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Suzuki to Return to the USA Market for 2011

Reading my stuff on MD over the last couple of years, you may wonder why we’re not called “Chicken” That’s because most of the news from the motorcycle industry has been so universally bad. But a ray of hope came from Suzuki Motors yesterday when the company announced a limited return to the USA market after shipping next to nothing to dealers for the 2010 model year.

 As of right now, the only models Suzuki announced for 2011 are the 2011 V-Strom 650 ABS, 2011 DR650SE, 2011 DR-Z400S, 2011 Hayabusa, 2011 Boulevard S40, 2011 RM-Z250, 2011 RM-Z450, 2011 TU250 and the 2011 Boulevard M109R and Boulevard M109R Limited. The R85 motocrosser will also be available, as well as a number of quad models.

 These models doubtless give a snapshot of Suzuki’s best-selling models;  everything in this list was available in 2009 (and 2008, for that matter), although the RM-Z250 and RM-Z450 motocrossers are updated. But the release states this is the “first big wave” of new models, implying that there is more to come; good news for roadracers and sportbike enthusiasts craving a new GSX-R. 

Was it a good strategy to wait out what may have been the worst year of the Great Depression by almost completely withdrawing from the market? Since we don’t have access to 2010 motorcycle sales numbers, that’s a tough call to make, but it’s clear Suzuki is still alive and kicking. And that’s good news for the industry as well as motorcycle consumers.

For additional details and specifications on Suzuki’s new models, vist their web site here.


  1. Bill says:

    The Suzuki DL 1000 is a great bike for all around riding ,the 650 version however is better at the off road stuff. These two bikes are both super rides , in strong 2nd place is the 1250 Bandit super bike and yes I have owned the DL1000 and the Bandit.

  2. JoBlow says:

    Happy to see Suzuki back wish them good luck.

  3. Trent says:

    Man, it’s so awesome to see people dump all over a good mc manufacturor that is trying to weather an economic storm.

    Go ahead, Suzuki, we’re glad to see you back.

    • Vitamin D says:

      Exactly it seems as if people want the motorcycle industry to get weaker by seeing another big player bite the dust.

      I was no Buell fan but you did’nt catch me cheering and wishing doom for the brand.

      Each manufacture brings something unique to the table, and were all better off with more competition in the market.

  4. Gary S says:

    The way that I see it, Suzuki is doing the smart thing. Rather than bring in 2010’s & 11’s, They are letting the unsold bikes on dealers floors and in warehouses be cleared out before bringing in the new and updated models. As the economy improves and the leftovers are sold, the new bikes will start shipping. If I recall correctly, back in the day, didn’t Harley get some protection from the federal goverment to stop the Japanese manufacturers from “dumping” leftovers on the US market.

  5. PBSPEED says:

    I’m not a fan of the GSXR line at all, those bikes need a revamp for sure, heavy with ugly exhaust systems is all I see. Nice that they still have a 750, but are they really selling? There are two ’09 750’s still sitting on the local dealership floor so…

    SV650 is a great bike, it was my first bike and should have never let it go.

    BUSA, had an ’06 Special Edition reserved that I had to let go as well, probably better off. The ZX14 is the better all around bike and is better looking all around, IMHO of course.

  6. Tommy See says:

    All I can say is watch out for the New Triumphs.
    The 800 and 1050 Triple Tigers will be a strong contender for the Japanese machines.
    Suzuki better get with it. 800 V-Strom Please !

  7. Bob says:

    So is Suzuki giving up in the sportbike arena? No GSXR for the US? No updates either from the sounds of it. I would have expected a little something after BMW stole the show this year with their new bike.

  8. Don M. says:

    The 1250 Bandit will most definitely be back. It rocks! I had an 07, while I feel they really dropped the ball on styling, mechanically, it was one of my favorites, second only to my FZ1. I’m a Kawi and Yamaha lover,my first Suzuki ever, was a DL1000, loved the ergo’s on that one, but didn’t like the throbbing feel of the v-twin. A restyled Strom, with the Bandits 1250 engine, would be the bike of my dreams!! FWIW, currently have a Kawi Concours 14.

  9. KRay says:

    Suzuki says there back, but my local dealer tells me that Suzuki has only allocated 3 bikes for her shop. Before you say hey that must be a small shop, no its a large shop and the largest shop in the area is only getting 12. Suzuki is back with nothing new and few bikes, I think they could just stay gone.

