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Why 350cc?

For a few months now, FIM and AMA representatives have been discussing reducing the engine capacity of the premier motocross classes in the U.S. and Europe from 450cc to 350cc. Now, KTM executives are quoted as saying this is a great idea. Even Stefan Everts, currently a KTM employee, has thrown his hat in the ring of supporters saying amateurs cannot ride the 450cc bikes because they are too powerful.

Although it is probably true that only a handful of riders could fully utilize the power of a modern, factory-tuned 450cc, motocross bike (such as Everts, Carmichael and Stewart), why 350cc? Is this a displacement that might make 250cc two-strokes competitive, again? Will this make the bikes more rideable? Will it make the bikes cheaper? Easier to maintain? Quieter?

Will this require a massive investment by manufacturers who currently produce 450cc bikes? I have unanswered questions, and perhaps you do too. Send us an email with your thoughts.

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