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Erik Buell Racing 1190RS: Welcome Back (With Full Specifications and Video)

The first production motorcycle from Erik Buell Racing has been officially announced with photos and full specifications.  With 175 hp driving just 389 pounds (wet, no fuel) through the incomparable Buell chassis, EBR says “The 1190RS will shock even the most experienced sport bike rider with its performance, styling and handling”. This is a limited edition model (just 100 units), with an base MSRP of $39,999 (the carbon package adds $4,000). The good news is that this is just a start. Several other production models are planned . . . presumably, at more affordable prices. You can visit EBR’s website for details on ordering the bike. Here are the specifications for the 1190RS, followed by a video of an engine build and dyno test.

Type Liquid cooled V twin
Bore X Stroke 4.17 x 2.66 (106 x 67.5 mm)
Displacement 72.6 cu 1190 CC
Compression Ratio 13.6 :1
Fuel Delivery Dual 61mm throttle bodies
Exhaust Primary + Secondary
Peak Torque 97 ft-lbs @ 9400 rpm
Peak Horsepower 175 hp @ 9750 rpm
Primary Drive Gear, 36/65
Final Drive 520 Chain, 16/41
Clutch Wet multi-plate, slipper
Transmission Ratios:
1st 2.46
2nd 1.75
3rd 1.38
4th 1.17
5th 1.04
6th 0.96
Seat Height 30.5″ (775 mm)
Rake 22
Trail 3.4″ (86 mm)
Lean Angle 55
Front Tire 120/70R- 17
Rear Tire 190/55R-17
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gal (17.1 L)
Wet Weight (No Fuel) 389 lbs (176 kg)
Frame Aluminum frame with integral fuel reservoir
Swingarm Optimized stiffness aluminum
Front Suspension 43 mm Öhlins inverted fork, adjustable compression
damping, rebound damping adjustable spring preload
Rear Suspension Öhlins fully adjustable TTX coil over
monoshock with remote reservoir
Front Wheel 3.5″ x 17″ magnesium
Rear Wheel 6.0″ x 17″ magnesium
Front Brake ISO finned rotor, 8 piston caliper with cooling duct
2012 1190RS
Colors Abraxas Inferno, Boreas Frost, Burnt Armor or Pitch Black
MSRP $39,999
Carbon Package Add $4,000


  1. Crazy Kyy says:

    Could this shape up to be a Shelby vs. Ferrari-esque battle with Buell and Ducati? Only time will tell…

    • Norm G. says:

      could be…? though ducati would have to return to America and the SBK class first.

  2. Kjazz says:

    I’d really like to see this thing kick some desmo booty!!!

    • Norm G. says:

      tall order that. but colin edwards proved that the right rider, on the right kit (ie. honda SP1 and SP2), with the right support, under the right conditions…? can break ducati’s stranglehold on racing v-twins.

  3. Rico Bustamente says:

    I think I might be onto something to explain the huge gulf between readers who have been here on MCDaily for years (pre/early-post era) & the new kids in town (after posting) that seem to have come out of nowhere & are subject matter experts, no matter what the subject is….

    actually…I didn’t think this up… I got it from a kpaul post…

    he said something about “new found affluence of Generation Y” after “The success of the Obama administration in turning around a U.S. economy mired in war debt”

    THAT’S IT!

    these gen WHY? young people should just wait quietly by the sidelines until Crown Prince Obama takes enough money from the rest of us to put an electric bike under all of the gen why xmas trees…. I think Obama promised them that if the gen why’s? came out & re-elect him…. of course, they’ll also get some “free” lifetime healthcare with that, paid for by those nasty old millionaires & billionaires (anyone making $250k or more). hope none of the gen why’s want to start their own business & if so, hope they don’t plan on it being too successful cause the ol taxman will be knocking on their door to redistribute any excess cash…. but it is for a good cause….. cause the liberals want to jam BOTH hands in your pocket to get that last nickel & give it to someone who will vote them back in…

    I think we should all (anyone over the age of 30) just sit back & wait for kpaul & his gen why clan to make/spend/pay enough tax to refloat our dying economy & then we can all join hands & sing kumbaya & ride away on our “free” electric mobility bikes.

