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Suzuki V-Strom Replacement Coming?

The rumors have been there for awhile, and now Suzuki is teasing the introduction of a middleweight adventure bike on its U.S. motorcycle site.  The silhouette of the new motorcycle appears on the Suzuki motorcycle home page (screenshot above).  I don’t know about you, but the silhouette looks a lot like the current V-Strom models to us.  Nevertheless, the decade-old V-Stroms (displacing 1000cc and 650cc) are in need of an update, and rumors indicate the bike should be entirely new in terms of chassis, although featuring some version of either the 650cc or the 1000cc v-twin from the current models.  We expect a formal announcement from Suzuki soon.


  1. Eric says:

    Ok, last comment – I promise 🙂 What about an 850 and a.. 1200 Strom? Yummy!

  2. Louis says:

    The UK Suzuki website says the new “Middle-weight adventure bike” will be reviled on June 15th… next Wednesday. Looking forward to it to say the least… although I haven’t worn out my current DL650 yet.

  3. Steve P says:

    A new SV850ST and a SV850GS would make a lot of new Suzuki owners very happy.

  4. J Black says:

    a ground up make-over is what this old dog needs….and I agree a 750 or 800cc is what’s needed that 650, although nice, needs some more balls.

  5. Mr.Mike says:

    I think the ‘Stroms look pretty good from the front tip to about the rear axle. It just has an awkwardly shaped tail section.

  6. Mr.Mike says:

    The Madstad bracket far exceeded my expectations by 100% solving my buffeting problems both with the stock and a Givi windshield. Suzuki should license this design from Madstad for the VStrom and probably other models.

    The next VStrom should have a better seat. The stock 650 seat could have been designed by the Marquis De Sade. Please don’t dish the 650 seat so much. Anyone with a greater than size 28 wast just doesn’t all fit in the small space provided. I can’t imagine it would add much to the cost to have a decent seat. Maybe a better shape and $50 for better foam? I’d pay that.

    I’d also pay extra to have better suspension out the door.

    An 800cc replacement for the 650 would be nice but is not entirely necessary and I’d rather not have the weight. Shaft drive might also be nice but I’m not sure I’d want to pay a lot extra and add a lot of weight for it.

  7. Cyclemotorist says:

    When I bought my V-Strom in 2003 I thought they were ugly. Now I will be disappointed if Suzuki changes the styling. I love the way they look now. I would love it if they would eliminate the valve adjustment chore. Lighter, preserve the good mpg and improve the suspension.

  8. casatomasa says:

    All these comments are spot on. Less weight, lower cg, less buffeting, and keep it ugly. It adds to the personnality of the bike, you know not the prettiest girl at the party but she more than makes up for it in the ride. I have an ’03 1000 i kind of bought on a whim, or maybe it was fate for we live 2 miles down a terrible self maintained dirt road and without all the “glitter” to get dirty its a easy bike to live with day in and out and my favorite bike in the garage. Thanks Susuki, let’s see you top this one. Lots of luck.

  9. Minnjim says:

    I’m still loving my ’02 DL1K. Could it be improved? Sure, what bike can’t? I’ve dealt with the major issues (fuel injection map and clutch). This new version will have be pretty wonderful before I trade in my old one….

  10. pekingduck says:

    On my 3rd V-Strom (first 1000, last two Wee-Stroms), and don’t care WHAT it looks like, what people say. When I’m in the saddle, life is beautiful.

  11. Lloyd G says:

    take the ugly out and put a good clutch in please.

  12. Zuki says:

    I believe the bike has already been designed where as a lot of the comments are like a design committee. It will be interesting to see what Suzuki has done.

