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Seattle Supercross Results

James Stewart (Yamaha) won his second race in a row last evening in Seattle ahead of second place Kevin Windham (Honda) and third place Chad Reed (Honda). With an injury to Trey Canard (Honda) during practice last week (broken leg) four riders still remain with a chance to take the championship this year, as less than ten points separate them with two races remaining. Ryan Villopoto still has a slim points lead over Chad Reed.

In the Western Region Lites division, Cole Seely (Honda) took the win ahead of second place Eli Tomac (Honda) and third place Broc Tickle (Kawasaki). Tickle has the points lead with one race remaining.

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  1. Big B says:

    Villipoto has 293, Reed has 287 and Dungey has 286. So it is really all up in the air, any of those three could win. All three of the top guys are cool in my book, I would be happy with any of them winning. Everyone has said Dungey couldnt hang with the big boys back in it. Yet there he is. I was really impressed with the top guys, they all rode really hard on a really rutted up track. Stewart was smart and smooth believe it or not. Reed took a monster hit and got back up only loosing one spot. Great race. Of course if it would have rained then Windahm would have won…

    • harryfxr says:

      With 284 points James is also in running is he not one of the cool guys in your book.

      • Big B says:

        I didnt include James just for the fact he is so inconsistent. He has incredible speed and ability. However, I personally dont think he will put it together. I have a feeling that he is only stepping it up because he was arrested and worried about loosing sponsors. His ego and his youth may get the best of him. Hopefully he proves me wrong. I wish them all the best of luck in winning. It would be awesome to all the young fans out there if James could clean up his act and win.

  2. Roadrash1 says:

    John, I found this in an article that was a couple years old. I don’t think it has changed much.

    This has been a really weird year. The points system really rewards consistancy, but as Chad Reed said, The only thing consistant, has been the inconsistancy. Ryan Villopoto is a good example. He’d have this thing nearly locked-up, had he just qualified for the main a few weeks ago. And Ryan Dungy has been steady too, except for that derailed chain.
    At least you never know what is gonna happen every week!

    “Points are only awarded in the event finals of the
    Lites class and Supercross class. The top finisher
    receives 25 pts, with 22 for second, 20 for third, 18
    for fourth and 16 for fifth. Sixth place receives 15
    points, with each place below receiving one less.”

    • Roadrash1 says:

      Oops…now I see what you were asking! Still,as Big B says….it is close. And given the small spread of points available in the top spots for each race, I am sure the commentators will be doing lots of math over this one!

  3. John A. Kuzmenko says:

    Is it still a 5 point difference between first place and second place? 🙂

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