  4. Norm G. says:

    don’t know if i mentioned this before…? but this bike is screaming (to me anyway) for a classic set of horsepower freeing dual exhausts… ala suzuki TLR, aprilia mille, rc-51, etc. not cheap, but nothing says “superbike” like 2 big cannons. [cough]akrapovic[/cough]

  5. Buell Forum says:

    Amazing achievement. All it took was to shed the shackles of a short-sighted over-bearing mother-ship (HDI/HDMC). Next stop AMA Pro Racing American Superbike! 🙂

  6. HarleyPirate says:

    What’s with all this Harrrrrrrrrrley bashing ? They arrrrrrrrrrre the best bikes ever built and Harrrrrrrrley management has never done anything wrong or made the slightest mistake evarrrrrrrr in history . You non-Harrrrrrrrley riders arrrrrrrrrrre just jealous of ourrrrrrrrr bikes and wish you had the dollarrrrrrrrrs to buy a Harrrrrrrrrrley . They arrrrrrrrrrre the best bikes by farrrrrrrr and there will be no arrrrrrrrrrrrguement about it ! Now I’m gonna put on my arrrrrrrrtgyle socks and get on my Harrrrrrrrrrrley and go to the barrrrrrrrrrrr one more time before I go on vacation in Arrrrrrrrrrrrgentina !

  7. Tom says:

    Isn’t that logo the old “Johnson Seahorse” outboard motor symbol? I like it! Johnsons were good outboards.

  8. Bob says:

    Great job Buell! Keep that dream alive!

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “the dream”

      i’d like to stress, erik’s part in all this is done. the burden of keeping “the dream alive” now shifts over to US. that’s right you, me, we guys (ie. passionate motorcyclists, collectors, those who simply value american ingenuity, racers, etc.) to close the economic loop. though it would be nice…? consumers of the “wal-mart effect” sadly need not apply… but there’s always hope these “prodigal sons” will one day return to the fold…? thankfully, the “buell chapter” of the grander motorcycling brotherhood has never seemed short on members. in fact, i see a few examples of our military commuting daily to the local base on buell product.

      • Steve says:


        there will probably be more Harley riders that buy a new Buell than any of the “GO Buell posters here….

        you gotta have a job 1st!

      • Hamel says:

        Good point. I used to work for Britten and have some idea of the work that Erik has had to do to get back up and running and bring a bike to market. He was gracious enough to take the time to thank me for my best wishes recently.
        I sense a new positivity in the industry, not least brought about by the outstanding efforts of Eric and co. As Norm says, it just needs to be supported by us, the end users.

  9. tachout says:

    I have worked at two harley dealers for the last 21yrs. If you pulled into our parking lot on a cool bike i guarntee you some of the staff would be checking it out. I haven’t owned a car in 38yrs. I grew up on bevel drive ducati’s. rode them to work during the week and raced them on the weekends. NOT all hd riders or employees are ignorant. I think some of you need to start hanging around a better class of motorcycle riders. A lot of us just prefer twins. If you don’t believe me just ask steve. You should never have more cylinders than wheels. A code i live by. Go erik all the best.

    • Steve says:

      why listen to the voice of reason when you can ignore it & react by attacking a company like H-D, their entire history & everyone that rides or ever rode a Harley…. that’s a lot more fun than what you are proposing

      I’m convinved of 2 things from the postings of the anti-H_D crowd here….

      #1. They all have some seriously low self-esteem/confidence
      #2. They are blaming their feelings of inadequacy when they encounter some Harley riders on the Harley rider

      & in kpauls case…. he’s a leftist cry baby as well…..

      Not one of these posters who vehemently attack Harley ever bought a Buell, & never will. All hot air from puffed up 1 brand, 1 bike inexperience & immaturity..

      They’ve effectively ruined the MotorcycleDaily experience by their inability to respect anyone else’s ideas & then attacking from behind a screen…..

