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MD Product Review: Original Bike Spirits Cleaner & Polish

Harley and Honda owners who grew accustomed to the convenience and smell of a spray cleaner and polish sold under the umbrella of those two trade names will be pleased to hear that it can now be obtained from the original manufacturers under a new name.

Now called Original Bike Spirits (marketed by Amrep, a specialist in the formulation of professional grade automotive maintenance chemicals), the aerosol canister dispenses the same handy cleaner for plastic bodywork, lenses and windscreens that riders have trusted for decades. Not to mention helmets and face shields, which are not supposed to come in contact with glass cleaners containing ammonia.

We’ve tried other plastic cleaner/polishes, and found that some smear and fog surfaces until diligently polished away. Not Original Bike Spirits. This one dissolves bug splatter and other deposits quickly, and wipes easily to a wet-looking shine. And there’s definitely something compelling about the smell.

A can costs about $5.95, and you can find a dealer by going to

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