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Yamaha Racing Race Recap & Results – Houston

JGR Yamaha’s Davi Millsaps scored his best result of the season so far on the YZ450F as he claimed fourth position at the Reliant Stadium in Houston for the sixth round of seventeen in the 2011 AMA Supercross series. At the same meeting, watched by over 45,000 spectators, San Manuel Yamaha’s James Stewart could not stretch his run of wins to three main events after two incidents in the frantic 20 lap sprint meant he could rise no higher than fifteenth.

The 2009 champion was undone in the tight first turn after contact between several riders saw a group of bikes hit the ground, one of which was the ‘7’ of the Floridian. Coming back through the field the 25 year old then had a collision with Jason Thomas after the latter elected not to jump a section and the result for Stewart was a broken front brake which hindered his second attempt to gain positions across a track difficult for overtaking. Electing to grasp as many points as possible he crossed the line a lap behind winner Trey Canard.

Nearer the front Millsaps had seen team-mate Justin Brayton also fall in the first corner chaos but kept a strong rhythm to hold third place until losing the slot to Ryan Villopoto before the flag. The Georgian was able fend off the challenge from Andrew Short. “I’ve felt fast for quite a few rounds but it just hasn’t been coming together,” he said. “I just need to keep getting decent starts and things should be good. Luckily, the series is heading east soon, and that’s my kind of dirt, so I’m hoping for even better rides than this coming up.”

Stewart is now second in the standings to Villopoto with a nine point difference between the pair. Brayton and Millsaps are currently eighth and ninth. Round seven, at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, will haul the championship back to California for the final time before the trek east across the country.

2011 AMA-SX United States
Reliant Stadium 14/02/2011 20 Laps

1 Trey Canard Honda USA 17’04.824 
2 Ryan Dungey Suzuki USA 0’00.186 
3 Ryan Villopoto Kawasaki USA 0’09.419 
4 David D Millsaps Yamaha USA 0’10.873 
5 Andrew Short KTM USA 0’11.806 
6 Chad Reed Honda AUS 0’13.927 
7 Ken Roczen KTM GER 0’20.469 
8 Brett Metcalfe Suzuki AUS 0’36.795 
9 Ivan Tedesco Kawasaki USA 0’37.481 
10 Mike Alessi KTM USA 0’41.149 
11 Thomas Hahn Yamaha USA 0’51.270 
12 Nicholas Wey Yamaha USA -1Laps 
13 Justin Brayton Yamaha USA -1Laps 
14 Weston Peick Yamaha USA -1Laps 
15 James Stewart Yamaha USA -1Laps 
16 Kyle Regal Yamaha USA -1Laps 
17 Vince Friese Yamaha USA -2Laps 

AMA-SX World Standing
Rider Standings After Race 6 of 17

1. Ryan Villopoto Kawasaki USA 132
2. James Stewart Yamaha USA 123
3. Trey Canard Honda USA 112
4. Chad Reed Honda AUS 105
5. Ryan Dungey Suzuki USA 101
6. Brett Metcalfe Suzuki AUS 80
7. Andrew Short KTM USA 80
8. Justin Brayton Yamaha USA 65
9. David D Millsaps Yamaha USA 62
10. Kevin Windham Honda USA 61
11. Ivan Tedesco Kawasaki USA 60
12. Kyle Chisholm Yamaha USA 46
13. Nicholas Wey Yamaha USA 44
14. Kyle Regal Yamaha USA 43
15. Chris Blose Kawasaki USA 34
16. Mike Alessi KTM USA 31
17. Weston Peick Yamaha USA 22
19. Thomas Hahn Yamaha USA 17
22. Vince Friese Yamaha USA 12
23. Austin Stroupe Yamaha USA 12
28. Jeff Alessi Yamaha USA 3
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