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2011 Triumphs: Facts and Rumors Concerning New Models


Triumph has established a new web site teasing two new Adventure models, one more oriented towards the street, while the other is a true dual purpose machine.  It appears that the more versatile bike will be the rumored Tiger 800, utilizing a version of its respected 675cc engine enlarged to approximately 770cc. 

The Tiger 800 should be light (just over 400 pounds wet), and have a larger front wheel consistent with dual purpose use.

The second bike teased by Triumph is likely a replacement for the Tiger 1050, utilizing the current 1050cc triple motor, but in a different state of tune and with more advanced electronic features (selectable ignition maps, for instance, and perhaps a form of traction control to compete with the Yamaha Tenere). 

Triumph is also expected to announce later this year a new Speed Triple displacing 1050cc, but with new styling, new engine tune and updated electronic features.

We should know more about each of these bikes soon (the Triumph Adventure web site, for instance, has a countdown to the unveiling of engine and chassis features prior to display of the actual production bike later this Fall).


  1. Scott says:

    If Triumph was going to build a more off road oriented mid size Adventure bike why wouldn’t you start with the 860 Bonneville Engine??. Simpler, a great power band for off road use, no radiator to damage in a tipover, and lighter !!

  2. Scott says:

    What about a standard or sport/sport touring version of the Thunderbird. Big twin power/torque in a good handling package and non cruiser ergonomics could make the basis for a really nice sport tourer.

  3. JoBlow says:

    What about something bigger than the rocket or an inline 6.

  4. Bill says:

    I have owned my speed triple for 3 yrs. nver had one problem other than routine maint.LOVE THE BIKE.I would love to see a litre bike but Triumph being a small company I also see thier side with r&d and all. They build a wonderful piece.Everytime I throw a leg over my 2005 speed triple and twist the throttle it puts a smile on my face. I try to get all my buds to ride it to let them experience the same feeling. When they come back with a smile plastered on their face carb cleaner could not get off I know Im riding the best.

  5. Chris says:

    I want a Trophy 1200 inline 4. Maybe with a little bigger radiator than was on my 99 model. maybe an easier way to change the air filter, that was a labor intensive job for sure!

    • mark says:

      I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. Triumph announced years ago that they were done with inline-4s.

      You might see a Trophy 1200 triple before long though…

  6. Kyle says:

    Where’s the dam 150hp+ Speed Triple?! I’ve been waiting for an upgrade from the 1050 for a long time – as have many, and as many have said, where’s the long awaited big-tona. Not every body likes the high revving sports bikes in the current lineup… but it’s alright for all of you married 50something+ guys looking to get away from the wife and into the wilderness triumph is all ears for you.

    A revised version of the current 1050 plant is a piss-poor cop out.
    In saying that, electronics are great and safe and all but the head is the hold-back for the 1050 engine, you can only do so much with a tune and emissions laws..

  7. Jaybond says:

    If Triumph is ever going to produce a new 1000+ cc Daytona, the purpose has to be, to get a slice of the glitz & glamour of the Superbike class.The halo model.
    But to make it a profitable project, could be a monumental task as Triumph has to fight off the increasingly high-tech offerings from Japan and European makes.But it would be great if Triumph is up for the challenge!!

  8. Nick says:

    First off, I think the rumor about a 1050 is wrong, and both bikes will be the 800. One will be similar to the Multistrada, and the other will go against the 800 GS. In both cases, these are categories that are underrepresented, and in the US at least, are completely ignored by the Japanese manufacturers.

    I understand the desire for the return of a big-bore Daytona, but that market segment is completely saturated already. Triumph’s biggest successes have always come from targeting areas with little to no competition. The new 800’s should fit into this corporate philosophy perfectly.

  9. Mike D. says:

    OK Triumph… where’s that LONG OVER-DUE Daytona 1.0 Liter+ SuperBike? Not all of us have “Wilderness around or near by” to be DualSporting our marry life or like this kind of bike for that matter.

  10. Scott in the UK says:

    Over here in the UK as soon as the 675 daytona came out there were rumours of a naked bike (Street Trip) and an adventure bike (Tiger Cub). The 800cc trile off-road/all road bike has been in development for years. It will be good; Triumph have not produced a bad bike for a long time now, and have an excellent strategy. Thats why we may NEVER see a 1000cc Daytona – the big 4 and BMW have that sown up.

    • Ismael says:

      The ONLY Triumph I have plans to buy, and have been waiting to be released to buy is a 1100 or 1200cc “Daytona”. Another Speed Triple if they come with a different style (although keeping the two headlights is a must to be a Speed Triple they can make them smaller and lighter).

