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848 and 1198 Streetfighters no Longer Secret

The big news in the big red booth at the Milan EICMA show this November will be a pair of new Ducati Streetfighters—a lower-priced middleweight with the 848 motor, and a revamped big brother with the 1198cc “11-degree” motor from the Multistrada 1200.

The smaller bike is what really interests me. When I rode the 1098 Streetfighter, I found a fantastic-handling and somewhat comfortable “sportfighter,” but it almost had too much power for a naked—as well as a sticker price that didn’t encourage the kind of antics the motor and chassis do. There’s nothing wrong with the smooth-running, revvy 848 motor, plus it’s a lot less money. It would seem widening the line to bring in more casual buyers is a no-brainer.

A spy shot of the new model, posted to the forum, shows what looks like a very finished bike. Its 848-ishness is confirmed to most observers by its 5-bolt rear hub (the 1098 uses 6) and lower-spec cast Brembo calipers and Marzocchi fork. Power will likely be about 130-135 hp, or around 115 at the wheel (based on the 848 EVO’s claimed 140 crank hp and the fact that the 1098 Streetfighter is down about 5 horses from the 1098 from whence it came). Expect a torque boost as well. Wet weight will probably be about 3-5 pounds less than the 420-ish of the current Streetfighter. As for price, I’d expect it to be roughly $500 less  than the $12,995 848 EVO. Rumor has it that it will be available in red, matte black and yellow.

The 848 model will probably just be called…Streetfighter. The Streetfighter S will be the (only) 1198cc version. It’s pretty much accepted by Ducati fans worldwide this bike will use the 11-degree motor we’ve tested (and liked!) in the Multistrada 1200—it’s a  smooth, impossibly torquey, capital-F Fast at 155 hp and as icing on the cake, has 15,000-mile valve adjustment intervals to keep maintenance costs down. Expect it to have premium brakes and suspension and be priced somewhere around the current-model Streetfighter S’ $18,995, and the rumor mill says red, black and titanium gray for colors.

That pricing may worry Ducati dealers—or will it? The air-cooled, 100-hp Monster 1100 EVO is $11,995, just $500 less than the likely price of the 848 Streetfighter, and with 35 more hp and about the same weight,  the 848 would be a no-brainer for me. Ducati’s natural strategy is to keep from cannibalizing monster sales (Bologna’s bread and butter)? Perhaps, slash the 1100’s price $1000 or more(made palatable to Ducati by the falling price of the Euro). Sounds good to me.


  1. Big willie says:

    The comment about the superior technology on the mustang is laughable. 300 hp from 4 liters is technology. What a joke.

  2. Grattan says:

    Will the warping gas tank issues be resolved on these bike before they hit our shores?

  3. Grattan says:

    I wonder if the gas tanks will stand up to the fuel sold in the U.S.

  4. Sean says:

    Have they corrected the plastic tank deformation issues for the new model? I love Ducati but until they fix the ethanol tank deformation problem I won’t even consider them. I’m dealing with a similar problem with my KTM Super Duke and it has really turned me off the all bikes with plastic tanks. I’ve heard the Diavel and new Monster 1100 EVO are billed as having ethanol proof tanks but I’m not sure if that’s true or not?



  5. monsterduc1000 says:

    Agree, These bikes are hot, but the Monster is a CLASSIC! Love my ’06 s2r1000!

  6. proheli says:

    Wow, so many negs and whiners. I think some of you guys actually believe the nonsense you’re writing, but mostly you’re just being negative because that is the type of people you are. But just so you know, YOUR WHINING IS COMING THROUGH LOUD AND CLEAR, LOL. AND YOU SOUND LIKE WHINERS. I’ve been running my SFS through the twisties and mountain passes pretty hard for the last couple of weeks. Got the Ohlins dialed IN. And you know what? The experience is powerfully sublime. Think of a cross between The Punisher and your favorite Italian super model, Dear Lord that is one AWESOME bike! It was a stretch to get it and boy is it worth every penny. Remember now all you junior campers. Always reach UP, and stop listening to the Negs.

  7. KJZR says:

    You know I would like to get excited about something that maybe really shakes all manufacturers! Everything coming out is the same, a few bits of candy and tweaks, but really nothing earth shattering. Were is the vision and the guts to do something reaaaallllly different? Bike manufacturers need to get their butts in gear and give us way better gas milage. Cars (at least some) are getting close or better than what we get on a motorcycle. I agree with anyone that riding a bike is way better than driving a cage, but hey there really has not been anything for a long while that has wanted me to spend 20 G’s.

