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Honda Withdrawal from “AMA/DMG Roadracing Series” Hardly a Surprise

Honda’s announcement last Friday that it is abandoning participation in AMA Pro Road Racing was curt and somewhat derrogatory. In the release (which you can read below), Honda does not dignify the series by calling it “AMA Pro Racing”, instead referring to the series as “AMA/DMG Road Racing”. DMG, of course, is Daytona Motorsports Group, which took over responsibility for AMA Pro Road Racing events earlier this year, and has been more than controversial in its handling of events. From its event logistics to its racing classifications and rule interpretations, DMG has managed to offend a number of participants who were accustomed to the series previously run by the American Motorcyclist Association before it sold/licensed road racing to DMG late last year. Honda flatly states “The current AMA/DMG racing environment does not align with our company goals.” Here is the short press release from Honda.

Torrance, CA: During the 2009 AMA/DMG Road Racing series, American Honda Motor Company, Inc. contracted team personnel, including team Honda rider Neil Hodgson, to the Corona Extra Honda race team.

Corona Extra Honda race team participated in this series with our award-winning 2009 CBR1000RR in the AMA Superbike class, unfortunately participation in this series did not meet our racing goals and objectives.

Regrettably the current AMA/DMG racing environment does not align with our company goals. Effective today 9/18/09, AHM will not be renewing contracts with Corona Extra Racing and will be terminating the on-site Road Race operations by 9/30/09. All assets will be put into storage for future consideration. Team staff was informed of these changes today at 1:00PM PDT.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • When the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and global racing brand pans a series, I would say it is indicative of catastrophe. AMA was once a spectacular incubator of world champions and other legendary people and machines. The current series is a pale shadow of its former self, and an insult to the name. Good for Honda for not propping it up. Michael
  • I don’t think the Honda withdrawal will be a loss at all. The only real
    loss will be a few extra noncompetitive bikes on the grid with hi salary
    In WSB, Honda has no factory team, and it does well.
    I attend Daytona every year, and Heartland Park this year as well, and I
    have been really impressed with the fantastic racing.
    I don’t think the AMA/DMG racing will suffer at all with Honda’s non-loss. Mark

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