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MV Agusta, The First Italian Motorcycle Manufacturer to Produce in Brazil for Their Domestic Market

Varese, June 22, 2011 – MV Agusta and their Brazilian partner Dafra Motos have announced their agreement for the production of the F4 and Brutale models destined for the Brazilian market.

The Brazilian economy is continuing to grow and with the continued economic growth the exclusive luxury goods market has also been expanding. Brazil is continually increasing their global presence both economically and socially by hosting world class events such as the FIFA World Cup in 2014 as well as the Olympic Games in 2016. For these reasons MV Agusta, together with Dafra Motos, which belongs to the industrial group Itavema with over 2,4 million euros of sales annually in the automotive sector, have decided to produce the F4 and Brutale models for this very promising domestic market. These models will be assembled in the factory in Manaus, respecting the strict manufacturing requirements of MV Agusta. In order to meet the stringent quality standards of the Italian manufacture, a number of engineers from the Brazilian group have been present in MV Agusta and have collaborated directly with their Italian colleagues with the scope of replicating the manufacturing and quality assurance system currently used by MV Agusta. Plus, a number of MV technicians will follow directly the assembly on the production lines in Manaus with the very clear objective of guaranteeing the same extremely high quality product to the Brazilian clients.

The Executive Vice President of MV Agusta, Eng. Massimo Bordi, has declared: “The strategic expansion of the MV Agusta group into the Brazilian market is another confirmation of our drive to develop new international markets that will allow our historic Italian brand to respond to the ever increasing demand for products which incorporate high quality, advanced technology and Italian design.”

The Commercial Director of MV Agusta stated: “After the development of the recent commercial agreements for the distribution of MV Agusta motorcycles in Australia and Canada, this new and very important partnership in Brazil is an important step in the further expansion of the MV market.”

Franco Creso, the President of the Dafra Group added with satisfaction: “The agreement with MV Agusta will permit us to expand into the highest level of the Brazilian motorcycle market. These motorcycles, which will go on sale in Brazil 2011, represent the very best in the two wheel market.”

MV Agusta is anticipating the production and sale of 1.000 units in Brazil in 2012, positioning them as one of the principal manufacturers in this market.

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