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Ducati Diavel Will Debut in Milan: Will Be Fast and Light

Ducati is building a fat cruiser? Hardly.  This “cruiser” comes with a superbike motor . . . and is ligher than some superbikes!  Ducati is doing something entirely new with the Diavel, which is set to debut this November in Milan at the EICMA International Motorcycle Show.

This teaser photo, along with all the spy shots on the net, indicates a power cruiser-like styling exercise by Ducati, but this new bike will have ABS, traction control and selectable ignition maps . . . and weigh 456 pounds!  Ducati calls it “lightweight and agile.”  We call it “rebel with a cause”.  Here is the press release from Ducati.

Bologna, Italy (12 October 2010) Ducati is excited to announce that after months of speculation the long wait is almost over, the new Diavel will make its first public appearance at the EICMA International Motorcycle Show this coming November.

Announcing the new model’s name ahead of the official presentation, the famous Italian manufacturer is about to turn another dream into reality. This dream comes true via using the local Bolognese dialect for “devil” in naming their new model the Diavel – pronounced Dee-ah-vel.

The idea for the Diavel name was born early in the development process of the bike, when the prototype was assembled and wheeled out in front of a group of Ducati engineers and technicians for the first time. One person looking from the rear of the bike saw its silhouette and exclaimed in Bolognese dialect: “Ignurànt comm’ al diavel!” Meaning: “Evil, like the devil!”

From that moment on, Diavel became the nickname for the project. Ducati now makes the name official as it approaches the unveiling in Milan. Reminiscent of how the “Monster” was named 20 years ago, the Diavel is now destined to follow the same Bolognese tradition. Ducati is proud to continue shaping the future of motorcycling while staying faithful to its Italian heritage.

Built to have a commanding presence, though lightweight and agile, the Diavel will take the man-motorcycle relationship to the next level in absolute comfort. For fans of technology ABS, Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Riding Modes will deliver a confidence-inspiring sophistication. Stunning looks, the Superbike-derived Testastretta 11° engine and 456lb of authentic Ducati performance will drive a comfortable sport lifestyle that could only be dreamt of until now. 


  1. CLB III says:

    The Ducatisti effete are upset??????????? I want this bike!!!!

  2. puke says:

    Ducati just jumped the shark. Soon I will be embarrassed to ride my monster. Every hollywood hairdresser will have one of those. Just a harley with an i-tie name. yuck

  3. sreve says:

    dont cruisers have good low rpm response and torque? cuz that engine seriously sucks until it clears 4500 rpms, unless of course you spend 3k for the ecu and pipe kit

    • Tom says:

      All engines have torque. The reason is that wheel torque at any instant in linearly related to power, and therefore to the product of engine torque and engine rotational speed.

      If you are alluding to the performance at low engine speed, it isn’t really any more about torque at low engine speed that about power at low engine speed. Torque has an affinity with low rotational speed at the wheel, but that is due to speed reduction through gearing, and the same affinity does not apply at the engine.

      Changes to the engine management software and changes to the exhaust plumbing do not bring about a whole lot of change to engine performance. For the most part, high-performance exhaust systems shift the engine speed at which the engine exhibits its greatest volumetric efficiency and therefore its greatest torque to slightly higher rpm. This increases peak power but the price paid is typically a slight loss in performance at low engine speed. Changes to the engine management software are typically limited in effect to a minimal increase in torque that can be brought about by slightly enriching the fuel mixture. For the most part, in order for an engine to yield good performance, the fuel mixture has to be maintained at the ratio that is referred to by the word “stoichiometric”, which means simply that the quantity of atoms of oxygen is ideal in relation to the quantity of atoms of hydrogen and carbon such that combustion will be complete, with no oxygen, hydrogen or carbon left over. In practice the total number of individual chemical reactions will be slightly greater if the fuel is slightly rich, in which case there will be a small amount of hydrogen and carbon left in the exhaust. But energy is consumed in order to vaporize the fuel, which must occur before combustion occurs, so fuel that if vaporized but that does not get oxidized has the effect of robbing power. The only way it is remotely possible for changing the ECU to accomplish anything is if the manufacturer has set the A/F ratio slightly lean in order to improve mileage and reduce emissions of CO, CO2 and unburned hydrocarbon. The difference in the A/F ratio that will achieve this vs. maximize torque is very small, and the difference in output power between those two A/F ratios is next to nothing, which is why manufacturers usually do the smart thing and set the ratio slightly lean in order to improve mileage.

