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AMA Pro Racing DQ’s Mladin

Mat Mladin’s double win at VIR has been thrown out by the AMA following a determination that his crankshaft was illegally modified. Below is the press release MD just received from AMA Pro Racing:

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – AMA Pro Racing announced today that Mat Mladin has been disqualified from the August 16-17, 2008 AMA Superbike Championship presented by Parts Unlimited round at Virginia International Raceway following the outcome of post-race technical inspections.

The crankshaft from the #6 Rockstar Makita Suzuki was sent to AMA headquarters in Pickerington, Ohio, and was compared to other production crankshafts from the same model. Upon this inspection, the crankshaft was found to be in non-compliance of the 2008 AMA Superbike Championship Rulebook.

Please note the following rules for reference.

Superbike, 2.4 Crankshaft
Only the homologated crankshaft is permitted with the following modifications:
a. Bearing surfaces may be polished or surface treated.
b. Balancing is permitted only by the same method used by the OEM. For example, heavy metal (i.e. Mallory metal) inserts are not permitted unless they were originally specified by the OEM.
c. Attachment of aftermarket ignition components or sensors is permitted.
d. Primary gears can not be changed or modified.

A3 Equipment Offenses and Penalties
This section deals with violations of equipment regulations. Regardless of a motorcycle passing prior inspections, compliance with all applicable equipment rules must be made at the post race inspection. Any motorcycle found to be in violation of equipment rules may be assumed to have been in violation for the entire race meet. In passing a motorcycle through technical inspection, AMA Racing does not warrant that motorcycle’s adherence with all rules. Each participant assumes full responsibility for any violation of equipment rules involving his/her motorcycle.
a. Category 1 – An equipment violation that could potentially or effectively enhance the performance of a motorcycle used in competition.

A3.3 Penalties: At the discretion of AMA Racing, any or all of the following penalties may be administered.
a. Category 1
1. Disqualification
2. Total or partial loss of points or laps
3. Total or partial loss of prize money
4. Suspension
5. Fine

The team was notified on August 20, 2008

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