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First New Production Honda V4 Expected This Fall

A recent interview published in Europe indicates Honda will unveil the first of its new generation V4-powered motorcycles this Fall, and the production model will go on sale in Spring of 2010. English magazine MCN predicts it will be a 1200cc model with performance eclipsing the old “Super Blackbird” hypersport.

The V4 concept Honda has been displaying for some time (which has its own website here) is said to share some design ques with the production model to be announced this Fall.

Honda has clearly made the decision to emphasize the v4 engine layout in multiple models over the next few years. You may recall that Honda developed and sold v4 motorcycles in multiple categories. Not just sportbikes, but even cruisers (remember the Magna?). If the economy and fuel prices cooperate, we may be seeing similar models from Honda introduced over the next two to three year time period.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

    There’s a whopper! Chip

  • Note to Honda – stop talking and start doing. We’re all tired of
    hearing Honda rumors about bigger, better V4s. I had a Sabre, it was
    a far better engine and all around bike than other I4s standards at
    the time. I’d own another, newer version is a heartbeat, but I’m
    tired of having my chain jerked. The VFR is too heavy for a sport
    bike, to uncomfortable for a sport tourer. You didn’t have modify a
    Sabre to make it comfortable. And making large non-working,
    technologically impossible stage props isn’t anything to get anyone
    excited. John

  • Don’t you think that Honda should be looking to build a V-4 of a smaller
    capacity? This horsepower war is stupid, no one can use 150-plus bhp on the
    street; that kind of power really has a place only on the track. The
    realities of traffic preclude exploiting that kind of power; what most
    riders need is the flexibility of that engine in a more sane size, say
    around 800cc. That would give normal riders the effective power they can use
    in traffic, and that is plenty of power for anything short of racing.
    The level of power that a 1200cc engine would deliver won’t be useable (on
    the street) after third gear. Of course if you “really” need that power you
    probably have issues with showing who is quickest toward the next stoplight,
    and you may have other self-confidence-related issues as well. Glenn

  • Another V-4 from Honda….Yawn!. I’ve owned so many Honda V-4s over the years I’m bored with them and they never have built one with character in IMO. Raced 500 and 750 Interceptors. Owned a V65 Saber (almost a great bike) Owned a VFR 1000 and a 180 crank VF 750. All nice but none with character. Send me a big displacement V-4 with a ripping great top end rush, a big old driveshaft, A gas tank big enough to get somewhere, good ergos and classic or at least neo-classic style and I’ll think about it. If the new V-Max wasn’t the over priced and hideous thing it is I’d own one now. Marc
  • “Remember the Magna?” indeed. Ever since the rumor of Honda developing “new V-4 engined street bikes (perhaps, more than one)” starting circulating (MD 19 Mar 07), I’ve been salivating at the prospect of a bike to supersede my 2002 VF750C (which I sold last year with 58k on the clock and miss daily). I would’ve been overjoyed with a new Magna based on the current VFR800 motor (even w/ VTEC, which would be more appropriate in a power-cruiser e.g. Yamaha’s V-Boost), but MCN’s 1200cc speculation has me gobsmacked. If power-to-weight ratio is properly prioritized, that has the potential to annihilate the new Star V Max! With the retirement of the old VF750C in 2004, there has been a void in the mid-sized power cruiser category – and no I don’t count Suzuki’s anemic M50 Blvd. Whether 800cc, 1000cc or 1200cc, if Honda builds a new Magna (and don’t completely mess it up) I know what my next bike will be! ROBERT
  • It resembles the show concept, only more of an actual mock up.
    I’m not crazy about the wheels, but it looks comfortable (especially the seat)and lighter than a current gen 6 VFR.
    Also looks like it would have some wind protection on the riders legs for longer distances, but I would like to see slightly lower foot-pegs.
    I only pray it has gear driven cams and no VTEC. Keith

  • I would rather see a family of V-4s (600,800, and 1000cc) based on their Moog bike. I think an 800 cc new light true sportbike V-4 Interceptor would be a hit.

    Perhaps it could lead to another class of racing i.e. 800cc sport bikes. Suzuki could bore out the GSXR750 to 800 cc. etc. Mladin once said that his 750 was best handling bike. Be nice to have something in between the 600 and 1000 monsters. Not sure a 1200 GT bike is smart move. Not much market for there where Haybusas and ZX-14s rule. K. Paul

  • Yeah, yeah…how many years has Honda been baiting us on with this promise??? I’ll believe it when I see it! (and I’ll buy one!!!) Motowalt
  • As an original owner of an ’84 Interceptor I have always thought them rather special. They stand out in the sea of transverse fours. But updating they have needed. Honda is well overdue to add excitement back into its lineup. Maybe these new models will do just that? Rick
  • The annual MCN “there is a new V-4” on the way article. This has been stirring the loins of the VFRisstti for years. Everybody forgets that MCN has history of BSTs. Sorry, but a 1,200 makes no sense. Too big a displacement for what is a sweet spot bike.

    Anyway, I am not in the market for a new bike. Besides, it probably won’t have gear driven cams, and that is an important thing in a VFR. Wendy

  • After reading your article about Honda’s release of a new V-4, I can only
    say that Honda needs to bring a new Interceptor (VFR) to the showroom
    floors. The current VFR, since 2002 has been a great bike, one of the best
    in the world, but it needs to be revamped. Since 2006, there has been
    rumors of a new VFR. Such rumors of 1000cc or 1200cc engines, switching to
    a V-5 to even fully automatic transmissions. If I were an engineer at
    Honda, a 1000cc VFR is needed to keep up with the current competition in
    the sport touring class. The VFR is too good of bike to stop producing.
    Its called the “leatherman” of bikes for a reason, its a motorcycle that
    does everything well. All I can do now is hope that Honda realizes what
    the current motorcycle market needs, a REAL sportbike. Eric

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