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Kawasaki Confirms its Motorcycle Production Facilities Unaffected by Earthquake and Tsunami

As we pointed out earlier this week, Kawasaki’s operations are primarily located in the southern part of Japan, relatively far from the area directly affected by the earthquake and tsunami, as well as the ongoing nuclear situation. MD received a copy of a letter today from the president of Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. confirming that its production facilities, concentrated around the Akashi/Kobe area, roughly 400 miles southeast of the disaster area, were not directly affected. Below is a copy of the text of the letter received by MD earlier today. 

Many of you have called conveying your thoughts and prayers for Kawasaki’s staff and family members in Japan, as well as the hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens who have been affected by this tragedy. Your concern is both appreciated and heartfelt.

The primary disaster area is centered near Sendai, which is 185 miles northeast of Tokyo. Kawasaki’s Akashi factory is located 400 miles southwest of that location. Fortunately, the Akashi/Kobe area where KHI offices and factory are located did not experience any direct effects from the earthquake.

The people of Japan will continue to face immediate hardships; the situation there is changing daily. The companies that operate there, like Kawasaki, will continue to monitor the situation and will be prepared to adjust business operations as dictated by circumstances.

Again, we want to thank you for your concerns. As more information becomes available we will provide you with updates.



  1. Mark says:

    Good to hear for sure, a small bit of good news for a country without any good news lately.

    We have had an abnormally cold winter with an exceptional amount of snow where I live. Not long ago I was complaining about this fact. With seeing what Japan is going through right now, it certainly puts things in perspective quickly

  2. john says:

    -Well maybe not “gone” but I have sympathies along those lines- I donated today to red cross japan relief and my company matched. JR

  3. john says:

    Sendai’s gone.

    I am glad to see Kawi on the list of things that are OK. Kawi and I go back a ways, to a newish KH250 triple. That cheap little bike reflected a passion by those who built it. Before that I drooled over the bigger triples as a kid.

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