      If Triumph is not thinking about making a 1100cc or bigger “Daytona” then there is no reason for me to continue waiting and just decide which one of the 4 cylinder bikes I am gonig to buy. (Sorry 2 cylinders guys) I am not planning to buy any 2 cylinder bike ever, not even a Ducati.

      • Vitamin D says:

        What’s so bad about 2 cylinders to you? Another liter bike would be tough to sell, the markets getting awfully crowded as is. It would have to be really really good to stand against the current what 8 other bikes. That’s a tall order.

  11. Ted S. says:

    Sorry, but these guys lost me when they moved their production to Thailand. If I’m going to buy an English bike, I want it built in England!

    • MacBandit says:

      You must be confused. All Triumphs are made at the Hinkley factory in England. BMW is the one that has a few models being produced in Thailand.

      • MacBandit says:

        Sorry correctly all but a couple models are made at Hinkley. Most are still made in England with only a couple being made in Thailand.

  12. Frank says:

    Don’t forget that the Street Triple is well under 400lbs and if they are using the 675cc engine as a basis for the new motor then keeping the mass under 400lbs should be achievable… as someone else said, a retro looking triple would be fun, as long as the mass is under 400lbs – they even have a name ready for it, Trident.

  13. flaswampcat says:

    I’m the proud owner of a ’99’ Tiger. A few fairly easy, at home, modifications along with a few aftermarket products, n i’ll go anywhere a gs will go; maybe then some. never understood why they engineered the off-road capabilities out of it in ensuing years. the pre 99 years (kown as steamers) were carbed and easier to keep rolling without shop trips. All always solid dependable rides.

  14. Tommy See says:

    Triumph will win if they can do a 400 lb Adventure triple.
    My 650 Strom is nice but misses out with heavy weight and not enough HP.
    I have the money waiting Triumph. Build it and watch out!
    I would hate to see this machine on back order.

  15. Ismael says:

    One of my bikes is a ’00 Triumph Speed Triple (955cc). Black with all the options, race pipe, etc (in carbon fiber) except the belly pan. I am thinking about selling it and buying another bike but I don’t like the way the current Speed Triple looks. I am hoping that Triumph decides to sell a “Daytona” with at least a 1099cc engine before I decide to buy a bike from another brand. Triumph really needs an open class “Daytona” with a dry weight around 430Lbs dry, and because it’s only 3 cylinders it needs to be at least 1099cc and to be able to rev to at least 11,000 rpm to be competitive.

  16. Jay Mack says:

    Haven’t heard anything that appeals to me. I want something like the 1050 Tiger in a Tourer, with wind/weather protection, one where you can attach highway bars and footpegs to put your feet up.

    Also, I want a Bonneville Triple, a retro triple.

    Also, I want a standard sport 1600.

  17. Brian says:

    How about stuffing that 1050cc motor from the Speed Triple in to the 675 Daytona chassis?

  18. ryan says:

    Triumph needs a 1199cc superbike triple..

    • mudnducs says:

      YES!!! I big bore roadster with a 1200+cc three cylinder engine….Speed Trip on steroids.

  19. Tom Barber says:

    That is the most useless and annoying web site that I have seen to date. Flash-based web sites, even when they are not plagued by advertising that pops up as you inadvertently drag the mouse cursor over hidden links, are devoid of any true purpose and are bout as annoying as they could possibly be. I hope that Apple is successful at hastening the death of Flash.

  20. Vroooom says:

    A 1050 with a 19″ front wheel would be fantastic, and probably replace my V-Strom….but if they really can keep the dirt oriented 800 to around 400 lbs., I’m in. Hell, even 420 lbs. I’d live with, much more than that and you’d miss the torque of the 1050 (but that 17″ front wheel really hurts the dirt potential).

  21. cyclezen says:

    A real Duallie, and under 400lbs! schweet! Stoked!
    was gonna get rid of one of my KLRs and get a wee-strom, but this is well worth waiting to see… 800cc is more than enough…
    go Tri! pls do it right…

  22. barry says:

    i go try these new so called adventure bikes but none of them put a smile on my face like my 950 adventure ktm

  23. steveinsandiego says:

    c’mon, guys. triumph is teasing the buying public; it is not teasing the motorcycles.

  24. mark says:

    Where on earth did you get these rumors about the street-oriented bike being an updated 1050? All existing rumors and leaked information point to two versions of the ~800cc machine, one of them with spoked wheels and offroad focus, the other with cast wheels and street focus, and the Tiger 1050 continuing as is for the time being (before possibly being replaced by a ~1200cc model to come in a year or two, which will be the R1200GS/Multistrada/Super Ténéré competitor).