      EVERYONE POSTING HERE SHOULD STICK TO THE SUBJECT & LEAVE THEIR BIASED RANTS & PSEUDO-RIGHTEOUSNESS AT HOME. I guarantee you that if any of these people spoke like they post on here in public among reasonable people, they probably be in for a huge wave of backlash….

      here’s a test…. go get 5 of your co-workers & let them read your posts along with others here…. if you are afraid of what they might think of you after reading them… you (& kpaul)are who I’m talking about…

      • SquidProQuo says:

        Ok Steve, here’s your (former) Buell owner who can’t stand Harley Davidson and all it stands for. I had a ’96 S1 and thought it was the bee’s knees, but every time I had to set foot in a HD dealership or any shop that had HD parts it was like crossing Check Point Charlie. Typically the staff knew nothing about any kind of motorcycle that was not an American Cruiser. Conversations with other customers were amongst the most ignorant I have ever had on the topic of motorcycles. Several time I had to explain that the big front brake would not catapult me over the handlebars if I used them and that not having my legs splayed out in front of me could actually be comfortable. I entered into Buell ownership with an open mind and gave them the benefit of the doubt. With few notable exceptions I was rewarded with ignorance and closed-mindedness. I loved the bike, but the culture Buells somehow got grafted on to was the least rewarding experience I’ve had in 38+ years of riding.
        Oh and I suspect you’d be better off skipping the psychology.
        It’s not your forte.

        • Steve says:

          I had a 2000 Indian Chief & would go into the HD dealer all the time to buy parts with the bike outside…. no problem.

          There are a**holes everywhere…even in Honda dealerships.. they are not exclusive to Harley….

          I just left a VW dealer to buy a part… took 20 minutes… 10 guys standing around, no one working…. I won’t be going back…. & if I did, it would be MY FAULT if I get the same treatment & then get pissed…. seems for some reason you didn’t exercise that… maybe there isn’t a nearby dealer to you & you had to go there. I would have spoken to the manager or owner & then contacted HD. If it didn’t chnage, I would have went to a V-twin specialist…. there are tons of options & like I sid, there are a**holes everywhere. If you & the others here want to bury your head in your a** & deny that, then be my guest.
          are you all that freakin fragile & helpless????

    • Gronde says:

      I agree with tachout. My experience at the local Harley dealer has been great, whether I pulled in on a Sportster or a Japanese bike. Seems that most guys started out riding something other than a Harley and still get a kick out of seeing bikes that remind them of earlier days before they could afford to spend $20,000 on a machine.

  10. BigBrad&Dirty says:

    This is an incredible example of American ingenuity. What a machine. I look forward to seeing the future creations of EBR as they proceed and increase production. It is nice to see what Erik and his people can create now that the restrictive barriers that used to hold them back are no longer part of the decision process.

  11. JR says:

    For those of us who just like a compact light weight and easy to maintain motorcycle that we can afford that’s fun to ride.. bring back the American built Buell Lightning XB. For now I’ll keep my 2008 Harley FXD which I like just as much.

  12. Gronde says:

    If the front view looked as good as the side view he would have a winner on his hands. Let’s hope he gets it right when he builds the bike he plans to sell to the ham n’ eggers. It would be nice to see Buell successful and offer us real world products from an American motorcycle company that can compete with the best that Europe and Japan have to offer. I’m tired of the slow clunky products being offered by Harley and Victory.

  13. ratbuell says:

    Bag the HD bashing, their management is shortsighted and most don’t even ride. They aren’t worth my breath.

    And I’d rather save my breath for all the good things I’d like to say about Erik and his devoted crew. I’ve met the man personally on many occasions, good and bad, and he is truly someone to be admired. Always gracious, patient, with a smile on his face…and he has motorcycles in his blood. He has FUN, every second of every day, doing this stuff. I cannot think of an individual better suited to (re)creating one of the most innovative motorcycle companies in the industry. I have no doubt the RS is only the gateway…once we see it on the track (more importantly, once the INVESTORS see it on the track), we’ll start seeing results as well as motorcycles that us mere mortals can afford. Having tubers, an XB, and an 1125 all in my garage and being able to literally ride through the progression of the brand…I can’t WAIT to see what the next step brings. Each generation is light-years ahead of the last, and the RS promises to continue that pattern.

    For the naysayers…look closely at the exhaust. Four bolts and the secondary can is off. The ZTL brake just…works. Go ride an XB or 1125 and you’ll see. Four-finger the lever once. I DARE you. Let me know how that works out for you. The packaging? Genius. I get off one of my tubers with a traditional fuel “tank” on top, and get on my XB – even overloaded with full luggage – and the balance is noticably better just from moving the fuel into the frame. No slosh, lower center of gravity…VERY noticable. Nobody likes these details because “they’re not the way things have always been done”. Well…we don’t drive Model T’s anymore, do we? Things change for a reason, and I have a strong feeling we’re going to see exactly WHY things change in the very near future. Hell, I have a 1995 Thunderbolt with the muffler on the bottom of the engine. Underslung mufflers have been the hottest “new” craze for the last couple seasons. Hmmm….then how did my sixteen year old motorcycle end up with one, if it’s “new”?

