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Lorenzo is a Hard Man

Before you give this year’s MotoGP crown to Valentino Rossi, consider what Jorge Lorenzo did last weekend. After two crashes in qualifying (one being particularly vicious), Lorenzo mounted his bike (on pole position) and, despite a bad start and the pain/discomfort of a fresh shoulder separation and ankle/foot injury, fought his way past Casey Stoner and on to the podium. He caught, and nearly passed Valentino Rossi, as well.

Considering that Lorenzo is still relatively unfamiliar with Laguna Seca, and has crashed there numerous times (remember his violent high side last year), it is simply amazing that he could run faster laps than Valentino Rossi near the end of Sunday’s race. We’ve said it before, but this kid is tough as nails, both mentally and physically. If he can stay off the tarmac, he will give Rossi everything he can handle the remainder of this year.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • He was also so badly hurt that he had to be helped up the stairs to
    the podium, and couldn’t really hold both the trophy and helmet aloft
    at the same time, because only one arm was really working.

    He was CRIPPLED that race, and still placed 3rd.

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