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Regular Rides

Do you have a nice used bike that you bought cheap, or an old bike, that you modified to suit your personal riding style?  Something unique and functional that didn’t turn out to be very expensive? We plan to take reader submissions and turn them into feature articles here at MD on this topic.  Here is what we want. 

  • The original year, brand and model that your bike is based on (started life as).
  • What it cost you to acquire the bike.
  • Each of the modifications you have made to the bike and the cost of the modification.
  • Good qualify photos of the bike, including multiple angles and close-ups of significant modifications.  No cell phone photos, please (although some of the latest cell phones are pretty good in this regard).  Try to pay attention to your lighting and composition (your background should be a bit more interesting than a trash can or an outhouse, for instance).
  • Tell us what it is like to ride your bike, and how you use it (commuting, weekend fun, other).  Does it get good gas mileage?  Is it cheap to maintain?  Are you happy with it, or do you wish you had another bike or further modifications?

This information about your ride should be submitted by email to, not by comments posted beneath this, or any other article.  Submit your photos in jpeg (.jpeg or .jpg) format, and attach them to your email.  For web publication each photo can be submitted as a file that is less than 500KB in size.  Don’t make the photos too small, however, because we would like room to crop/edit the photos.

Please understand that we will only use selected submissions based entirely on our discretion, and that by submitting the material you are transferring your copyright therein to MD.  This should be fun.

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