    Erik: get some sleep, grab some coffee…and get the RS out on the track so it can start kicking some ass!

  14. endoman says:

    I’m glad I’m poor so I won’t be at all tempted to buy one.

  15. Linn Richardson says:

    Exquisite simplicity, obvious quality, it is a success already, I look forward to seeing more………….

  16. George says:

    Great looking bike, with a lot of nice detail. Much better offering than what a similar priced Roehr 1250 delivers. I consider this more in the category of the hand built Vyrus bikes albeit with less extreme suspension and price tag. I would love to own one but like many others, I can’t imagine spending 40K on a bike.

  17. Froste says:

    Stop fretting over the price. These first 100 bikes weren’t built for us. They’re undoubtedly going to race teams and collectors (e.g. Jay Leno). I trust Mr. Buell will have my SX model ready for me in the not-so-distant future.

  18. kpaul says:

    The year is 2020. In the sweetest form of revenge EBR buys Harley-Davidson to keep it from declaring bankruptcy. EBR had record sales last year doing what Triumph motors did challenging the Japanese big 4 for sales. In spite of Wall Street skeptic predictions and the HD leadership who killed Buell when it was part of Harley, EBR successfully took advantage of a weak dollar and the new found affluence of Generation Y. The success of the Obama administration in turning around a U.S. economy mired in war debt was key to Buell’s and the US economy’s success. Buell plans to upgrade the HD line with engine improvements and safety equipment like ABS.

    • Bill Vick says:

      You had me fully on board till that last part.

    • jimbo says:

      Actual (“literal” literal, not the more common “figurative” literal) LG (loud gaffaw)…digg!

    • Ruefus says:

      *cough* ABS is already available on many HD models.

    • Steve says:

      Obama turning around the economy?…. you actually typed that? You are way more disturbed than I thought…. you have all the signs of an extreme kool-ade overdose…. for godsakes kpaul… drop the sippycup & back away from the kool-ade…..

    • Rick Hermanns says:

      EBR might just make it if the product line evolves into something affordable. 40K leaves you with a very limited market. With LESS and LESS American working the pool is the kiddie end. KP, anybody who thinks Osama turned the economy around should not be using ANY tool as dangerous as a sport bike.

  19. spartan says:

    Erick knows what the market needs, to bad HD did not listen, at only 4.4 million gross profit, I hope he breaks even or makes a profit and continues to build great bikes.

    • tron says:

      Yeah, the market is just clamoring for a $40,000 sport bike.
      Of all the comments here, I don’t see a single one saying they are going to buy one.

      • Steve says:

        seems buying one is not part of the discussion….

        • tron says:

          It’ll be part of the discussion when they try to keep the company viable. Having fun racing is all peachy keen but sooner or later you have to actually sell some product.

  20. Vrooom says:

    Nice looking bike, but good thing he’s only making 100. For $40K (sans carbon), you’ve got to really want something different from the Japanese, Italians, Germans, etc . to pony up that extra $25K. Can’t get used to that single front rotor even though I know it’s effective, somehow it looks inadequate.

  21. brianzr7s says:

    awesome specs. i wish Erik all the best, but this is so far out of my price league that it could just as well be 10x more expensive. i hope all those folks that do get one have a great time on them. i do hope they’re all eventually spoken for too. someday i hope to actually see one in person, that would be great.

  22. Jamo says:

    For being so ‘Fiercely Independent’ the EBR logo sure looks like Honda’s.

    • Zuki says:

      I think one of if not the first exposure Erik had to the motorcycle bug was a Honda Super Cub.

  23. YellowDuck says:

    Okay, a niche outfit like this one with a name like Eric Buell Racing might be the perfect operation to build what I *really* want: a very lightweight, reasonably inexpensive bike built for the track only. No lights, no security system, no quiet mufflers, no bling, no registration, no key, no speedometer…well, you get the point.

    Build light $8000 track bikes with 100 hp twins in them, and start a national series.

    • Big B says:

      Right on, more people would road race if they could afford a prepped bike in a superstock class.

