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Two New Models from Royal Enfield for U.S. Market

Pictured above (as well as on our home page and below) is the Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5. I have to admit that I saw a picture of this motorcycle recently in another context and was transfixed by its design. Something about this look, coupled with my age (in my early 50s, now) really triggered an emotional response.

Although totally classic, and “retro”, the Bullet Classic C5 is a recent design, incorporating a new engine (the first EFI unit from Royal Enfield). The 500cc single features pushrods, and RE assures owners they “will get the torque, feel and sound they have become accustomed to.”

The new engine was designed to increase reliability and reduce maintenance while featuring EFI and very low emissions. RE claims the C5 has the ability to sustain the higher cruising speeds found in the U.S. while maintaining passing power and torque associated with a big single.

The body and chassis reflect a new interpretation of strictly historical, traditional RE design . . . right down to “era correct stitching, texture and finish on the seat cover for period-perfect style.” The C5 should be available this month in the U.S. at a suggested retail price of $6,395.

Another new model, the Bullet G5 (not pictured) should also be available this month at a suggested retail of $5,995. To learn more, visit Royal Enfield’s U.S. web site here

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MD Readers Respond:

  • I’m similar in age (54); could not agree more re. the ageless hypnotic beauty of the Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5, esp the turquoise pictured. The C5 could shame riders on gaudy $35k Big Dogs & their ubiquitous ilk. A Marin County dealer I intend to ride one; hoping the nearest dealer is within reasonable distance. Jimbo
  • I’ve had an attraction to the Enfields for awhile myself. They hearken back to a simpler time and bring out my fond memories of my early years riding.

    Not long ago I made a stop at an RE dealer and had a closer look. Compared to today’s bikes they certainly seemed crude. I was considering the Bullet as a possible bike to take with us when in the RV. I just was not able to rationalize the purchase of one over a lighter, more modern alternative. But their design does get the juices flowing, something lacking in many of today’s designs. Perhaps this new model will bridge the gap better for people like me caught between living today and remembering the past?

    Thanks for the article. Rick

  • The latest Royal Enfields are indeed beautiful. Then again, I’ve always thought their bikes we attractive, especially when dressed up with some of the many retro accessories they offer from their catalog. I even considered buying one, until I read some of the feedback forums. The reliability just hasn’t been there up to now, according to those who own them. Although they love their machines, most of them were honest with my inquiries, and admitted it’s a bike for those who like to “tinker.” That’s not such a bad thing to some. But when you like tour a little bit, it’s hard to know what to take with you to prevent getting stranded. I hope the new single unit engine offers the improved reliability they claim, as well as the improved performance. I read a recent article in one of the magazines, and the tester was quite surprised at the improvements in the new model. If the new bikes are successful, there might be one in my future. Ernest

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