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Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews

The Recession and Two Wheels

Did the value of your house go down? Right after you maxed out your mortgage? Having trouble paying for gasoline at today’s prices? This might not be the time to buy an expensive toy. Maybe it’s time to stop thinking about a motorcycle (or scooter) as a toy.

In Europe, you see scooters and motorcycles everywhere. Here in the U.S., you can buy a stone-reliable vehicle that gets 50 mpg for only $3,000. A used motorcycle. We have tested scooters that can bump up at 60 mpg, and still keep up with freeway traffic.

The bonus is that these vehicles are fun to ride. If you don’t think this makes economic sense, go live in Europe where gas has been $4.00 a gallon and up for quite some time. Look around. Two wheel transportation is the natural consequence of high gas prices.

We intend to start providing mpg figures for the bikes we test . . . real world figures. We will also test more large-displacement scooters and practical motorcycles. Don’t worry, we will still bring you all of the news and ride reviews of the exotic stuff.

In any event, the recession may be the perfect excuse to buy another motorcycle or scooter. Just be sure you use it to save yourself some money.

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