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Kawasaki Introduces 2010 Motocross Bikes

Not standing still in a weak economy, Kawasaki announced earlier today substantially revised 2010 model KX motocross machines, including the KX450F and KX250F.

The new 450 get changes throughout, including chassis and engine. According to Kawasaki, both the 450 and 250 get the first mass-produced, “bridged-box bottom piston”. The 450 engine also receives new cam timing and ECU settings. Together with a new exhaust pipe, Kawasaki claims increased power from mid-rpm levels on up.

The fuel injected engine in the 450 delivers its power through a new clutch designed to provide improved feel and increased durability.

The 450’s chassis gets a new steering stem shaft and revised suspension tuning for a claimed improvement in suspension action and rider comfort, as well as lighter turning. The swingarm is also new for 2010.

Also new for 2010 are thicker and wider radiators strong enough to eliminate the need for reinforcing brackets, and thus lighter as well.

U.S. MSRP for the 2010 Kawasaki KX450F is $8,049.

The new KX250F also gets a bridged-box bottom piston, and revised exhaust system. Other engine refinements contribute to improved durability for 2010.

The 250 gets larger, stronger radiators, just like the 450, which are also lighter than last year’s braced units. Changes to the transmission and engine cases increase strength and durability.

Chassis changes to the 250 for 2010 are designed to improve rider comfort and provide lighter handling. Like the 450, the 250 receives a new swingarm for 2010. Topping off the changes to the 250 are new, lighter wheels and lighter rear hub and spokes. The 2010 Kawasaki KX250 retails in the U.S. for $6,999.

For additional details and specifications, visit Kawasaki’s web site

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