  25. Eric says:

    I like the new Sprint 1050 GT – but would hate to drop the cash, only to see a sprint 1200 come out in 2012. Also – why doesn’t Triumph use a hydraulic clutch on it’s top end models? If you are dropping good money for a bike, it should at least have the low maintenance items on board 🙂

    • dietDrThunder says:

      Low maint. items like the clutch slave cylinder? Give me a cable clutch 8 days a week.

    • Bob says:

      Do you really like hydraulic clutches? Fine ona KTM dirt bike IMO. My BMW hydro clutch takes more effort and has less feel than the cable clutches on my HD, Buell and Honda.

  26. Mike says:

    These bikes are not instantly designed Justin. Triumph must have been working on these models for years, not in response to a bike that was released this year like the Mulitstrada. Most likely the Tiger 1050 upgrade was begun in early 2007 after the finishing touches were being put on the current model. just as they sign off on the final version of these bikes, they begin working on the next model.

  27. Josh B. says:

    I just want a smaller/thinner/lighter Sprint GT with an ~825cc triple…

    • Steve P says:

      I’m with you on that one. There’s almost nothing else available in
      the mid size sport touring class.

      • Ted S. says:

        How about the BMW F 800 ST?

        • Steve says:

          BMW lost me when they moved some of their production to China and Italy. If I’m going to by a German bike I want it built in Germain. This new Triple is rumored to be assembled in England but the F800ST is built in Italy.

          oopps.. did you say that before about Triumph. The only bikes Triumph assembled in Thailand is the small twins aka Bonnevilles, Thruxton, etc. The other Triumphs are assembled in England. However like all brands everything is INTERNATIONAL.

          • Josh B. says:

            F800ST = too slow, too expensive (and I don’t mean purchase price), too ugly, and it doesn’t sound all that great either. Plus, I am just plain hooked on Triples (and Triumph!). There’s also a sort of connection there — an intimacy, if you will — that you just don’t get with a bike that isn’t made in England or Italy. Character counts, too. ;o)

          • Ted S. says:

            Sorry dude, but all of BMWs bike are made in Berlin today, including the F800ST. They’ve never built a bike in China and the Italian production ended years ago.

    • Bob says:

      Count me in too but add quality adjustable suspension like on the Speed Triple.

    • Alex says:


      I’ve been wanting a 675 / 800 Sprint for years, hopefully Triumph will take this opportunity because they could easily dominate the mid-displacement SPORT-touring market. More power than the F800ST, lighter than the FZ8 and much lighter than the VFR800, it would sell strongly.

  28. Justin says:

    Sounds like Triumph might be aiming at the new Multistrada with the new Tiger 1050.

  29. fuzzyson1 says:

    Dear Triumph-I love my ’01 Trophy dearly-pushing 50k miles, old technology but reliable and comfortable. But seriously, haven’t you heard of that new fangled thing called shaft drive? I’d love to have an 800cc “adventure” or better still-Touring/Sport machine. Doesn’t need to have a 4000cc powerplant because nobody uses it all anyway. Doesn’t need to have 24″ of ground clearance and 4″ knobbies because bikes over 400cc rarely go truly “off road”. How about taking that new 800cc teaser bike and making a real honest to goodness full fairing- with full gadget menu sporty touring/commuter bike for us 40/50/60ish everyday riders?

  30. James K. says:

    Holy Cow! I saw knobby! Triumph, if you’re coming out with something that will make this ex Tiger Steamer pilot happy, I will seriously flip out. I’ll consider that countdown a saving deadline. Thrilled!

  31. Ken says:

    I have a 08 KLR and want to get a lager displacement bike and looked at the KTM 990, BMW 800, and V Strom. They all have the strong points but I really like what Triumph have done with some of the new bikes and hope this 800 turns out to be a winner.
    If it has bags, room for two, and hopefully 80 to 90 hp with a low 400 pound weight I will be in line with cash!

    • Johndo says:

      80-90HP? with a triple 800cc I’d be really surprised if it had under 100HP. Even the 675cc really pulls. I can’t wait to see this bike, might just be my next bike!

  32. Chris says:

    What about a 1 litre plus Daytona…….?

  33. Nick says:

    I scoured through the video, and it looks like the “street” version of the two is wearing Bridgestone Trail Wings. I’m not sure if this bike would replace the current tiger, or slot in between the new “dirt” version and the current 1050. It looks like Triumph might be releasing two potentially great bikes and I am going to be forced to choose just one.

  34. Tim says:

    Sweet! I really wanted to like the BMW F800GS when it was released but the bike never really excited me enough to make me want to part with the $$$. Given my affinity for Triumphs in general and their triples in particular, I am very anxious to see more about this more dirt oriented model. I’m doubtful that they can really keep the weight down to ~400 lbs. but we’ll have to see.

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