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Aprilia Entering Large Displacement Enduro Market

Rumors eminating from the European press indicate Aprilia is about to enter the large displacement enduro market with two new models. The first, rumored to be introduced this Fall as a 2011 model, is the Tuareg 750, utilizing the 750cc v-twin currently found in the Shiver. This 750 is expected to have a 21-inch front wheel, and weigh less than 445 pounds . . . a real “enduro” useful offroad.

The second rumored model will displace roughly 1,200cc and be more street oriented, similar to several other “big trailies”. We will bring you additional details as they become available.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • The new one looks interesting but I think the current 550 v-twin platform could be the ultimate super “enduro” with a little work from the factory. It just needs a 5 gallon tank, a bit smoother motor with a 6-speed tranny and some soft luggage. Now that I would buy in a heart beat…

    I currently ride a KTM-950 Super Enduro, it’s an amazing motorcycle. Very capable bike for light touring (with the right seat and accessory luggage) and amazingly nimble for it’s size and truly single-track capable.

    But I’d gladly give up some long distance street comfort to loose 75 pounds.  al.

  • how can anyone in their right mind call a 1,200cc bike a trailie? I don’t care if it hasn’t got any fenders, mudguards and knobbies…………….
  • Hey Dirck –

    I thought that Volkswagon already had the “Tuareg” name appropriated for an SUV.



  • The 750 Shiver Engine would be a natural for a bike like this. Why it makes so much sense that I’m almost sure they’ll build it…. and then keep it in Europe only. Sigh..  Steve

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