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The New K 1300 GT Sport Tourer From BMW

Another new K 1300 introduced by BMW at Intermot is the sport tourer designated K 1300 GT. BMW’s goal is usable power — meaning big mid-range, rather than peak horsepower, from the new engine. The new GT also features new switchgear, instrumentation and other elements to provide a platform for swift and comfortable touring. Here is what BMW had to say.

The BMW Motorrad 4-cylinder combines superior power with sporty understatement. And a striking set of technical data, too. What the new inline 4-cylinder in the BMW K 1300 S, R and GT models has to offer is truly impressive. Punctually for the 25th anniversary of the K Series, BMW Motorrad is presenting three new peak performers in the “Champions’ League”.

Travel in time in style: BMW K 1300 GT.

The new Gran Tourismo is probably one of the fastest gliders about. A new era in long-distance travel began when BMW Motorrad started building the “GT”. The distances that can be covered in comfort on this motorcycle are astounding but just as fascinating is its performance at low revs. In the lower and middle rev range, where more than 80% of road riding takes place, this engine really packs a punch. And you’ll feel it straight away: 140 Nm from 1,293 cc. And 160 bhp for the three-lane highway.

Compared to the performance category the 4-cylinder is very restrained when it comes to fuel consumption and emissions. New digital engine electronics settings as well as a modified exhaust system with 3-way catalytic converter are the reasons. Once again BMW Motorrad illustrates how modern engines should be built.

BMW Motorrad has always set standards when it comes to designing tourers. This is once again the case with the BMW K 1300 GT. There is probably no other motorcycle which provides better wind and weather protection and makes fast travelling so comfortable under all conditions. The unusually narrow, dynamically cut and aerodynamically optimised full fairing emphasises the bike’s character by placing an air slit in the side trim. This feature emphasises the independent and unmistakeable style which is what makes BMW Motorrad tourers so special.

The Duolever front wheel guidance – introduced in the BMW K 1200 S – with its newly designed lower longitudinal strut, safeguards even higher riding precision and maximum riding stability in the BMW K 1300 GT. The firm spring/damper settings give the rider perfect road feedback. Optimised chassis geometry for optimum straight-line running, mass concentration and a constructionally designed low centre of gravity provide a dynamic riding experience, ease of handling and a balance which are simply thrilling in a tourer. However, there is even more to all this perfection. The K 1300 GT can be fitted with the optional ESA II, the electronically adjustable 2nd generation suspension. The spring base, spring rate and damping are synchronised – automatically. Uniquely comfortable and more precise than ever before the rider can adjust the suspension of the K 1300 GT to the load and road surface conditions to open up a new dimension of riding stability combines with optimum response. ABS is standard on this model, the ASC Automatic Stability Control is available as an option.

It’s no news that a BMW motorcycle offers the best ergonomics around but it is nevertheless something special. Because relaxed yet active riding is only possible with well-balanced ergonomic. Especially on the tourers BMW Motorrad has always put great emphasis on making the pillion passenger ride in comfort. Perfect ergonomics include an absolutely long-distance suitable seat bench, pleasant step-over dimensions and good controls. In the new K models the new generation of switches for all coming BMW motorcycles has been introduced for the first time. Ergonomics have been optimised, space requirements have been reduced and MID technology* has been introduced. In short – the controls simply feel and look better.

The BMW K 1300 GT represents the new Champions’ League for dynamic travel and sets the standard for Gran Tourismos on two wheels.

*Moulded Interconnect Design, printed circuits in the switch unit instead of individual wiring.

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