  24. Tom R says:

    It interesting and promising to see bikes now coming out in the post-HD era of Buell, er, EBR.

    Regarding the Harley bashing, remember that it was HD that first green-lighted this boutique brand and kept it funded at least enough for Erik and his posse to develop the bikes as much as they did. The Buell brand, for various reasons, probably never made a profit for the parent company. I am amazed that they kept it around for as long as they did. The mission and culture of this line ultimately just didn’t fit.

  25. Scott says:


  26. jeff says:

    If you go back in your Buell history this is where he started the last time ( ). He build a truly exotic/expensive race bike. Which in turn drew interested financiers. It is all part of his master plan…. I hope?

    I have never owned a buell but have ridden on quite a few. I was just steps away from a Ulysis but it wasn’t to be.

    Those who never gave them a chance should, if you are the rider who has no skill but wants to ride down the highway at 150mph then a buell probably isn’t for you. If you have some skill and want to embarass your buds on the twisties the buell is the perfect tool for the job.

  27. rwven says:

    Words are funny things. They don’t taste half as good if you have to eat them as they did when you puke them out.

  28. Trpldog says:

    Having owned two XB’s, a 9R and a 12R, I have a definite soft spot for the Buells. They were much better bikes that many gave them credit for, and most of the flamers never threw a leg over one. Once set up correctly for the individual rider, it truly railed in the twisties. Now we have a new Erik creation I can never have in my garage – at least not at $40,000. The best I can do is hope that eventually Buell gets production numbers up enough and the funding to bring the price down from outer space. In the mean time, I’ll continue tripping around on my Speed Triple, hoping to, before the world ends, to once again to fly the Buell banner. Erik, don’t forget the little guy.

  29. tommy says:

    blockiest, ugliest bike in its class. but typical of a buell. i love the motor assembly video though. but think it will fail.

  30. samr says:

    It is a great looking machine, but for that price I’ll take a BMW S1000RR, and still have $20,000 in the bank.

  31. MikeD says:

    Best of luck to the guy and his bikes. Hope he sells each and everyone of them and make loads of money…
    So he can FUND get going with building bikes for “regular” (Not Filthy RICH) riders…and maybe go Global…who knows…

    Thats been said…i still can swallow that front ZTL setup + now it comes with the funky ducts (yeah, functional but FUGLY)…besides, if it needs the forced cooling there’s something to be said about it’s effectivenes (flame proof suit on).
    The “Sad Martian Antennas” looking mirrors have to go.

    The xhaust is an easy albeit xpensive fix (like every bike as of late). Love the rear wheel star pattern, reminds me of the MV Agusta F4.
    Just nitpicking…don’t bite my head off…ok guys ? LOL.

    • rwven says:

      The brakes trade off 7 lbs. of unsprung weight with the need for a cooling duct. One of Cycle World’s riders spent a good deal of track time riding the 1190RS and said the brakes were hella strong and never faded at all. Seems a fair tradeoff to me. Information beats flames ‘eh?

      • MikeD says:

        U can keep ur “7lbs ligther BUT needs forced cooling or else it’ll warp or fade” anorexic ZTL2…(i read stories from some Buell Boards about how it ain’t all that).
        I’ll stay with my “traditionally HEAVY” twin rotor setup…i’m not a racer…it won’t hurt me.
        Hey…one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…nothing wrong with that…choices-choices.

  32. froste says:

    EBR’s website lists three future models (RX, SX and AX); can’t wait to see them. I’m speculating the SX or AX will have upright ergos like the Buell XB Lightning. Awesome!

  33. Gary says:

    Can’t keep a good man down. You go, Eric. Whenever I think that Harley could’ve had this guy on their staff, designing bikes, it makes me a bit ill. Oh well, they will get what they deserve in the end.

    • Gabe says:

      “Oh well, they will get what they deserve in the end.”

      Another 110 years of profitability?

      • MikeD says:

        LOL. +1.

      • DPS says:

        Maybe 110 more yrs of profitability if an electric Road King as appeal, which I bet it doesn’t.

        This is not a Harley bashing because I love their big twin and bikes like the Road King, but can you seriously envision their current catalog carrying a company of that size for even the next 50?

        I want them to prosper so they can continue to build their big twin and the Road King, but bring some other models.

        Anyway — I spent too many bits on them in this comment. EBR’s bike is stunning in looks & specs.