  4. david torquati says:

    I own a s4 ducati being a male standing 5′ 1″ my biggest and only complaint is that the bike is to tall. I like going fast , I like riding out of state , and I love going in to turns with my hair on fire . This new bike fits my needs ! Yea it ain’t no 848 , but it is a ducati, and I imagine it can go in to turns way faster then my own ability,

  5. Philip says:

    Fantastic looking bike! They did an unbelievable job styling it! That’s the coolest Ducati I’ve seen since the old Indiana broke cover! (sorry couldn’t resist) I really do like the look. Way to go Ducati! It would be kinda fun to see a commercial with Rossi and Hayden riding around a dirt track on 2 of those things!

  6. MikeD says:

    V-MAX and V-ROD, start ditching the Bacon and Eggs, start munching SpecialK and call Jenny Craig, u’ll need it(i hope so).

  7. Jimmy says:

    this looks like a Ducati version of the Vrod.. i bet it will be much better though… heres a link to a better picture…

    • Dave says:

      If they’re after the V-rod/V-max muscle cruiser market I think they’ve nailed it. If it’s also as light as they say it should ride pretty well. Not my preferd style but a really good effort at reaching a market where they don’t currently play.

  8. Now they have finished the Diavel maybe they can spruce up the Multistrada which is fugly.

  9. Jimmy Adams says:

    It is a miracle !!! it is not another HD cruiser knock off. What a cool bike. This is just another piece of brilliance from Ducati. I want one.

  10. Conan Brooks says:

    OMG it’s Hideously Fugly! I almost threw up.

    Darn it…
    I never thought anything could possibly be uglier than the
    1st gen MultiStrada but I stand corrected.

    This thing is the new King of Fugliness.

  11. mickey says:

    The pictures I’ve seen make it look a lot like a Vrod. Not sure why Ducati would want to go after that market because it’s not exactly been a steller seller for HD, nor have I heard anyone say “if Ducati ever builds something like the Vrod, I’ll buy it”, but every once in awhile a mfg needs to step outsde it’s normal boundarys and explore new territories. Will be interesting to see the final production version.At any rate if it was built to compete with the Vrod it will undoubtedly be a whole lot lighter and a whole lot faster.

  12. jimbo says:

    I’ll wait for the Kymco clone called the Drivel (pronounced dri-VEL, Italian for drivel.

  13. Brinskee says:

    The teaser shots look interesting. The spy shots… eh, not so much. I hope Ducati is not taking a big step backwards…

  14. Stan says:

    It’s PALATE, Signor Sophisticate…

  15. Kentucky Garrett says:

    What do you get when you mix bourbon and red wine? The 2011 Ducati Diavel. Your pallet may not be developed enough to to appreciate this conction, but for those who can, this bike will have a taste that is completely unique. (Dirck, feel free to use this… I know you like it.)

    Personally, I will have to take a closer look at this thing before I decide to spit or savor.

  16. Cajun58 says:

    Have to agree with Shriker WWW seems to stand for World Wide Whine.

  17. Shriker says:

    Ok … ….. whats with all the idiotic negativity? Everyone is going on how it wont perform like this and wont look like that and how its this and that……we dont even have full actual pics yet. Jeeez give it a chance already. You winers are worse than young kids… about we wait for actual pics other than the back only view. How about we see what some of the ride reviews are like before we condemn it for not being another superbike with or without a fairing ?

    I am very excited to see Ducati going in a new direction . You want the most aggressive Superbike DONT buy the Diavel….get a Desmocidici or an 1198S or something. This will be a unique model from the company…..I for one cant wait to see the real pics and find out how it performs and the real question… much will it be?

    • jimbo says:

      Dood, if we don’t complain, what on earth will we DO????????

      Just kidding. Yes, (unfortunately), you make a lot of good points!

  18. Dave says:

    The bike in the photo (this article) is no chopper. Look at the handlebar, look at the space between the tail and the rear tire. I don’t think the photo-chop job in that link is anywhere near close to what the actual proportions for this bike will be. I am betting on something more like a Ducati made FZ1. Interested in seeing more.

    • Tom says:

      If you compare this official photo with the several spy photos that are available, you do not have to study very hard to see that they are in fact one and the same. The spy photos reveal quite plainly that the front forks are raked excessively, and that the tank is greatly elongated, forcing the rider to sit way to the rear. The handlebars have a long reach, but even with that, the rider still has to lean forward in order to reach the bars.

  19. Vrooom says:

    I was just saying in another article that the only cruiser I would ever buy would be light, handle well, and have a competitive motor to a sport tourer or standard. Ducati is 92% of the way there. They actually accomplished all of the above it would appear, but that front end is incredibly ugly (rare to say about a duc). If you could just lop everything past the forks off and put a couple of speed triple lights on there it would be a huge improvement.

