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Victory Celebrates 10th Anniversary with 2009 Models

2009 Vegas Jackpot
2009 Vegas Jackpot

When Polaris Industries decided to get into the motorcycle business 10 years ago, there were plenty of skeptics. The odds of success were decidedly against the new Victory brand given the huge investment required and the incredibly high level of well-established competition. Success required one thing more than any other . . . quality products.

Well, Victory has not only survived for 10 years, it has steadily built a loyal following with motorcycles that now have a well-deserved reputation for reliability, performance and styling. Victory invited us to look at their 2009 models recently, and highlight some of the new features.

Here is what Victory’s press kit describes as the common changes for 2009 to its “cruiser models” (non-Victory Visions). This means all of these changes are found on the Vegas, Kingpin and Hammer models:

Electronics: Lighting and Wiring

  • New multiple LED taillight produces 2X brighter running light and brake light functions
  • New taillight enhances these bikes’ great style
  • Cruise Control can be added (accessory item sold separately); the bike is pre-wired for easy Cruise Control installation
  • New lightweight aluminum headlight bucket and lid; lid attaches using common 4mm socket head bolt for easy bulb access when servicing
  • New headlight reflector provides brighter, more uniform light pattern on the road; when on high beam setting, both 55-watt bulbs are on
  • New “unitool” features 4mm Allen wrench for headlight bucket servicing; stores in new holder under side cover


  • New gaskets in select locations deliver improved sealing
  • Stator wire grommet and Crankshaft Position Sensor wire grommet have been upgraded

2009 Vegas 8-Ball

Fuel Pump & Fuel Tank

  • New fuel pump and fuel tank; fuel pump assembly is easy to install and service
  • New tilt sensor shuts off the fuel pump if the bike is tipped over and keeps it off until the ignition key resets the system

Wheels, Rotors & Sprockets

  • New lightweight Stingray cast wheels have highlighted spokes for extra style
  • New wheels are available with black or silver spoke highlights
  • On bikes with black wheels, rotors and sprockets are black
  • Sprocket is mounted using bolts rather than studs; bolts match the rotor bolts, enhancing ease of service; accessory wheels also use this bolt design

Tank Badges

  • New monochrome Victory tank badges to be used through out Victory’s second decade

Frame & Swingarm

  • Swingarm is now black in color (was previously silver)
  • New frame welding sequence produces higher-quality welds
  • New 2-piece die cast foot peg provides improved durability in case of tip over; brake and shift lever pivots are now steel, less prone to breakage if bike is tipped over

One thing that impresses us about the Victory bikes is their incredible fit and finish, including beautiful, deep paint. Several of the photos were taken by MD at the unveiling of the 2009 models here in Southern California several weeks ago.

Victory's 106 CI Engine
106 CI engine now powers several models

With the introduction of the Victory Vision Tour and Street models last year, Victory debuted a new 106 cubic inch (1731cc) “Freedom” V-twin (its other models utilized a 100 cubic inch/1634cc V-twin). In the Vision models, this engine continues to make 92 horsepower and 109 foot/pounds of torque. For 2009, however, the Vegas Jackpot, Hammer and Hammer S also receive the larger displacement motor (tuned for 97 peak horsepower and 113 foot/pounds of torque). All other cruiser models, including the remaining Vegas and Kingpin models, utilize the 100 cubic inch engine rated at 85 horsepower and 106 foot/pounds of torque.

In addition to the bigger engine, the 2009 Vegas Jackpot has a new 1-piece seat and standard black cast wheels (billet wheels are found on the “premium stocking” models).

The 2009 Kingpin Low has a lower seat height (only 25.2 inches . . . more than 1 inch lower than the standard Kingpin), scalloped side covers, and foot controls that are closer courtesy of floorboards that are 2 inches rearward from the standard Kingpin position. Handlebars are also 2 inches closer to give the rider an easier reach to the hand controls. The Kingpin Low is set up for a solo rider, without passenger seat/foot pegs.

2009 Victory Kingpin

Paint and finish is stunning — this is a Kingpin tank

Along with the larger 106 cubic inch engine, the 2009 Hammer S gets “X-Factor” wheels that are 15.8 pounds lighter than those found on last year’s model.

The 2009 Victory Vision Street and Tour models also have updates, including an available reverse gear, billet wheels and chrome forks on Premium models, new speakers for the stereo (with improved sound quality and increased volume) and improved instrument back-lighting.

10th Anniversary Victory Vision

10th Anniversary Victory Vision

The 10th Anniversary Victory Vision is a limited edition (only 100 units) with special paint (see photo), 10th Anniversary badging, blacked-out components, a standard reverse gear, custom stitching on the seat and back rest, special CB communications system, XM radio, iPod cord, GPS and mount, and liner assemblies for side compartments and trunk (with a trunk mat). On top of this, you get chrome virtually everywhere conceivable, and other unique design features. Heated hand grips and seats (with high/low settings), electronically controlled windscreen and lighted Victory badges round out the package.

Cory (foreground) and Arlen Ness show off their 2009 signature models

Finally, Victory continues its tradition of working closely with talented designers, including Arlen and Cory Ness, who each have signature models available again this year.

For all of the details, specifications and pricing on the 2009 Victory bikes, visit Victory’s website.

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