      • Pete says:

        LOL. I CHALLENGE you to come up with documentation proving HD has been profitable for 110 years. Especially since they almost went bankrupt in the 80’s and needed Gov’t intervention to stay alive.

      • kpaul says:

        Gabe would you like to wager on that? 110 years ??? HD will go out of business in less than 20 years. boomers will be trading in their bikes for wheelchairs and walkers.

        • Steve says:

          huh?…. you mean I should give a shit about the consequences to others of what I wish for?… like these crybabies hoping H-D dies & the 10’s of 1000’s of workers all over the world that would be without a job?
          pass my sippycup please & top it off with koolade…

  34. Motorhead says:

    Maybe they can bring back a 750 class so it can be raced against something a bit more challenging than 600’s!!!!!!!!
    Got to love Buell loyalists, too bad they didn’t spend any $$$ at the HD dealers, if they spent a few $$$ and less time bashing HD, maybe Buell might just still be around.

    • Oldfart says:

      I guess you have never enjoyed the awesome treatment riders got when they rode their sportbike to a Harley dealer & walked in wearing full leather & real gear. Great stuff since you are there to look at a sportbike & the goofs won’t even talk to you because you neglected to wear your assless chaps & stupid half helmet.

      • Steve says:

        I don’t know what H-D dealership you rode into in full race leathers but if it was at the H-D dealers I frequent, you would have felt fine… & if you were on a Ducati or some other Italian exotic, you might have drwan a small crowd or at least some questions about your bike….

        Not sure how “oldfart” you are, but I guess not old enough to remember that
        H-D has a looooooong racing history & still does in Flat Track… so someone pulling up to an H-D dealer in leathers & on a sportbike ain’t as odd as you make it to be…..

        It seems some of you anti-H-D people will come up with just about any reason, even if it’s made up, to bash Harley & justify your bashing….

        so are you telling us you didn’t check out or buy a Buell because the bad old Harley riders would make fun of you when you pulled into the parking lot??

        What are you 14 or 15 years old??? I’ve pulled into a bunch of H-D dealers on Honda’s, BMW’s, a newer Indian, etc…. no one said anything negative & no one tried to make me feel uncomfortable… & if they did, it wouldn’t have bothered me…. I’ve been riding since the early 70’s & no one is going to tell me what I should or shouldn’t like or ride….

        • John says:

          Actually, I’ve been a mechanic at several H_D shops, and what Oldfart describes is pretty much exactly what happened at each and every one of them. Buell died for lack of any kind of decent support in the market by H-D.

        • John says:

          And for the record, I too have been riding since the 70’s..

          • Steve says:

            then you must be an expert john so why not apply your lone (= single) experience to the entire world…. sounds reasonable to me…. more koolade?

    • MikeD says:

      “Got to love Buell loyalists, too bad they didn’t spend any $$$ at the HD dealers, if they spent a few $$$ and less time bashing HD, maybe Buell might just still be around”.

      LMAO. Probably there’s some true to that.

      • Pete says:

        There is probably more truth to this:

        If american sport bike riders hadn’t been so clannish, bashing Buells and complaining about funny looking brakes and the like, Buell probably would still be around. Instead, Buell got bashed and put down at every turn, and squids stayed loyal to motorcycle companies that build cookie-cutter bikes because “that’s the way they are supposed to be”.

        • Steve says:

          are you telling me that the respectful, reasonable sportbikers here are among these “clannish” types?

          So they (kpaul et al) are exhibiting the exact same behavior they bitch about here…..


      • Asterix says:

        Most of the stuff H-D dealers tend to carry in-house are heavy chromed ‘appearance accessories’ and apparel generally of the pith helmet and leather vest variety. This isn’t what sportbike or even standard streetbike riders are looking for. If H-D dealers wanted Buell riders to drop cash in house, they’d need to stock carbon fiber bits, light aluminum rearsets, tail tidys, etc. as well as a reasonable amount of upper-level sportbike-oriented gear – and unlike their Harley-branded footboards, bar ends and chaps, they’d be expected to offer them at prices competitive with online shop, just like the Hondawasakizukimaha dealers are having to do. As it stands even the XR1200X rider has to go down the street to the Japbike dealer to buy a jacket.

        I’ve never seen a Harley dealer that would even consider doing this, but it’s essentially what every Triumph dealer does and they seem to do ok.

