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Triumph Tiger 800 This Fall?

Speculation is growing in Europe that Triumph will announce a smaller displacement Tiger to go along with its 1050cc model later this year. Expected to be another three cylinder machine, the motive force would likely be based on the Daytona 675 powerplant. The expectation is that it would displace 800cc, however, to compete more directly with BMW’s popular F 800 GS.

If the Daytona 675 engine can indeed be bored and stroked to 800cc (if any of our readers know, drop us an email), expect Triumph to try and undercut the claimed wet weight of the F 800 GS, which is 455lbs (putting dry weight in the neighborhood of 400 pounds).

Triumph has already announced it will be rolling out several new models shortly, and a lower displacement Tiger is logically one of those.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • 800 cc Tiger is the real deal. Lighter than the F/GS, too. Redone Sprint GT to go after the K/GT and the price point should be way below european offerings.
    Triumph is doing all the right things from consumer and dealer perspectives. How about a 1200/triple Daytona? Jim

  • I was hoping for a Tiger 675. If I wanted a larger motor then I would have already gone for the 1050. Hasn’t anyone ever ridden the 675? It’s not like it’s lacking power. I imagine if the Tiger Cub comes out as an 800 there will be a bunch of people who complain and think the Street Triple and Daytona 675 need to be 800s too. So much for small displacement bikes – as if 675 is “small”. -todd
  • As a Hinckley Triumph guy and moderator on, I have to say that the “Tiger Cub” has been a top rumor for a while, right up there with the 1050cc Trophies and Daytonas. The 800cc motor you’re reporting is not something I’ve heard before, but a whole lot of people say they would sell their firstborn/left nut/favorite bike for the 675cc version. I don’t know about the displacement, but I would bet that a smaller Tiger with a larger front wheel and decent dual-sport ability will be one of Triumph’s new models, and further, be the first bike in a new category for Triumph.

    As for the others, I’m betting on another round of 1200cc Trophies and Daytonas, but with triple motors this time. Cheers, Kit

  • As a former Tiger owner, I think Triumph is going to have to do more than cut the weight to compete with the F800GS. Isn’t that bike (the GS) using a 21” front wheel, and the Tiger a 17”? The new Tiger’s have significantly abandonded their dual sport heritage, hopefully the new smaller Tigers go back to at least a 19” front wheel, longer travel suspension, etc. Otherwise it will be competing with the street triple. Great job on the site, as always, Bryan
  • I’ve been waiting for a slimmer lightweight Tiger for years. Come on Triumph ! I’ll buy a 675 Tiger ! It’d be an almost perfect all-rounder. Ducati, Aprillia, BMW, KTM and Kawasaki all make something similar and Triumph have an awesome 675 engine… it’s as simple as 2 and 2…. and it will make them a ton of money. But why a triple 800 ? Just to ‘compete’ with BMW (800 twin) and Ducati (800 twin) ? Aprillia do a 750 twin, Kawasaki do a 650 twin, and KTM do a 654 single. The current 675 triple is already competitive. They just need to bung it in a modified Street Triple frame with long travel suspension and paint it British Racing Green. The real question is why is it taking them so long ?
    Cheers, Tom

  • Just to confirm your story of a Triumph Tiger 800. Recently I had the opportunity to talk with the Triumph rep at a dealership where I had worked for some years. He did say that there will indeed be a new Tiger 800. Also that it will be much more versitle than the current Tiger 1050. He did not mention how the engine was sourced. He also mentioned that there will be a new Trophy and the likely hood of a larger ST.
    Personally, I am waiting for the Tiger. John

  • Funnily enough, I’ve been pestering my local Triumph dealer about the
    Tiger Cub (or whatever they’re going to call this 750-800cc
    dual-sport) for months now. Word leaked out a couple months ago that
    it was announced to dealers at the US dealer meeting in February, but
    no one seems to be sure yet when Triumph will make an official
    announcement, or when the bike will be on dealer floors.

    What does seem to be fairly well known at this point is that the
    Tiger Cub is aimed squarely at the F800GS, with an overall similar
    form factor, long-travel suspension, spoked wheels with 21″ front,
    and good offroad ability (possibly better than the F800GS — BMW
    skimped on the stock suspension, so I imagine Triumph will make a
    point of doing better). Rumor has it a second, more
    pavement-touring-oriented model will also be available.

    There’s also a rumor that in addition to the Tiger Cub, Triumph is
    working on an R1200GS competitor that’s not due out till 2012.
    Apparently it too should offer decent offroad ability.

    There’s a fairly lengthy thread about this on ADVrider, FYI.–mark

  • That would be an interesting machine. But Triumph doesn’t waste its time on one-offs, it thinks in terms of series of motorcycles. If this is real, expect to see an 800cc Sprint ST and a capacity boost for the Street Triple. Michel
  • One has to wonder why Triumph would even consider building an 800cc Tiger when their 675cc engine is more than enough for on/off road adventure touring. Not to mention that it would go against their slogan of “Go your own way”.

    One this is for sure…the day that Triumph slaps their 3 cylinder 675cc engine in a bike that matches, or better yet, surpasses the GS’ off road capabilities; is the day I’m trading in my wife for one. Chris

  • Oh man. I love the Triumph Tiger 1050 except for a couple things: 1.) The engine is bigger than I would like 2.) The high mount exhaust is too close to the passenger 3.) The rear end of the bike is too high off the ground and the passenger has to climb too high to get on it. It has been easy for me to continue enjoying my Suzuki SV650S but if Triumph makes a mini-Tiger it might be too much temptation! Especially if the passenger can climb on without a ladder or fear of burning themselves on the exhaust! I would LOVE to see a Triumph Tiger 800! Todd

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