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MV Agusta Unveils New F3 675cc Triple

The subject of rumor and speculation for more than two years, the MV Agusta F3 is now unveiled in its production form and it does not disappoint.  In the press release below, which MD received this morning directly from MV Agusta, MV describes its history of building in-line triples, and winning no less than 10 world championships with this engine configuration.  The F3, according to MV, contains “the most compact, incredibly short and narrow engine ever seen in this category” and can produce more horsepower than any supersport previously produced.  The bike contains a counter-rotating crankshaft, a feature never offered in a production supersport prior to this time.  We do not have final specifications, but this feature coupled with the undoubtedly light weight and narrow cockpit, could set new handling standards for supersports.  Don’t expect the F3 to be inexpensive, however.  The components (discussed in the press release below) are top drawer, and MV Agusta is about exclusivity.  Here is the full press release.

The new MV. A new work of art on wheels is arriving that will upset the balance of power. As with all MV’s this new model is synonymous with excellence, style and technology. The new F3 will apply these principles to a new market segment, the middle weight supersport category.

If the F4, considered the most beautiful motorcycle in the world, set the styling and performance standards by which all others are judged, the new F3 has completely exceeded all previous conceptions of what a supersport motorcycle should be, redefining an entirely new category. Light weight, power and electronics working in complete harmony on a new motorcycle that pushes the concept of supersport to the extreme.

Powerful, hyper-light and more compact than any other motorcycle in existence. The F3 sets the new standard by which all other supersport motorcycles will be judged and compared. A completely new project that was created by CRC, the research center that has continually designed and developed the motorcycles of dreams.

The styling is pure MV Agusta, as with its big sister the F4, but the F3 is even more unique. The new “middle weight” by MV follows the philosophy of all the MV Agusta works of art while pushing the limits of the supersport category with a maniacal attention to detail. The exhaust system has a triple pipe side exit muffler and is the perfect example of how design and function coincide perfectly. There is no doubt, the new F3 is a true MV Agusta!

The powerplant of the new F3, an inline 675cc three cylinder, plays homage to the most victorious motorcycle brand in the word. With this layout MV raced and won an unprecedented number of races and world championship titles. This iconic engine has now returned in the form of an avant-garde middle weight supersport with performance technical solutions based on the demands of Claudio Castiglioni who is convinced that this is the ideal architecture for a middle weight supersport. The engine is the most compact, incredible short and narrow engine ever seen in this category. The powerplant is incredibly modern in design, technologically advanced and capable of generating the most power ever seen in this category. One of the numerous technical features is the counterrotating crankshaft, never before seen on a production supersport engine.

The most advanced electronic engine control system has been designed specifically for this extraordinary three cylinder. For the first time on an MV (and in the middle weight supersport category) there is Ride By Wire with multi-maps that optimize the power output in all riding conditions. The MV TC traction control has been incorporated into the engine control system raising the dynamic control to a new level on the F3.

As always, those who ride MV Agusta’s have become accustomed to having the very best components and the maximum performance from the chassis. The new F3 follows this tradition with a level of quality that exceeds most of the 1000cc superbikes on the market. As with all previous MV’s, the advanced frame design incorporates a mix of steel tubing and aluminum side plates that wrap around the ultra compact engine offering a level of compactness never before seen on a supersport motorcycle. The compact engine dimensions left the maximum liberty to design the most advanced chassis on the market with an exceptionally long single sided swingarm that guarantees traction and feedback to the rider. The components, as always, are of the highest quality. The Marzocchi front fork is completely adjustable as well as the Sachs rear shock. The front brake system consists of a Nissin radial master cylinder and Brembo radial calipers and discs. It is simply the best and the new standard by which all other middleweight supersport bikes will be judged.


The dominance of MV Agusta in the motorcycle Grand Prix’s is in part due to their most victorious engine design. Of the 37 world titles won by the bikes from Cascina Costa, 10 are attributed to the bikes with the inline three cylinder engines. MV Agusta was the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to believe in this technical solution, a risk that paid off with countless victories. The three cylinder project began as a twin cam 350 followed by a 500cc version, these bikes were legendary for their power as well as their lighter weight and improved aerodynamics compared to the 4 cylinder competition.

The project was designed at the request of Count Agusta, developed on the race track by Giacomo Agostini and raced by the greatest champions of all time winning immediately. Initially the 350 twin cam, followed by the 500 twin cam, these motorcycles became the reference point for all of the other manufacturers as they offered unmatched performance allowing them to dominate the competition. This dominance was translated into 10 world championship titles, 9 Italian championships and 215 race wins. The MV three cylinder was a motorcycle unequaled by the competition by applying technology that was advanced for its time and destined to become the future for all high performance engines.

Even today, the classic three cylinder MV Agusta is an example for the rational application of technology and pure styling. A style so unique that it transcends to the soul of the MV’s of today. Having to choose which engine layout would power the new MV Agusta middle weight, Claudio Castiglioni chose the most rational configuration of the three cylinder. A choice that is technically advanced while at the same time respects the long history of MV Agusta and their countless successes with this engine layout. Today, as well as in the past, the F3 takes advantage of a very compact design, advanced technology and unparalleled power.

With the new F3, history and future are fused into a single entity giving form to the most beautiful and technologically advanced “600”, a motorcycle that clearly marks the beginning of a new era.


  1. Motogiro says:

    How many bikes get the after market exhaust. At least 50%! The exhaust is gimmicky and will be pricey slip or bolt something on. Beautiful looking bike!

