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MD Product Review: Sidi Fusion Roadrace Boot

I wouldn’t call myself a boot fetishist. If that was the case I’d probably be writing for a totally different website. But I do appreciate a well-made product, and manufacturers that hand craft their products and then sell them for an affordable price deserve recognition. Behold, Sidi’s new Fusion roadrace/sport boot, made in Italy and priced at a mere $200. 

Yep, that’s right. In a time when some importers will tell you there’s no way they could make a buck while also paying European or American workers a living wage , it’s refreshing to find a company like Sidi still making a very nice product, in its home country, for the same price or less than an offshore-sourced competitor. 

What you get for two Benjamins is satisfying. The boots are nothing fancy: my pair are basic black, with just enough color in the Sidi logos to keep them visually interesting. But they are still laden with motorcycle-specific features you’ll find in much pricier footwear, like Sidi’s Vertebra-system armor on the upper part of the boot, replaceable toe sliders (screw-on, not those silly Velcro-attaching ones you’d find years ago), plastic heel cup, removable arch supports, and Sidi’s strong, supportive composite inner sole. The uppers are made of synthetic, water-and-scuff resistant Lorica, and the liner is a special Teflon-coated fabric that keeps your feet cool, dry, and hopefully, not too smelly. Quality is very nice, with double stitching almost everywhere and fabric stretch panels for a perfect fit. I was a little disappointed in the chintzy “arch supports” I found in the boots, but $8 and a trip to Wal-Mart will solve that. 

Although I found the sizing a little loose on me, these boots felt right the second I tried them on; no break-in required. As sport boots, they’re tough to beat: the thin, strong sole gives good support and feel for the pegs at the same time, and the light, flexible Lorica made the boots feel like slippers when it was time to click up through the gears. Unlike a lot of boots that are so plastered with safety features that they make you clomp like a wounded duck around the pits, the Fusions felt like a well-worn pair of sneakers, although the thin, hard sole isn’t exactly amenable to long hikes. 

The main disadvantage is a paucity of safety features. Even though there is armor covering the calf, heel cup, ankle bones and shin, there is little to keep the foot and ankle from hyperextending or to protect the rider’s feet and lower legs from hard impact. But I’m guessing there are a lot of riders out there who are wearing the same old boots from years ago, boots broken in, comfortable and much loved—and with far less impact protection than the Fusions. Maybe you’ve been holding off because you haven’t seen a boot on the market in that sweet spot of high quality, good comfort, decent protection and high value. These may be the ones. 

Sidi Fusion boots are available in black in sizes 4.5-14.5 at your local Sidi dealer, or online through Motonation, Sidi’s USA distributor


  1. Trpldog says:

    I wear my Sidi’s to church – nuff said.

  2. simon says:

    I would have appreciated if they would state where these boots were made or more on the quality. The last pair of “Italian” boots I bought, were make in Pakistan and the glue on the sole gave out after two months 🙁

    Oh, still the new web design sucks.

  3. Assfault says:

    Part of my atgatt is a pair of rainproof Sidi Vertebratas. Yah, Sidis run a bit big in the size, but (at least on the Vertebratas) the rain proof versions fit tighter. Excellent boots. Sidi fan for life.

  4. Paul says:

    You didn’t talk about how well they keep your feet cool..or not, my way tepor can be very hot, but are so comfortable

    • Gabe says:

      Sorry, Paul; I’ve only worn them in mild temperatures so far! But Sidi promises the Lorica breathes better than leather, for what that’s worth. These boots aren’t waterproof, so they should run cooler without the waterprrof lining your boots have.

  5. Dan Kurtzweil says:

    Sidi boots are always good quality – – been using them for twenty years,different models/different purposes.
    Currently using Sidi Discover(Y) boots for offroad – since most boots have grown taller and taller(and clumsier feeling) I’ve forgone the 24inch “knee boot” for the shorter 3 buckle
    high ridingfootwear that is more practical for this 5’7″ offroader.

  6. Ruefus says:

    I still regularly wear the Sidi Vertebra’s I bought new in 2002. Trackdays, commuting, backroad blasting……crash(es)…..all of it. Surprisingly water resistant, too. Lorica is some good stuff, I tell you.

    Hands down the best and most durable pair of footwear I’ve ever owned of ANY type. I’ve got a set of their Dominator bicycling shoes, too. Same experience.

    You can certainly buy cheaper stuff – but you cannot get more value or durability.

  7. jesse says:

    Great review – I totally agree with the comments on value, quality, and fit. I bought a pair of Sidi Strada Rain about 2 years ago and love them – I only wish they had the outside to guard that these boots have..

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