  13. JB says:

    Please give us a new motor! I agree both of the previous Strom motor’s were great, but “were” is the key word here, both mills are overdue for retirement. Lighter, more powerful AND still bulletproof engines with even broader power bands and better mileage ARE possible. Suzuki you can do it!
    While I’m wishing, get out the scalpel and trim the bike down to an actual curb weight nearer to 400 rather then over 500 lbs, centralize the mass with a lower gas tank and while you’re at it, add some fatter upside down forks and better shocks. Mount an adjustable height seat and a windshield that doesn’t get creatively cut or replaced in the first month of ownership due to intolerable buffeting.
    Remember that ugly is fine if it’s functional and doesn’t include acres of worthless plastic marketing trim ie: the fake crash “ribs” on the tank’s of the previous generation. Some people will still hate any design no matter what it looks like, but if the new bikes improve on the function of the VStrom line (see Gladius for failure of that last condition), it’ll be a huge hit.

  14. The Rodney says:

    I have a 2007 Suzuki SV1000S. I have owned 11 bikes and ridden dozens of others in recent years. If cost were no object I would own BMW HP2 or BMW Megamoto. As it stands I think the Suzuki vtwin engine in my SV is one of the best engines any manufacturer has produced. Great low end pull, decent 11,000 rpm power on top, sweet sound, long maintance intervals, bulletproof reputation.

    I am in the process of shifting my SV toward the DL1000 end of the spectrum… adding a LSL triple clamp/handle bar kit, new seat, skid plates, etc. I’ll end up with a bike w/better dirt road ability, that will weigh less than the VStrom will still being sporty onroad. Then I can sell my BMW XMoto, which is a fine bike, but it lacks the range and comfort I need.

    • Zuki says:

      I have a SV1000SK7 too and added the LSL kit to it about a week or two after purchase. The conversion changed the character of the bike perfectly and they should have come from the factory like that. You can really appreciate the lightness of the bike better with the conversion. I agree about the engine… it’s fantastic. Imagine what Suzuki could have done with even further refining… a 1200 version SV! I’ve read a lot about the power being neutered down on the SV1000 compared to the original TL but the 2005+ versions were back where they were originally, at ~125hp, and probably even better engine response due to a lighter flywheel and intake improvements too, among other improvements. I have never ridden a TL though. I think the SV1000 is one of those classic bikes that was under-appreciated for what it is. The S version is beautiful and one of my favorite bikes of all time.

  15. 40oz_Warrior says:

    I would love to see Suzuki split the V-Strom line into two kinds of bike….

    A “GS” style machine with wire rims, high exhaust, engine protection.

    And an “RT” style bike with alloy rims, low exhaust, integrated luggage,
    lower fairing….maybe even belt drive.

    I could see myself buying one of each.

    • Emo s says:

      This would be the way to go. most of the 650 owners I know set them up for light off-road. They add crash bars, skid plates, and some panners. Suzuki just nees to sell them in a pakage, one for mostly street and on for light off-road.

  16. S Calwel says:

    Suzuki and others, I hope you are listening. We like the concept (Comfortable seating/handlebar position, knee angle and decent handling) of the V-Strom 650 and bought plenty of them. Make your next bike about 800cc and LIGHTER. Keep it simple, minimum standard electronic do dads (options are OK). Most of us ride on the street 99% of the time so don’t make the bike heavier than it needs to be for the very few who would try to use it as an off road bike. Put a couple of extra bucks in the seat, you will get rave reviews for it. One muffler, down low so we have more bag room. Retro 70’s to 80’s styling would probably please the most riders. Tubeless tires and anything that will keep it simple and easy to maintain. Reading what others have said, we really don’t want something “different”. Just package existing technology to fit how a large segment of riders use their bike and you will carve out a BIG chunk of the market. Do it soon and when my Caponord sells, I will buy it instead of a Tiger 800 or a F650 GS twin.

  17. Vrooom says:

    I’ve got an ’02 DL1000 with 130K that’s really needing replacement. Bring it on suzuki!

    • MikeD says:

      HAAA , is nice to hear evidence that the Mill on my SV1000N will last me a lifetime IF properly looked after…(^_^ )

  18. Mark says:

    I wonder how this new thing, whatever it is, will stack up against the Honda Crossrunner? V-twin vs. V-4? Guessing the Suzuki will be the better offroad and the Honda on the pavement.

    So much plastic, so little that does any good.