  2. DaveG says:

    Thought I’d heard MV was going to manufacture this in Brazil to keep the price down. Any truth to this rumor?

  3. yaya says:

    Very nice bike, styling is still very clean clone fo the f4. How does the counter rotating crank work/benifits? I’ll need to find out.But not a bike for the masses so if you like it it’s time to get the Triumph 675 and ride it, leave this one as a nice photo for somebody else to buy.

  4. Joey Wilson says:

    Bravo. Of course it’s not as reliable as a Honda, it’s Italian. But geez, the accomodations one can make for beauty . . . will be very interesting to see WHAT and aftermarket pipe set for this would entail. Admittedly, they have so very few dealers, I’ll never have to worry about whether I had issues with it. The Italian makes just don’t have the production nor the distribution of the Japanese or Harley. Shame.

  5. Bud says:

    This restores my faith in humanity after looking at those Diavel and Crossrunner photos. The exhaust looks gimmcky, though.

    But I don’t even want to ask about the price tag.

  6. Vrooom says:

    Perhaps not quite at the level of the Ducati 996, but a very good looking bike. Better than anything the Japanese or Germans are putting out.

  7. kirk66 says:

    Now, If Ferracci would race it we would have a real reason to love DSB.

  8. Dave says:

    Thing of beauty!

  9. ibking says:

    Oh my….if I wasn’t so fat…….

  10. cubes says:

    Pretty, yes sexy,yes pricey,yes..only problem I see is that my 2year grand daughter will grab a hold of that pretty rear light and rip it off thinking it was a lollipop!..I’ll stick to my pretty, sexy, pricey not….Bonneville…ooh yes yes ….

  11. MGNorge says:

    Remember, many of the design aspects of this bike and other exotics cost money and YOU will pay for them. Don’t expect more mainline bikes to adopt the same within the cost constraints they must work within.

  12. clasqm says:

    I’m not a sportsbiker, but this is an object of utter beauty. Only the Italians could make something like this.

    It will be interesting to see how it goes.

  13. Sands says:

    I hope they improve the reliability…If you check the MV message boards they are littered with folks reporting issues.

  14. Tim says:

    Can’t wait to hear it.

  15. ziggy says:

    Is it possible to get raped by a photo?

    That bike just had me 60 ways from Sunday!

  16. Calvin and Hobbes says:

    I had an 02 750, this looks just as delicious

  17. asphaltsurfer says:

    Tamburini’s original designs live on at MV. A unique blend of both functional art. Hopefully they will find enough buyers for us to see other models based on the triple.

  18. Norm G. says:

    PS: who’s idea was it to bring the CRAPPIEST PADDOCK STAND EVER MADE to the photo shoot…? you mean, nobody had time to run back down the autostrada and snag proper kit for an SSSA…? how does that happen exactly…?

  19. Norm G. says:

    okay, i’m just going to go ahead and call it. the new MV F3 is S.B.E… SEXIEST BIKE EVER…!!!


  20. Marc says:

    Sex on 2 wheels…… Hey Kawasaki take a look at this or any MV for that mater when you go to design your next exhaust system.

  21. Carlos K13R says:

    Incredible!!! The fantastic italian design with three cylinder… Waiting for the price in Portugal.

  22. Frank West says:

    counterotating crankshaft in a triple – abject nonsense!

  23. Dan says:

    Awesome! The first thing I noticed was the exhaust, so graceful and light, beautiful.

    • mark says:

      I agree – LOVE the pipes. At least one bike mnfr. doesn’t have an exhaust system that looks like it came out of a 50’s sci-fi movie. What a beautiful machine.

  24. GMan38 says:

    MV Agusta sure knows how to build beautiful bikes. I guess I’ll just have to revert to robbing 7-11 stores to get some $$$ for one.

  25. Chris says:

    Very nice. Drool….

    Hopefully this will inspire Triumph when they redo their 675 (in 2012??)

  26. Trpldog says:

    The MV is no doubt pretty – and if I could afford it would love one – but…
    Dealer network?
    Parts availability?

    I paid $5900 for my almost new Nutter 1050 Speed Triple.

  27. Mickey says:

    No huge honkin’ exhaust can on that one LOL

    • Mickey says:

      The more I look at it, the exhaust reminds me of my old BSA Rocket 3 750 triple which everyone panned as having a “ray gun” exhaust.Sounded great though.

  28. Dave says:

    How does the counter-rotating crank work on a triple?

    • todd says:

      it spins backwards, opposite direction of the wheels.

      • MikeD says:

        Yeah, but how they conect it to the Input shaft of the transmission so the output shaft rotates on the rigth direction ?
        Idler gear in-betwin(doesn’t the Yamaha M1 uses this method?)
        A chain?(heresy)lol.
        I have looked high and low about it but its not mentioned on any of the press relases so far…or im blind.

  29. MikeD says:

    Bike wise…meh, not impressed, same old BASIC F4 Mold by-product just shrunk a little.
    Wierd, i like the swingarm side better than the open wheel side.
    Engine wise…i think is great to have another Triple around be it 675 or 1200, diversity is GREAT(I4 are getting-looking so old to me by now).
    And this one looks tiny, the clutch basket is way up there…really short front to back.

  30. MarkF says:

    Beautiful! Triumph has to be screamin, all these new triples. Don’t know a lot of people ready to drop big bucks on a mid-size sportbike. Hope it does well.

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