  35. John says:

    I must say the bike looks much better without the side mounted radiators. The pictures show a conventional radiator mounting which gives a much slimmer profile and a much more integrated look. The fairing is slimmer up top as well with the 999 style headlight setup. Well done EBR. Now the company must prove their mettle by winning some Superbike races with the thing, or be relegated to the boutique/collector bike ranks which doesn’t really jive with the “Erik Buell Racing” moniker. Time will tell.

  36. Wow, just wow. Listen to that honey sing on the dyno. Great engine build video as well. Can I get that front brake cooling duct in chrome? My very best to EBR and I second the guy who called for the company to change names to Pegasus Motors or Racing or just Pegasus. That would be cool.

  37. John A says:

    There’s no doubt that Mr. Buell is an American original. I have met him and he was very gracious about his time. His vision and passion for function is impressive compared to big corporate marketing driven motorcycles from all nations. That said, it is almost impossible for a few readers not to find a way to bash HD is these forums. Please get over it. Eric obviously has and he has moved should all of us.

  38. Norm G. says:

    ok, i’m dying to know what the colors “abraxas inferno” and “boreas frost” look like…? sounds like BMW’s palette has nothing on EBR’s. 🙂

  39. Voice of Denial says:

    YESSSS…!!! he finally took the hint and initialized the name to EBR in conjunction with the updated wing-horse. 🙂 (hand clap)

  40. Markus says:

    I know Harley won’t let Eric use his own name Buell anymore, but EBR? What a crappy name.
    How about Pegasus, since he uses it for a logo already?

    • HST says:

      “Pegasus” ? So all the pre-teen girls can scrapbook it?

      It’s cool as a logo supporting the name ‘EBR’. The logo does not look like Honda (directed @ the reader above).

      Fantastic bike

  41. Karl Marsh says:

    I could not be happier for Erik and company. Thats a really nice motorcycle. Hope to see it running up front at the track.

  42. Chris says:

    Who needs robots when you have engine builders addicted to energy drinks. 🙂

  43. mikedard says:

    Love this bike. I recommend everyone who can to buy as many as you can. So I’ll be able to buy one used from you sometime, or until the price comes down.

  44. Brinskee says:

    I love everything about it except the pipe and the front/headlight fairing area. But I’m thrilled Eric is putting this thing out and I hope the very best for him and his new venture. When he comes out with the streetfighter (on Motorcycle Daily a while back) I would love one. Keep it up!

  45. Irv H says:

    HD couldn’t live with the Rotax engine, so they retreated to the past. Punish the winner, reward the loser.

  46. kpaul says:

    Wow! I’ll take mine in red please. Like the new motto “Fiercely Independent” Can’t wait to see it race.

  47. Asterix says:

    Surely they could’ve found a way to make the seat just a tad bit thinner.

  48. Zombo says:

    If Honda was as litigious as Harley over trademarks , they’d sue over that winged tank emblem . Good to see that Erik Buell has made a quick comeback to the bike business .

    • kpaul says:

      Yep. HD sucks. It’s kind of hard to make out the horse head in the Buell Pegasus logo on the tank.

      • Steve says:

        do you hear what you are saying??? you are bashing harley for protecting their trademark…

        like I said in my previous post…. I hope all of the H-D riders out there on the left coast start a campaign to give all you children the finger rather than the wave…. you deserve it!

        You all ride Japanese sportbikes but profess to love Buell & his innovative products but NONE of you will EVER buy one…

        just more BS rhetoric

    • Zombo says:

      I was referring to the Harley lawsuit against Honda when they claimed Honda’s V twins sounded too much like their own . The lawsuit which involved Harley trying to patent it’s engine sound (unsuccessfully) was eventually abandoned by HD . They also sued over looks (lost) and sued a bike shop for using the name Hog Farm (also lost). They used to be as litigious as Monster Cable who sues just about any business with the name monster in it . There is a difference between a company legitimately protecting their trademark as opposed to clogging up the courts with frivolous lawsuits ! FYI I ride an adventure bike and don’t live anywhere near the left coast . More choices are always better and while I’m not a sport bike guy there is nothing wrong with wanting to see an American entrepreneur do well in a market segment dominated by foreign brands .

  49. George Catt says:

    I want one! But the $$ will keep it out’a my garage. 🙁