  10. James says:

    What about the DL1000? It seems to me that Suzuki should include the larger of the two V-Stroms, given their intended mission. A 650 is rather small for extended two-up riding (which, again, is an integral part of the design’s raison d’être).

  11. Bill says:

    With the exception of sport bikes and a few standard bikes Suzuki died here years ago. They bring out the same stuff year after year and say hey look bold new stickers !

  12. Phil says:

    It’s okay – you’re not missing out on anything. From Oz.

  13. Yamasarus says:

    Why should we expect more from Suzuki when their own dealers won’t even commit to the entire line. Try to buy a Bandit in NC during the 08/09 model years. They just stock the GSXRs and an occasional cruiser and dual sport. Suzuki responded to their numbers based on sales. And no, I don’t ride Suzukis and have no vested interest.

  14. grafight says:

    With the announcement of the new Honda 125 scooter, Suzuki should bring their very cool 125/150 “Sixteen” scooter to the US.

  15. mpolans says:

    They should be bringing over the SV650. The Gladius is a fugly POS that probably didn’t sell, while the SV650 has been heralded as one of the best starter bikes around. Suzuki is really giving up market share by not having the SV650 in showrooms.

    • johnny ro says:

      An early SV naked is about 40% likely to be my next bike. The gladius is quite stable at zero percent likely.

      Of the other 60%, about 40 of it is allocated to a TU. I might have to buy used.

      For the rest, new FZ6R or Ninja 650r (or one year old), last gen VFR, thinking of CBRXX, and then nothing.

      Cash is in hand and I am just busy with other stuff.

      I am glad they are not just giving up. On the car side its equally bad for them in USA. I blame the USA not Suzuki.

  16. J. Kopp says:

    If Americans took a more practical approach to motorcycling, Suzuki would be selling over a million TU250s per year.

    • Ruefus says:

      I disagree. Americans would be well served to view bikes more as transportation – but people here spend a lot of time on the freeway. At those speeds – a 250 of any kind (even the Ninja 250 qualifies) is well past a torque range that allows quick movement, and the bike is very close to it’s limits entirely.

      Now…..a Bandit 400………. 🙂

    • johnny ro says:

      I would buy a TU400 right now this minute for 4700. Same for SR400.

  17. Randy says:

    those pics are of canadian and euro 2010’s.You mean suzuki can’t even give us different colors?I love my DRZ400SM,but im not confident in suzuki anymore.

  18. morpheous says:

    Suzuki is a smart company merely reacting to a regional market that was lagging (USA). Blatantly ignoring one of the most mature and reliable V-twin platformed dual sport tourers in history (DL650) over mostly unneeded warranty is very shortsighted. The V-stroms are built like tanks and will run regularly over 100,000 miles with minimal maintenance. Not sure what your concern is? You would be foolish not to include this motorcycle in your short list. Buy with confidence.

  19. cyclezen says:

    For a number of years I been thinking I might want a V-strom 650. But the word of mouth from Zook owners has never been good for company warranty support of their products. And now being mostly out of the US market for the past year shows continued non-support of their presence or product.
    I decided I really don;t need a DL650, and we have plenty of other bikes to choose from here in the states. Suzuki, you can stay home…

    • Dave Sumner says:

      I have DL650. I have put 35,000 on it in 5 yrs (working too much!) and never needed any kind of repair. I plan to ride it at least another 5 yrs. If it suits you buy it, most reliable bike I’ve ever had. Get ABS too, it may save your life.

  20. kpaul says:

    Great to see business picking up. Was in the Kawasaki shop last week get my bike worked on they said business is improving. These guys have been in business for years and suspect the owner is a great business man who spends his money on the right things vs. the mega dealers that started during the boom days that have high overhead. Would love to buy the Gladius for my wife. Great value for the price. Can’t beat that user friendly V-Twin torque for a inexperienced female rider. Hope Kawasaki and Honda come back to AMA racing soon.

  21. JR says:

    This is disingenuous to claim a “return.” While it is correct that Suzuki released very few models for 2010 in the US, they didn’t exactly pick up stakes and leave.

  22. Michael_H says:

    What about the freshly updated Bandit (or whatever it’s new-for-2011 name may be)? And the Burgman, no Burgman?

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