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Ben Spies Earns Rookie of the Year Honors

With his fifth place finish at Phillip Island yesterday, Ben Spies (Yamaha) wrapped up Rookie of the Year for the 2010 MotoGP series. Although two races remain, Spies’ points lead over Marco Simoncelli (Honda) is more than 60. Simoncelli, a former 250cc World champion with 12 Grand Prix victories, ranks higher than the other two rookies in the series, but has not been able to run with Spies, despite the fact he is familiar with all of the MotoGP tracks, while Spies was not familiar with many of them before this year. Of course, Spies has been bumped up to the Yamaha factory team next year joining Jorge Lorenzo, this year’s champion.


  1. Brett says:

    Spies’ ascension to the top ranks has been incredible and thus far unstoppable. A satellite rider running at the sharp end against factory guys? In his first season on unfamiliar tracks? Sheesh.

    Very clear shades of Freddie Spencer.

  2. Gary says:

    Ben has come very far, very fast. But the next step up will be very, very difficult. I wish him all the best, and sincerely hope he cracks top three next year.

  3. jerrylee says:

    Ben has proven what many stuggle to do- successfully moving from SKB to MotoGP. Seems the road to success has been more from 250GP. A very talented young man. With Rossi on the Ducati for the next round will that have Spies moved up to Rossi’s bike next race?

    • ac says:

      Rossi won’t be racing the Ducati at the next round, but testing it after the last round. Yamaha has said they will release him after the last round (contract runs to the first of the year).

  4. Vrooom says:

    Much as Spies had a very respectable year, I have to say I thought he’d get on top of the podium for a race or two. The way he tore through the WSB competition had me taking him as my top fantasy rider at the start of the season. He’ll be even better next year, but probably won’t dominate the field.

    • Scott in the UK says:

      I’m sure he won’t dominate the field, because at the top – Rossi, Stoner and Lorenzo are a little way ahead of him just yet. Next year he will do well to win one or two races and that would be good (I think he will do it). 3rd year has to be the big challenge I think.

  5. Brian says:

    Congratulations to Ben. One heck of a rookie year. No disrespect to Simoncelli, but Ben is simply amazing, he is a superbike rider, competing against 250 2stroke guys on machines designed to be ridden like a 250 2stroke (high corner speeds etc…)
    Lets hope the change to 1000’s gets him more podiums (and a win or two would be great).
    Next year should be interesting, Rossi, Ben, Stoner, Nicky & I hate to admit it even Pedrosa, all top quality riders.

    • b says:

      Pedrosa appears to be a fantastic rider, he just has a bit of a bland public personality. I’m not really a diehard fan of him or anything, but he definitely deserves a world championship.

      • Doug says:

        He deserves it only if he is more consistence than the other guy. The injuries don’t help either.

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