Doctor” in colourful letters on the back of his leathers( if they are close enough to read anyway!!) Look at the season and see what races he did not finish because of bike and or tires. Would love to see him and Stoner both on Ducati, that would be sad for all the rest though…

  • If Rossi isn’t done then he should be and just go ahead and switch to 4 wheels. In my eyes Rossi has lost my respect because of all the whining he has done this year. What happen to the class that he use to show when he lost? No doubt no one should enjoy losing but there is something called sportsmanship and Rossi has shown very little of it this year. He never cared about the “show” when he was always winning and had the best equipment, but now that he doesn’t it’s a huge issue. I would love to see Rossi come back with another display of greatness and win another title with his current Michelin package. But that won’t happen.

    Yes he will probably win another title, but not so much because he deserves to but more because Dorna has decided it needs for him to. Like it or not Dorna is putting the fix into the results for next season. That’s the only way to describe their ultimate to Bridgestone to give Rossi tyres or MotoGP goes spec. That may sound harsh, but think about it. Dorna has done nothing over the years when smaller teams complained about not having access to the best equipment, yet Rossi has one bad year and they immediately jump into action. Again nobody was concerned about the show when Rossi was dominating, but now that the chosen one isn’t it’s a problem. To me this is worse for the show than to have Rossi not winning.

    No doubt Rossi is MotoGP’s poster boy but there was racing before Rossi and there will be afterwards. He can’t be allowed to be bigger than the sport. Basketball moved on after MJ and MotoGP will go on after Rossi. A sport should never bend for the good of one person and since that appears to be what MotoGP is doing, I have no desire to what this new and improved show. But for me Rossi has quite simply lost my respect. I never thought I’d say this but I hope he never wins another MotoGP race.

  • Well, last year he was knocked out of a race early by Elias, suffered more mechanical DNFs then normal and if not for qualifying poorly and getting a lousy start in the last race, pushing too hard and gowing down he would’ve, should’ve won.

    This year the Yamaha was by FAR the slowest bike in the first half of the season. The Michelin tires are for the most part, horrid and have not gotten better as the year went on.

    Yamaha improved the top speed of the bike, but the Ducati still smokes it in acceleration. Stoner’s bike has been a rock of reliabilty. VR’s Yamaha has been below par. Mechanical DNFs, tire DNFs and just plain crappy tires and he’s still in 2nd.

    Give him a competitive bike and tires and he will win again.

    Yamaha and Michilen really let him down this year.

    Even the GOAT cannot consistantly win on the worst bike with the worst tires.

  • Rossi is not winning this year for the same reason Pedrosa and Hayden are not winning- their overall package is not good enough to win. The debate that has raged all season over the one tire supplier has not ended yet . Tires have a disproportionate control over the out come of the race- chose the wrong supplier at the beginning of the season, and as this season has shown, then that wrong choice can not be over come. And for alot of teams there is no “choice”. Rossi has some good years yet and the MotoGP spectacle needs him to be running at the front along with these young guns.Get the tire issue sorted and he will once again be world champion.

  • i think Rossi certainly will win the MotoGP title again.
    i think this year both his tires and the Yamaha were
    slightly off the pace. and it’s not like he hasn’t been on
    the best bike and the best tires before (his first few MotoGP
    championships), so there’s no need for any complaining
    about the fairness of it. if Yamaha or Michelin can’t
    catch up, then he should move to Ducati or Suzuki on
    the Bridgestones and go for a championship on a third
    brand. has anyone ever accomplished that before?

  • I think he can do it if he gets a good bike and tires

  • One thing that is often overlooked in motorsport based championships is the amount of variables with regard to the machines themselves. If it were only dependent on talent one or possibly two people would win almost every race and every championship. Of course, it isn’t and there are machines involved which have to complement the rider’s ability. Rossi was very fortunate to have won as many races and championships as he has. But, with continual changes in the the rules under which these manufacturers/teams must operate, it disrupts any harmony that develops between man, machine, and team. Rossi was blessed for a long time with the perfect storm of quality machinery, tires, team and riding style. No one would argue that Rossi is a proven talent in development either. However, for whatever reason Ducati in the form of Stoner now have that chemistry.

    Rossi can easily win another championship with the right equipment under him. The question is whether he will ever get that equipment and team again. It just may not be with Yamaha. I would love to see a series where each rider was given indentical equipment. To me, the notion that everything can come down to one tire being better is ludicrous.

  • I like how some of the Rossi fans are using this question to belittle the championships of two other riders. Hayden did not put in the dominant performance we’ve seen from Rossi, but Stoner did. Stoner was so dominant he made the season boring. And if it was simply bike and tires, why is Stoner’s teammate in 7th place and why are 2nd and 3rd occupied by Michelin riders? I’m not a Stoner fan, but give credit where credit is due.

    Maybe if Rossi had taken some time off from complaining about tires to race his motorcycle he would have won the championship. I can’t see him winning another. It just doesn’t seem to be fun for him anymore.

    I think we need Max Biaggi back in MotoGP to upset things a little. He sure was fun to watch in World Superbike. Oh, and go Bayliss.

  • Who cares? It’s nice to see some other riders up at the front dicing it up.
    If Rossi can get back up there, it’s good that there are people for him to battle.

    And NICKY HAYDEN DID BEAT ROSSI. Rossi had the points lead at the Valencia season ender, and HE CHOKED–HAYDEN DIDN’T. Hayden kept it together all year long, Rossi didn’t. If he was having problems with his bike, why did he keep messing around with Ferrari? He should’ve been sleeping with his bike as Nicky probably was.

  • I was reading some of the replies people had mentioning that Rossi will not win again. I think that is absurd. Looking back at this year, when his bike was working, he challenged Stoner is some good races that no one else managed to do. Did people forget about Qatar, Jerez, Shanghai, Mugello, Catalunya, Assen, Estoril? Those were strong showings of how talented Rossi is. Even if Rossi did lose out in Qatar, Shangai, and Catalunya, he was all over Stoner’s ass like noneother in the infield sections. There were sections of the track where nothing was seperating them, that is when both hit the long straights. Come on people!

  • Wake up everybody, even when you are Rossi, you can’t win with such a slow Yamaha, tires that don’t last the race, and a 10 kilometers disadvantage on the straight line.
    Who won 500cc or MOTO GP championship on a YAMAHA, since Wayne Rainey?

  • Motorcycle manufacturers go into racing to sell bikes by shoowing off how fast and dependable their machines are. But, based on what Yamaha has done to Rossi, especially after what happened in Valencia, I’d never buy another. The guy goes out with a broken hand just to claim second place, after a lousy season on a bike and tires that have continually let him down, and the damn motorcycle craps out. Right now, besides being truly pissed off, and for good reason, Rossi must be dreading next year.

  • yes, certainly he can win another championship. michelin will figure it out and vale and jeremy will make the m1 competitive but here’s the thing, i just want him to race until he can’t no more. i know a lot of people think the greats should go out on top but i don’t. unless they want to. man am i gonna miss watching ricky. i think there are some very special guys that just love racing or are so talented that i need to see them as long as i can. i still love watching kevin windim ride a motorcycle. for vale this year, though disapointing, had some of his most amazing riding on display and he is still the best, mayve even better than ever. hell jeremy mcgrath is racing bercy this year and i love it. there’s a great line by mike larocco in one of -the great outdoors- movies, – why stop if there’s no reason too – there’s some people you want to see forever and vale’s at the top of that list.

Thank you to all the readers who took the time to respond

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