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Yamaha Super Tenere Video Released by Factory

The somewhat strange, cloth wrapped concept of the Yamaha Super Tenere displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show previews a production model that had been expected this year. Now, Yamaha has released a video promoting the bike, which will feature a linked ABS brake system, traction control, drive-by-wire, shaft drive and 270° crank. The parallel twin appears to be a development of the 900cc production Yamaha TDM, and should displace approximately 1,000cc.

It is believed the bike is already finished, but was not debuted by Yamaha as a production model this year due to economic conditions. Here is a link to the You Tube video.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • That’s a great artsy fartsy video and all but it doesn’t reveal much about the actual bike. It wasn’t exactly a great mystery what engine configuration they were going to use. After that not much to chew on.

    Still. I’m sure it will be a fantastic and somewhat segment changing bike. I’m equally sure that we will be looking longingly towards Europe for having yet another machine that will not come to the U.S. I almost wish you guys would stop reporting on this stuff. It gets depressing.

    I have to wonder how the big four are content to just surrender the entire (growing?) segment to BMW. Sure you get a Versys comes along once in a while and the odd KLR “upgrade” but never any attempt to make a real dent where a lot of us want to be. Big trailie with “real” offroad ability. Damm shame as I AM their target market and would love a shot at this bike. In the mean time I’ll go shop for an F800GS and pay a LOT more than I want… or should. Thanks for nothing Yamaha.   Steve

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