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Stefan Everts and the 2011 KTM 350 SX-F

We have already talked about KTM’s 350 SX-F, including the racing success it has already achieved in Europe with this new bike that displaces half way between the traditional 250cc and 450cc motocross machines. Yesterday, KTM announced the production version of this bike that will be sold here in the United States. Sticking with a chromoly frame (that KTM claims is lighter than the aluminum frames found on the competition, and also absorbs shock better), KTM has carefully developed the 350 SX-F to minimize weight and girth, reduce rotating mass (so that the bike handles very much like a 250cc machine), add EFI and electric start. Also, all of KTM’s four-stroke motocross bikes will feature a rear shock linkage system for 2011.


What many people do not know is that ten-time World champion Stefan Everts spearheaded the development of the 350 SX-F. This video features Everts discussing the new machine, the development goals for the bike, and the resulting production model. It is a KTM promotional video, of course, but it does provide some interesting information on a bike that could start a revolution, of sorts, in supercross/motocross production machinery.

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