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Volkswagen/Ducati Rumors Die Hard

Rumors about Volkswagen’s interest in acquiring a motorcycle manufacturer have circulated for a couple of years now. Indeed, Volkswagen has even issued express denials that it wants a bike manufacturer in its group of ten, or so, automobile manufacturers. Nevertheless, Chairman of the supervisory board of Volkswagen, Ferdinand Piech (also a grandson of the founder of Porsche) is a motorcycle enthusiast who has lamented a failure to purchase Ducati many years ago for a song.

Indeed, Volkswagen has been rumored to have an interest in Suzuki, as well. Piech purportedly envies Honda and BMW insofar as those automobile manufacturers have a two wheel division, and Volkswagen does not. Will Ducati be acquired? With Volkswagen still struggling with the consummation of its acquisition of Porsche (now being opposed by a shareholder controlling the Norway pension fund), it is difficult to imagine Volkswagen having the energy to currently focus on acquisition of a bike manufacturer. Then again, only time will tell, and Volkswagen’s penchant for acquisitions makes it hard to rule anything out.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • If Volkswagen is envious of Honda, Suzuki, and BMW for having motorcycle divisions, then why don’t they develop their own? That is essentially what those three companies did rather than buy into the motorcycle making club. Chris
  • Why oh Why didn’t VW buy up MZ? It would have been a perfect fit, better fit than Ducati. todd

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