  19. Al says:

    Shaft drive and I’ll buy one, maybe two.

  20. Neil says:

    I test rode the Honda NT700V this past week (awful) and the sales guy said the VS650 is a better bike all the way around. He had ridden long distance with his wife on the back using a VS1000 seat for better comfort and raved about both the VS650 and the 1000 since he had owned both. I sat on the VS650 and found the seat to be too focussed on one position. I like seats that are flatter so I can move fore and aft on them. Friends who own either say they like the 650 for themselves and the 1000 for two up and long distance touring. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many of the Dakar style bikes are kind of ugly. I think it is a function of utility. They have to do many things well while being tall at the same time. I do like the styles of the BMW and Triumph 800s.

    • Zuki says:

      What’s the VS650 and VS1000? Are you talking about the DL650 and DL1000 V-Strom?

  21. Butch says:

    800 cc, wire wheels, adjustable suspension with lots of travel, a comfortable seat and a decent windscreen would fill the bill.

  22. jdelv says:

    In my opinion, I think people like to say the vstroms are ugly because that’s the popular comment. (I think the bike looks cool) Just like another comment I always here: “They” like the 650 better than the 1000. Yes, one or two magazine reviews mentioned the 650/1000 thing, so it becomes truth? Fact is, I bought the 650 to save $2000 and I never ride 2 up. And I like to save on gas commuting. But other than that, I’d probably rather have the 1000 for power.

    To me the 650 is very satisfying to ride. People have different tastes, for example, I think VFR’s have butt-ugly front ends.

    My ’05 DL650 has 46,000 on the odometer. Over last winter I added life to the bike with a Techlusion EFI tuner, K&N air filter, Scorpion exhaust, RaceTech emulators and improved fork springs/oil. If you have one DO THIS NOW, at least the TFI.

    True, the wind buffeting stock is bad enough that if I didn’t fix it with a mad-stad bracket I’d have had to sell the bike. I wonder how the heck that passed testing at Suzuki. Also, another key improvement is pull-back risers (I have ROX). They allow for the appropriate arm bend. The stock brakes lock too easy also. Go for the ABS if you can.

    I plan on riding this bike for a long time. It still looks new. But manufacturers need to keep moving forward if they are going to win the business, I understand that. Can’t wait to see the new one…

  23. Zuki says:

    The seat being highly stepped like that seems like a design failure.

  24. Grover says:

    Damn Suzuki, where was this news 8 weeks ago when I bought a new 2011 naked Bandit 1250? I tried a DL650 – just not fun enough for me, but a thoroughly sensible bike – too sensible. But a 750-800cc version with more offroad ability might have me back at the dealers. I am hoping for a road based version and an adventure version – just like triumph and BMW. Eagerly awaiting more details from Suzuki.

  25. Phaedrus says:

    Dear Suzuki

    Make the new model lighter, lighter and lighter than the BMW 800GS. 80HP will be fine. 300 miles range should do and consider 60 miles per gallon as the minimum. Make 1st gear short to ease handling around the city. Long first are cool for MotoGP and lap times, not everyday usage. 6th, or 7th, gear should be a nice overdrive.
    Nothing fancy in terms of electronics – those things like electronic adjustable whatever look fine on the glossy magazines, yet their advantage is questionable when you factor in the extra cost and maintenance. And they do break…
    Save the fancy electronics and even the gear indicator for a couple of electric outlets for those chilly mornings and/or whatever extra gear gadgets my fellow riders want to install.
    Save the fancy upswing exhaust and place those hot items low and underneath the engine – like the Versys – without sacrificing the center stand. We do most of the basic maintenance, particularly when travelling far from home. By the way getting rid of the fancy side exhaust would allow for thinner panniers, it is a bike after all, so don´t make as wide as a U-Haul truck.
    Since I ask for a light bike, I can/should not ask for shaft drive. But you may consider a 50,000 miles belt or a self-lubricating chain – ask Scottoiler, they know how is done.
    The seat should be good for 500 miles days. Better yet, make it 1000. If it comes ugly shaped, sell the beautiful one as an option. I don´t buy bikes to admire, but to ride them. My wife likes to come along, so make it easy for her, not a test of devotion. Also, place useful lateral handles for her, for those rare occasions when she gets tire of hugging me.
    Save on TV ads and spend those $$$´s in a wind tunnel so that I don´t have to buy a new windscreen on day 2.
    That´s it for now.

