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Bimota To Switch To Moto Morini Engines?

This concept drawing by our friend Oberdan Bezzi of a Bimota powered by the Moto Morini 87 degree, 1187cc v-twin may not be so far fetched.

The bankrupt Moto Morini was rescued by the Italian prime minister’s brother, Paolo Berlusconi, when he purchased the entity last week. With Berlusconi’s capital, Moto Morini could continue on its resurgent course. But why supply engines to Bimota?

Bezzi speculates, and it makes some sense, that Bimota would benefit from distancing itself from its current engine supplier, Ducati. Frankly, the Ducati superbikes that share the same motor are much cheaper than the Bimota versions, relatively the same weight, and handle as well, or better. Bimota could more significantly differentiate itself by utilizing the more rare Moto Morini v-twin. This engine is no slouch, moreover, as it develops 140 horsepower in a relatively mild state of tune. Of course, the sale of engines to Bimota could only help Berlusconi as he resuscitates Moto Morini.

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