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Moto Morini Big Bore Supermoto Breaks Cover

Although yet to be officially unveiled at EICMA in a few weeks, photos and details of the Moto Morini 1187cc v-twin supermoto have emerged on the web. An interesting design, for sure, and featuring a huge gas tank (something Moto Morini is becomming known for), the new supermoto could be both fun and practical when it becomes available to consumers. We will pass along more information as it becomes available.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • Each new liquid cooled naked bike seems to confirm the opinion that this genre requires air/oil cooling for acceptable form. The longevity of Ducati’s air-oil cooled Monster series (going on two decades & beating all comers; put one next to the liquid-cooled variety) surely supports this conclusion. No exceptions come to mind though other opinions will surely differ.

    Waiting for Honda’s sweet CB1100 or the apparently ideal BMW concept 1200 Lo-Rider (either in Cafe trim, flat black muffler, etc.). jimbo

  • I understand that you need to have some superlatives attached to every new bike unveiling but the term “…practical” ??? seems a curious choice to describe the new Morini. Let’s see… no front fender, no place for a rear rack, no place to attach rear bags hard or soft without getting them toasted, no passenger seat or pegs, no place to mount a tank bag, no possibility for a center stand, no tool boxes, no radiator protection, no rear fender (not even a hugger), no wind protection and it apparently comes with “projector” headlights (I have these on a Ghezzi & Brian and the are useless after dark). It looks as though a backpack will be required equipment.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think that the Morini is a very cool toy and I love to see the storied Italian brands continue to offer an alternative to the predictably dull products of the other Axis powers. But practical…???

    Keep up the good work, I love your site. Pat

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