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The Triumph Advantage

We have told you that Triumph is bucking the dismal sales trend here in the U.S. as it continues to pick up market share. The advantage Triumph has is its heritage of triples and parallel twins. Virtually no other company has this heritage, and Triumph can therefore develop motorcycles that have very little competition in the market. “Competition” here means similar heritage and design.

When Triumph realized the folly of competing with the Japanese in the inline-four cylinder supersport market, and abandoned that format for the 675cc triple, it instantly found success. The triple gave it a different exhaust note, broader power curve, narrower engine and chassis, and, most importantly, a tie to its heritage of building performance triples.

While everyone else is building v-twin cruisers, Triumph cruisers are parrallel twins with a strong heritage that includes Marlon Brando, among other notable reference points.

Coupled with this heritage, John Bloor has resurected the Triumph marque with quality production methods and a solid reputation for value. It will be interesting to see how far Triumph will go in terms of volume and model diversity, but it has already proven to have a strong base for future success, and has announced it will introduce several new models (in several new categories) by 2012.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • I just went from a XB12R Buell Firebolt (my second Buell XB) to a Roulette Green 2007 Triumph Speed Triple. Outstanding bike!!! I’ve ridden since 1974 and can say that the Speed Triple is by far the most fun bike I have ever owned. Twin low end torque with up high pull too. What a well kept secret! With carbon fiber duel Jardine cans – sounds the Dogs Bollocks! Who wants another Japanese cookie-cutter race bike wanna-be? Blimey! Pass the Crumpets and tea! Long live the Queen! Bob’s your uncle! Tripledog

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