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Glen Helen Lands FIM Grand Prix Motocross Event For Memorial Day Weekend

After an undisclosed dispute with the management of the AMA National Motocross Championships resulted in a cancelation of the May 30 round, southern California’s Glen Helen Raceway bounced back to ink a five-year deal with the FIM to host a round of the World Motocross Championship begining this year on the same weekend.

The event, which will be known as the Grand Prix of the United States of America, is open to American riders, which could result in all of the world’s best on the track at the same time – sort of like the Motocross of Nations. This will be round 6 of this year’s World Championship, and American riders will be required to qualify for the main event.

Southern California has traditionaly been the center of the U.S. motocross industry… home to the participating factories and many of the top riders.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • I am super excited for this…Glad to see Glen Helen step up to the plate for a world event like this..Thanks for info!  Johnny

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