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Swissauto Acquisition Strengthens Victory Brand

Polaris Industries, parent company of Victory Motorcycles, announced today that it has acquired swissauto Powersports, a revered internal combustion engine designer/developer with numerous wins and pole positions at the highest level of motorcycle GP racing. The small, entrepreneurial swissauto (with roughly 30 employees) still displays an 86 pound, 200 horsepower, 500cc V-4 two-stroke on its website. That weight includes the gearbox and clutch! This engine has seen great success in sidecar racing as well.

Swissauto is also adept at the design and development of lightweight and powerful 4-strokes, as well. Not to mention their respected abilities with forced induction.

Polaris, of course, makes snowmobiles and ATVs, as well as Victory Motorcycles, but we can expect Victory to benefit from the swissauto expertise in its design of powerful and efficient motorcycle engines (whether V-twins for cruisers or other configurations). Victory has an entrepreneurial spirit and risk taking, both in terms of design and engineering, that would seem to blend well with swissauto.

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