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Arai Helmets Reports on Earthquake Aftermath

(Daytona Beach, FL) Arai Americas has released a statement about its parent company’s situation after last month’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Arai Helmets’ headquarters are in Omiya, Japan, in the Saitama prefecture, about 45 minutes northwest of Tokyo. This is approximately 200 miles southwest of the Miyagi prefecture, sight of the catastrophe’s major impact. A company spokesman said that while a few of Arai’s factories sustained minor damage, none of its employees were injured. Arai’s operations and production are going forward, subject only to occasional delays from controlled power outages to conserve electricity, although those have lessened in recent weeks as the situation becomes somewhat more stabilized. The only other reported effect are some shortages of a few of the materials used in production, although Arai said it that it has sources to fill the need for the time being, and is getting very good cooperation from its regular suppliers whose priority is to do their best to help the company.

Mr. Michio Arai, president and son of the company founder, singled out America for special thanks. “Let me express my cordial thanks to the people of the United States. Our TV showed helicopters of US troops being welcomed by refugees of the disaster, bringing supplies of food, goods, and aid. They were very nice and warm scenes to see. Thank you.”

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  1. bill says:

    Glad to hear everyone at Arai is ok. Our prayers are with you.