    Your Truly,

    A Rider

    ps Did I say light?

  26. Eric says:

    I’ve had my Strom 1000 for about 1.5 years, and I love it. All day comfort, super lean angles, and luggage options – all with pretty good performance. I think if I could ask for one thing, it might be wider rims so I could fit some real tires – so my trips to the Dragon would not require a diaper 🙂 Think along the lines of an inexpensive, reliable KTM supermoto. Ride Safe..

  27. Emo S. says:

    Well crap… now you tell me,just bought a new 011 650

  28. Markus says:

    Loved my 650 V-Strom, but I always wished it had the full SV650 horsepower.
    And the aerodynamics were horrendous!! Hopefully they will fix those two problems and keep the big luggage rack.

    • Zombo says:

      Really ? Another 7 horsepower with extra weight of the DL650 would make the difference for you ? And horrendous aerodynamics don’t exactly yield 50-60 MPG . But oh that luggage rack !

  29. johnny ro says:

    They are profitable.

    Sold 2.7 million bikes in year ended 3-31-2011. As you can see US is a volume sideshow, although they do want to resume selling $6-15k units here. Earthquake hurt them.

  30. riley says:

    I put 40k on an ’04 DL650. It was a great bike and not just “for the money” as a lot people like to say, just great. Suspension shortcomings, sure, but all in all a great bike.

    Even though it was meant to look like an adv bike, it’s real forte is as light sport tourer. the ground clearance and rack give it some extra utility and the 19″ front helps on bad pavement/gravel.. but what it’s really good at is traveling curvy paved roads quickly and easily while carrying plenty of stuff..

    I hope Suzuki sees it this way too and chooses to accentuate these attributes and not go off on some crazy ADV fantasy with it. Improve suspension, looks (lots of room there), brakes.. More power would be ok but not necessary. Anyway got my fingers crossed for the future DL!

  31. Pat McDonald says:

    As I write this I am 1500 miles from home on my 03 DL 1000. I may turn over 50K before I get back. It has been a good reliable bike (for the price) Improve the suspension and make it lighter. By the way, how about moving the center of gravity a little lower. Put 5.8 gallons of gas way up top along with side cases, top case, and my camping equipment on the seat and you really feel it. As for the design, it certainly isn’t traditionally attractive. But, ugly is in now (look at the latest offerings from Japan) The v-strom started the ugly trend. However, I agree that there are a lot of adventure bikes that are better looking. I think the original V-strom idea was based on what was available in the parts bin. Maybe now they will try for an original design that is not so much effected by making a design fit the parts available

    • Mark says:

      How do you type while riding?! Ha
      I agree with your post (former owner of a DL100)
      My bike was so ugly I had to put a blanket over it so I didn’t have to look at it every morning.

      My Tiger 1050 has everything the V-strom was lacking: great brakes, lighter, faster, good suspension and it looks great to me. However, I love owning new bikes that Suzi V-twin is a great motor! Can’t wait to see one.

  32. Goose says:

    Finally, some news that might really effect me. I’ve ridden DL650s and always liked them but never owned one. With my oversized self on board they are fun but pretty slow.

    I’ll second the calls for better suspension, brakes and750 to 850 CCs and, yes, better styling would be great. A little easier to work on wouldn’t be a bad thing, either. The challenge for Suzuki is to keep what makes the DL650 so popular (smooth, willing, stone reliable) while adding more power and modern ride and handling. Not easy, I wish them good luck.


  33. Tom R says:

    Regarding the ugly versus attractive issue: in the Advenure Bike class, it seems that function and beauty are somewhat mutually exclusive traits. In general, the “swoopier” the windshield, the more buffeting one can expect. The more upright the riding position, the more comfortable the ride.

