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MCN Reports Rossi Going To Ducati For 2011

The British motorcycle weekly MCN is reporting that Valentino Rossi has already decided to sign with Ducati for the 2011 MotoGP series following his failure to come to terms with Yamaha. MCN says Rossi has a 2 year deal worth 18 million dollars (12 million British pounds). There is no official confirmation from either Yamaha or Ducati at this time, but MCN indicates an official announcement could come soon.

It is well known that Rossi has had problems dealing with the extraordinarily talented young teammate Jorge Lorenzo, who now has a massive points lead in the 2010 championship. Rossi convinced Yamaha to keep Rossi’s test data and motorcycle setup information secret from his teammate this year. Despite this, even while Rossi was healthy, Lorenzo frequently out-rode him.

This report comes amidst speculation that another MotoGP star, former champion Casey Stoner, will leave Ducati next year and sign with Honda.


  1. Oliver says:

    Rossi is an awsome rider and i dont think there will ever be another Rossi. you give him any bike and he will perform. since the current season has started, there is a big problem in the Rossi Garage.IE. LORENZO. This guy is going Big race after race. It will take a lot more for Rossi to catch up with this Kid. Feel sad about it but I Guess there is no choice here. There has to be a new champion some day,Lorenzo.

  2. kiran says:

    i love rossi as well as yamaha…but i will not rossi if is in ducati..lorenzo is superp he is the next rossi! i always watch his races when he was in 250cc..i think for the two reasons rossi would leave from yamaha one is lorenzo second is the offer from ducati

  3. yus says:

    well i think that yamaha didnt chose spies to replace rossi is simply because he has a permanent ride already. it would make yamaha looks desperate and stupid to find a replacement for spies if they do that. rossi riding suzuki or kawa wouldnt make any sense as he already prove his talent by switching to yamaha back then. but riding ducati? that is something everybody wanna see and i believe rossi has intention too. i agree with rapier.

  4. j hunter says:

    Gary, Here you go.
    “In 2010, no rider eligible for Rookie of the Year will be allowed to go straight to a factory team. Instead, they will have to go to a private or satellite team for at least one year, after which they will be eligible to join a factory team.”

  5. Vroooom says:

    Wasn’t Rossi a Ducati rider previously? Back during the transition from 500cc two-stroke to 1000cc 4-stroke?

  6. Benbike55 says:

    @ Jay Bartlow – Jay I saw an interview with JB on Oz TV and he said (more or less) “why put spies under undue pressure and the challenge of working with new people mid season – he is doing really well now and there is heaps of time for factory rides that will come” For the record, JB wanted Colin – to “have some fun in his final send off year and to help get an excellent result at lauguna”. Again, i am paraphrasing but this is more or less what he said…

    And I agree with Cakes. They dont have the money, but i would love to see Vale on something completely crap…eg. Kawa, Suz. And without JB. JB make-th the man…

  7. Patrick says:

    The reliability of MCN is appalling at best. Although this rumour has been doing the rounds within the paddock for a few months now, and it seems that it will happen. The fact is that Rossi has nothing left to prove at Yamaha, just as he did at Honda some years ago. Fair play to him for keeping the game fresh.

    How is Rossi’s yellow gear gonna look on the Ducati????? LOL

    But people who get their all cues from MCN probably find Fox News a worthwhile news source too….

  8. Gary says:

    j hunter … really? GP rookies are not allowed on factory teams? I would like to see it in black and white. I would’ve sworn Pedrosa was on a factory Honda in his first year of MotoGP. If it IS a rule, it’s an awfully stupid rule.

  9. j hunter says:

    Jay Bartlow obviously doesn’t know that MotoGP rules stipulate that rookie riders cannot ride for a factory team. Talented as he is, Spies is a “rookie” MotoGP rider. That’s why he’s on a satellite team. Next year he can move up, and probably will.

  10. Cakes says:

    Rossi has had problems dealing with the extraordinarily talented young teammate Jorge Lorenzo? Really now? LMAO. If anything Rossi should go to Suzuki or Kawi and prove everyone wrong again. Championship has been done recently on a Duc…whens the last time Suzuki or Kawi won the championship. Put Rossie on either and they’ll get it!

  11. jay bartlow says:

    why did’nt yamaha put spies on the fiat bike , i believe rossi’s pursuasion is so strong at yamaha that he didn’t want spies on his bike because he just might have won his first gp. what a slap in spies face , a 41 yr. old test rider please yamaha & rossi let soies on the factory equipment and then set back and enjoy some more hungry talent. go spies go

    • mxs says:

      That’s absolute nonsense. Spies has had a great year, but let me remind you that in Assen (one of few tracks he knows) he couldn’t keep up with fast guys, after a great start he dropped few places. So let’s just keep the excitement close to the ground.

    • Doug says:

      I think it is in the MotoGP rules now that a rookie can’t ride for a factory team. So that would explain why Spies isn’t on Rossi’s bike. The exception is Suzuki since they don’t have a satellite team.

  12. Gary says:

    I have to agree that MCN is awfully unreliable to base a story on … especially of this magnitude. That said, I’d love to see what Valentino would do with a Duc. I’ll wait for the official announcement.

  13. Mark says:

    hmmm. Nicky and Valentino as team mates again. I wouldn’t want to be in Nicky’s shoes right now. And will Ben Spies take Valentino’s place? Have they named a replacement rider for Valentino while he is out?

  14. agent55 says:

    i’m not saying it wont happen, but MCN might as well the be the italian press for all their credibility is worth. not post worthy…

  15. rapier says:

    Well it makes sense for him to make himself an even more legendary Italian racing legend. Even if he fails to bring a championship to Ducati or himself I am sure the Italians will love him all the more for trying. If he happened to win a championship for them there would be no possible higher personal achievement. He’d be as a god. At this point another championship for Yamaha would not be all that big a deal. Going to F1 would be interesting, winning a championship not likely, and even if he did it would still not measure up in terms of nationalism like a championship with Ducati would..

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