    • Steve says:

      You are right about the mileage and I am looking forward to direct injection like the new Mustang where the 6 cylinder has over 300 horsepower, gets over 30 mpg and does 13.8 in the quarter.

      Motorcycles have gotten by for decades with BIGGER, FASTER and LOUDER. They have forgotten innovation and design.

  8. Agent55 says:

    I’d choose a Monster 1100 over either of these. The 2-valve is a nearly perfect street engine, plus the Monster just looks classier than these trying-too-hard Streetfighters.

  9. Steve says:

    Tom: Good point. It is all about what insecure men will buy to impress other insecure men. Anything more than 100 horsepower is wasted and well beyond the point of diminshing returns. It is very hard to pull off the illusion of being half way intelligent while riding like an idiot.

    • monsterduc1000 says:

      A true enthusiast embraces all models no matter the price tag or hp output.

    • Jim says:

      I disagree – I went from a 140 hp Ninja to a high-90s Monster, and there are times when I miss that top-end rush. I ride bikes for the thrill of it, and power is a big part of that. Still love the Monster, as it has a lot going for it besides power.

      Seems to be a pretty standard response to any powerful bike, though. Jealousy maybe?

  10. John says:

    Looks like a cool bike but for $12k I’d rather have a Speed Triple

  11. mugwump says:

    When the “lesser” models have a 15K valve adjust schedule call me.

  12. Tom says:

    Streetfighter. What is all this fighting about? Are we supposed to be fighting someone while riding one of these? Snarl a little and punch someone as you ride by. What’s wrong with just say “the bike has no faring?”

    • Ruefus says:

      Just being silly here, because you have to have realized the name is marketing.

      As opposed to the Ducati Streetfighter 1198, we’ll call it the Ducati Bike That Has No Fairing 1198

      It’ll outsell the 916-series. 😉

    • Dave says:

      It’s a buzz word but great point about who this buzz word actuall sells to. Someone that spends $13-15k on a bike? I dunno…

      • Ruefus says:

        It’s nice to think that marketing doesn’t work on the majority of people, but there’s an entire industry that can prove us wrong.

        Having sold a lot of different brands in the past (Both Japanese and European), I can safely say that some people know exactly what they want and what its called or said to be is irrelevant.

        Then there’s the other 90% of the population that pays the bills for the bike makers. 🙂

  13. JimS says:

    The Euros are killing it with all the new models. I hope the passion still burns that hot in the Japanese manufacturers as well.

  14. Dave says:

    Maybe it’s time to retire the Monster. This thing looks great.

    I wish they’d get real and stop calling an 848cc bike a “middleweight”. #1 the category has nothing to do with weight, #2 the 848 makes as much power as many open bikes at a lighter weight than many middle weights. #3 It’s 848cc!! The 916 was an open bike @ 68 more cc’s.

  15. Jay Mack says:

    Das pooty nice!

  16. ohio says:

    The Streetfighter and Monster are really very different ride experiences and the Monster is much more of a classy (less aggressive) bike in design and attitude. I see the two complimenting each other quite well. No one who actually rides the two is going to make a decision based on the spec sheet.

  17. Austin Hunt says:

    Pretty bike me want

  18. ziggy says:

    yup them’s some good bikes!

  19. Mickey says:

    848 in yellow please, but only if you fix the gearing. My son’s 696 Monster may as well have a 4 speed transmission the way it’s geared. Even down a tooth on the front it’s still nearly impossible to use 5th and 6th.

    • MikeD says:

      I think u guys are trying too hard to use all the gears (in the city ?). I wish my SV1000N had a taller 6th…the thing is already screaming at 5k-5.5k at +-90mph or so (don’t quote me too hard on those #’s) been a while since i rode it last time.

  20. RichBinAZ says:

    The euro is not falling, that is just a rumor. What is real is the devaluation of the dollar over the last ten years.

  21. Gutterslob says:

    Never really been a fan of liquid-cooled Ducati nakeds. I’m sure they ride great, but the tubing and other dangly stuff has always looked rather messy to me, especially compared to how neatly packaged some of the other European rivals look.

    I’ll be keeping my Speed Triple for now. Waiting to see what the others are offering for 2012 first before I decide…. or maybe I should just start saving for that Ariel bike that’ll probably be out in a couple of years.

  22. Trpldog says:

    Sign me up!

  23. Superhawk says:

    Wow… now I am torn… lower that Monster Evo price and make it a very hard decision. This 848 however, could be just the ticket if they don’t dumb down the suspension too much.

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