    • Tom says:

      There is no such thing as a crusier that handles well, at least not as long as the front forks are excessively raked. Of course there will always be people who prefer the cruiser type of bike and who will insist that they “handle well”. But that is only from a subjective perspective that has nothing to do with handling in the the objective, quantitative sense.

      This bike is basically a drag bike. It will not handle at all well.

  20. Litho says:

    I haven’t seen anything ‘official’ other than the backside pics posted here, but “superbike motor” doesn’t sound too good with regards to aesthetics.

    Seriously, Ducati’s desmo layout tends to force all the tubing needed for a liquid-cooled engine all over the place. All their naked types with superbike-derived motors tend to look a tad messy (Monster S4/S4R, Streetfighter)

    KTM seems to have a much cleaner layout with their performance naked twins (SuperDuke)

  21. trent says:

    Looks more like a standard than a cruiser. But, provided it’s got comfortable ergos, if it’s similar to the spy shots at the only thing that would keep me away would be the price of the bike.

  22. tremoloman says:

    FUGLY! Friggen FUGLY!

  23. Tom barber says:

    I don’t want to be negative, but this bike really turns me off. The front wheel rake is way too much, leading to excessive front wheel trail and excessive distance from the front wheel to the rear wheel. The handling will be sluggish. The elongated fuel tank forces the rider to sit far to the rear, which will not be comfortable. And on top of that, I do not find it the least attractive. Ducati hit the ball out of the park with the new Multistrada, and has now followed up with this abomination. I suppose that balance had to be restored to the universe.

  24. Drew Kazee says:

    Glad to see an alternative to the Vmax/Vrod.

  25. MGNorge says:

    “MarkF says:
    Hate it! Guzzi did a much better job with the Griso.”

    Styling-wise I’d agree with you but no Griso has the motor this has. Still, I’d rather own the Griso because I’m thinking it’s more well rounded in its overall mission. Like other have said, the Diavel looks to be a V-Max/V-Rod with Linguini draped over it.

  26. jerrylee says:

    I’m no sure of the market niche for a “stretched Streetfighter”. I guess someone interested in power and brand image but less interested in agressive handling might be the target. Not my style of bike but I guess there might be enough V-Rod/V-Max market to warrant the model. It might be the closest thing we’ll see to a factory Ducati Chopper. Didn’t those Orange County clowns own a Ducati dealership in NY? Maybe they are the inspiration for this incarnation of the Ducati devil!

  27. MarkF says:

    Hate it! Guzzi did a much better job with the Griso.

  28. mrsdoubtfire says:

    above site/google translation:

    Ducati Diavel registered in the United Kingdom
    Home Bologna received English patent and trademark office to register for the brand new bike for his Diavel
    28/08/2010 – Motorcycles – Ducati
    Ducati Diavel registered in the United Kingdom
    Home Bologna received English patent and trademark office to register for the brand new bike for his Diavel
    Ducati Diavel. After a summer spent guessing what could be the name of the cruiser from Bologna, from Hyper Mega Monster Monster, the 0803 projec more professional, this is now solved the mystery might be the name of the next innovation made in Borgo Panigale.

    For the moment, Ducati has not registered the name in the United States, while the UK has also registered for other uses, such as lines of clothing and accessories such as watches, perfumes and cosmetics.

    As you can imagine, Diavel bolognesee comes from the dialect and it means the Devil and was chosen instead of other names such as Diablo or Devil.

    Ducati Diavel will be unveiled to the public at the EICMA in Milan in November.

    • Brian says:

      Thats most likely a photo shop image.
      The official photos above clearly show a dual exhaust, not a single.
      But if its close…… dammmmmmmm its ugly.
      Did they give Terblech one more shot at motorcycle styling.
      Also, I have never meet a Ducatista that wanted a Harley knockoff.
      Even with a superbike motor

    • jimbo says:

      Whatever is the bike in the image link above, my first impression is ugly.

      For what its worth, generally speaking, the longer the wheelbase the less is rear wheel lift under severe braking, resulting in shorter stopping distances vs. shorter wheelbase, all other things being equal (never the case, obviously). IIRC the bike with the shortest stopping distance in Motorcycle Consumer News (USA) independent road testing was a cruiser, not the sport bike many would expect.

      Think of it this way: picture the typical long wheelbase drag bike, with the rider’s leg’s stretched far rearward. Braking forces = acceleration in reverse. The long wheelbase counteracts acceleration in either direction.

      Plus cruisers generally have fatter and taller tires than sport bikes, resulting in a larger contact patch.

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