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Is This the Production Honda CB1100?

The 41st Tokyo Motor Show begins on October 24, and Honda today announced an overview of its display at the show. Included will be a CB1100 standard similar to the CB1100F concept shown at the 2007 Tokyo Show (see the picture of the bike with the red tank below). Is this CB1100 the production version of the two-year-old concept? Honda only says the show will be the “world premier” of the CB1100, but the bike appears to be production ready, particularly when compared with the pure concept from two years ago. Note the changes in the engine design and details like the exhaust collector. We will know for sure on October 24th whether this new air-cooled retro will be hitting dealerships soon.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • Why not just bring over the cb1300? Sean
  • I’m not exactly sure what it was exactly but the concept just looked so much better. It’s as though they’re afraid to ad anything at all to their vanilla ice cream personality. Same old Honda. Steve
  • YES YES YES OH GOD YES YES OH GOD OH GOD YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harry
  • About the CB 1100 F production version: Note that they removed the rear shocks reservoirs and changed the brake calipers. They also changed the headlight support. I guess it will have a mid level price tag. Fernando
  • Is this the new CB1100?

    More importantly, do we care if this is the new CB1100?

    It is kind of bland in a generic Honda way.

    I find the styling reminiscent of the long gone CB500T (itself a drawn out extension of the post jurrassic CB450)

    What gets me is when the Japs try to build these retro “standards” they cant make their mind up whether its the 60’s 70’s or 80’s they are trying to emulate.

    Looking at this bike there is a mish mash generational style to it exemplified by the 60’s body work, late 70’s mags and 80’s engine, exhaust and rear footpeg hangers.

    Unfortunately the chrome guards and twin shocks give this bike no more authenticity than a Yamaha XJR1300 or the (apparently now defunct) Suzuki GSX1400.

    This whole genre of bike somehow fails to hit the mark in much the same way cars like the remakes of Mustang, Camaro and Charger.

    Sure they have more than a passing resemblance to the real thing but at the end of the day, no matter how much better they perform, they do not have the simplicity of the originals which gives them their classic appeal. Al

  • I sincerely hope this is the production CB1100. For the past few years, my daily rider has been a Yamaha XS11. I love the common-sense ergonomics, the powerful but tractable engine, and the ability to do everything but win the Dakar rally on it. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too old to be a daily rider any more. If Honda prices the CB1100 somewhere under $9K, then I’ll have to seriously think about buying it. Mike
  • Drive shaft people!
    No bike over 900cc should have a chain except for high performing sport bikes.
    Belt, shaft, anything but that awful chain.
    Otherwise I like it. I’m looking for a new commuter right now, and this might
    be it except for the chain. Maybe a used ST1100?
    Oh well. Lawrence

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