  34. Ed says:

    Having owned 2 DL1000’s ’02 and ’07 I always wondered why the Vstrom was labeled ugly and not all the bikes that seemed to have copied it’s look. In particular the Yamaha Tenere but also the Versys. The DL1000 for me was the perfect “standard” bike. Now approaching 60 I’m looking to down size. I’ve tried the DL650 and it came up short, the motor works too hard and is too buzzy moving the same size and weight as the DL1000. Still hoping Suzuki has some thing soon! I always thought of myself as a Honda guy, but Suzuki has been coming out with bikes that appeal to me lately.

  35. Zombo says:

    About time they upgraded the Strom . That silhouette looks like a design I’ve seen before though . The Cagiva Gran Canyon comes to mind as well as my old NX650 and a few others . IMO Suzuki should’ve went for a unique design of their own , non-ugly of course ! Hopefully the brakes/suspension will be improved and addressing the wind buffeting issue wouldn’t hurt either since owners have had to turn towards the aftermarket to address these problems with the current V Stroms .

  36. MikeD says:

    If what Suzuki said (Middle Class Motorcycle) is any indicator it seems it will be something along the Tiger 800XC / BMW F800GS magnitude.

    So…no more 1000’s?

    Personally…was never able to swallow the looks of the first Gen Strom…i doubt i will this one…but let’s wait, see and judge later.

    P.S: Still day-dreaming of Suzuki building a civilized sport touring rig off the Hayabusa Platform (think Cruise Ship[C14] not Super Tanker[LeadWing]).
    That would really catch my attention.

  37. ABQ says:

    More Cowbell!

  38. dug says:

    Ignorance is bliss I suppose. I just bought a used 06 V Strom 650, you would be surprised by the many compliments passers by throw out. They must not realize its supposed to be the ugliest bike made. While it may not be on par with the latest/greatest, it is a blast to ride, and handles any challenge I’ve thrown at it with ease. I need to slow down not to run over many other bikes in the curves. Wouldn’t think twice about taking it round trip across the US. I’m 6′-4″ 255; have no problem keeping up with all but the fastest bikes on real world roads (especially cruisers). One would be hard pressed to find a more capable ride for the dollar. I like the way it looks, but then my other street bike is a KLR 650. Go figure, form follows function in my world.

  39. Louis says:

    As a V-Strom owner this is exciting news. I would guess they will discontinue the 650 and 1000 and split the difference with something about 800cc. My biggest wish is they make an adjustable windshield that completely eliminates buffeting. Lesser items but still important would be an accurate speedometer, a gear-indicator, and it would be nice if it were lighter. I hope they release pics and details ASAP, like tomorrow!

  40. Re: styling – Agreed that the current V-Stroms look the best from the saddle. There have been plenty of better-looking adventure bikes before and after the V-Strom pair was conceived. Hope Suzuki comes up with something more attractive.

  41. Wilson R says:

    That sillohuette looks a lot like a 1990’s Katana. We don’t want to go there again, do we?

  42. Tom R says:

    Well, Suzuki certainly got their money’s worth from the manufacturing tooling of those two bike.

  43. mike says:

    It’s a 850cc………….

  44. TRH says:

    Ugliest 2 bikes EVER!

    Always heard they are good bikes. Just couldn’t ever get over the horrid butt ugliness.

    • Dean says:

      I thought the same when I bought mine in 2001 (just introduced). Even one of the salesmen walked by my bike with the “sold” sticker and said “Holy crap, we sold it?” I laughed, too!

      Truth is, from the saddle, it does look fine, and it does everything well. I have grown used to the front, and like it compared to any bug-eyed BMW or swollen Yamaha tenure. And every time I test ride another bike and think it may be time to trade, i ride the Strom1000 like it was a test ride, and I’m impressed all over again. 35,000 miles and counting!

  45. Bob W, says:

    Hmmm. Better suspension and brakes would be a good start.

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