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MD Readers Respond to the BMW Lo Rider Concept

A number of our readers were sufficiently impressed by BMW’s Lo Rider concept to write us with their thoughts. Here are some of those reader email, unedited:

  • I literally drooling. Literally.

  • Looks good enough, but c’mon- where are the radial mount calipers? Get with the times man.

  • Sweet looking ride. From an old BMW K100RS rider to an Aprilia falco and now Touno R rider this looks like something that will tempt. Keeping it simple and clean. I like it!

  • I love it, but here is the kicker. I want a low seat height for my 5’08” frame. Give me a dual seat for my wife and I to travel on. I want optional detatchable hard luggage, and a selection of windshields/windscreens and possible bikini fairing. Last but not least I woud like rearward handlebars that are wide and comfortable. If BMW can get this done I will sell all of my bikes being, (2001 Kawasaki ZX-9, 1998 Honda Superhawk, 1994 Yamaha V-max, 1996 Kawasaki Concours) and finally buy a BMW motorcycle, something that I have put off for years. Get this done BMW and you will have a customer in me!!

  • This bike changes the way I think about BMW. They seem to be able to deliver
    small manufacturer niche bikes to a mass market. This bike will redefine the
    bike market. I just hope they build it, but if their record so far continues
    they will.

  • I like it except it needs some sort of abreviated tail piece behind the seat to look right. I like the exhaust a lot but the rear of the bike doesn’t look right.

  • Love it

  • Very cool bike! The basic element of just a motor and wheels with out all of the plastic we see today…I love this style bike. It is like a “bob job” from the 40’s however, in a sport type package. I hope they build it as I would line up to buy one!

  • I like it!! Other than it looks like it might roast your thighs. I
    would probably go so far as to buy one.

  • BMW needs to build this bike!!! Put me down for one.

  • “BARF!” “Not in here, Mister – this is a Mercedes!” – Spaceballs
    Note, this applies to most modern BMWs, IMO…many look just like Crow from
    MST3k with that front fender beak thing, for example (this resemblance is
    obvious when you see one in yellow)

  • I hardly ever offer any feedback to the various new models…..but this one (BMW Lo)…WOW! That looks like an awesome machine. I would probably park that in my living room and just look at it for the first month if I owned that. If you have any pull with BMW tell them to build that thing! Make sure they build it with a two up option so I can sell my wife on it. I just wanted to say I have read the site for years even though this is the first time I have emailed you….Keep up the great work, I love reading your material.

  • The answer to a question that no one asked.

  • This is the the cruiser for those of us that hate the cruiser scene! A modern interpretation of the genre for people who don’t want a barbed-wire tattoo and leather chaps/vest. If they make it, I will buy it.

  • I’ve been looking at the Lo Rider concept bike with quite a bit of interest over the past week. What I find most fascinating is the reaction by the motorcycle press. European moto-journalists hate it. American moto-journalists love it. I am squarely in the latter camp. I love it. It’s bad ass. That’s not a word one hears often when talking about BMW twins. But the design is right. The basic look of a stripped and lowered bike with nice touches like the wire wheels and black painted rims makes it look mean and purposeful. It’s a BMW bobber. When BMW puts it into production (I’m the eternal optimist) the question won’t be whether I buy it, but rather how I’ll configure the various options.

  • Build it and they will come. A semi-custom 1200 boxer motor in a custom frame with individual design elements? What’s not to love? Any suggested price range?

  • “Lo Rider” great name for a motorcycle; you’d think someone would have already used it! (tongue firmly in cheek). This BMW has come closer to looking good than any BMW for a long time. BMW’s styling department apparently has a constant supply of drugs to help them find the oddest and most bizarre means to mount all the necessary components to cause two wheels to qualify as a motorcycle. The Lo Rider is “way out there” for a company that makes a point of being “way out there”. The basic bike looks killer, though the headlight mounting looks like a after-thought penned by the temps from the clean-up crew. The rear pix of the exhaust looks like a seat mounted over the plenum in my gas furnace. It might feel a lot like a seat mounted over the plenum in my furnace too. But the over all look is way cool, even cooler considering it comes from the unconventional lads at BMW. I can’t wait to see the variations.

  • Almost as bad an idea as the B-King. Tell BMW to build a bike that looks like the old bikes (a 600cc boxer would be nice). It works for Harley.

  • I’m 63! I have been on two wheels of some kind for 50+ years. I’ve raced some kind of two-wheeler, somewhere, off and on for about 30 of those 50+ years. I’ve already emailed my Beemer dealer here in Scottsdale, Arizona. I WANT a BMW Lo Rider NOW!!!!
    My 50-something wife wants a BMW Lo Rider to replace her Monster S2R!
    Yow!!!! The BMW LR is a mixed metaphor that just flat works!

  • Very, very cool. Except for the headlamp treatment shown in the pic, where I’d prefer something more conventional, the rest of the bike looks just right – like something a creative customizer could build for themselves – a stripped down, lightweight hooligan scrambler boxer. Well done, Beemer!

  • I think its gorgeous! I’m 25 and currently ride a Ducati 695 Monster, with plans to upgrade to a faired sportbike next year; I’m therefore definitely not in BMW’s intended market, being too young and too poor. However, I think that the BMW Lo Rider is absolutely stunning. Its different to anything any other manufacturer is doing currently, perhaps with the exception of Confederate and its Hellcat. BMW has been accused in the past of being too safe and boring in its designs and slowly they’ve been trying to lose that reputation with bikes like the HP2 and K1200R/S – if BMW is serious about its new image it definitely needs to produce this bike and watch people line up for it.

  • I really like the looks of the new BMW lowrider, most of all I like
    being able to customize the look muchlike we were able to do with our
    BMW mini cooper s Do you think it will be at the Seattle Motorcyle

  • Now this is a BMW I could sink my teeth into. I really like this concept and the direction that they are taking. It’s way outside the box for BMW.
    It goes much further than some of the more recent designs(which I’ve really liked) and shows that they are willing to take on the “younger” companies and concepts out there. This is very much in the same vein as the Triumph Speed bikes, the Honda NAS, any type of “steetfighter” bike and even the Confederate bikes.
    I hope they build it, keep it as close this design as possible and sell it a reasonable price point.

  • I think this BMW LoRider will become BMW’s NORIDER model.

  • I love the bike! A motorcycle with a handle, and neo-retro styling.
    Clean, please as little plastic as possible! NO CHROME PLASTIC!

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