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Aerodynamics and Reality

I think I am now convinced that a prone position on a sportbike has nothing to do with going fast on the street. It is true that the manufacturers throw all of their best technology at modern sportbikes, such as, the best suspension, brakes, and engine performance. This fact, and the fact that they look cool, and are actually race bikes (in many instances) must contribute to their great popularity with consumers. But riders that like to ride fast through twisty roads don’t need to be hunkered over the gas tank the way a racer does on a 180 mph straight-away.

Perhaps, it took supermoto to remind us all that going fast is not inconsistent with an upright riding position. While fairing protection is nice from a comfort perspective (and not necessarily inconsistent with an upright riding position), sportbikes homologated for race use have aerodynamic features completely unnecessary outside the race track. More and more I see supermotos and other naked bikes being ridden in venues traditionally associated with sportbikes. As a former dirt bike racer, I can’t help but think that most riders feel a greater sense of control sitting upright on a motorcycle. Send us your thoughts.

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