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With His Tax Problems Behind Him, Valentino Surges Forward

In one of the most competitive MotoGP series in a while, Valentino Rossi nevertheless appears to be gradually taking control. Three straight wins, and now the points lead, means we are looking at the old Valentino Rossi . . . the one unconcerned with income tax problems and other distractions, and focused only on winning.

Interestingly enough, despite the strong start by Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo, it might be defending champ Casey Stoner that steps up to really push the pace over the next several races. Rossi’s own assessment is that Stoner rode like a god on many occassions last year, and the Ducati really seems to be coming around, now. We may also see more tracks that favor the Bridgestone tires over the Michelins in the coming weeks.

Stoner is a long way off in terms of points, however, and Rossi could be in the driver’s seat for the championship if he keeps the Michelin boys behind him (Pedrosa and Lorenzo) a bit longer.

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