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Honda and Yamaha Inside Brno 800cc Pole During 1,000cc Tests

Casey Stoner was quickest during tests following the Brno MotoGP race aboard his 1,000cc Honda, going roughly 1/2 a second quicker than the pole set by Dani Pedrosa on Saturday.  The Yamaha 1,000cc prototype was also impressive as both Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies lapped inside of  Pedrosa’s pole time in their first outing on the new bike.

Ducati continued to test their 800cc bikes, saving additional 1,000cc testing for a later date.  For more details on today’s testing, visit the official MotoGP site.


  1. Gutterslob says:

    imho, it’s not the displacement that’s the problem. It’s all those GPS controlled engine-mapping, shock-damping, etc that give specific settings for each individual corner and stuff, along with the other electronics. They need to take the sport away from the programmers and give it back to the riders and engineers.

    For sure, some electronic wizardry is good, especially if it’ll make its way to the bikes you and I buy in future, but still….

    Even when the 1000s arrive next year, I have a feeling they won’t be the same “hell-machines” (Nicki Lauda’s words, not mine) that we say at the beginning of the 990 era. Those bikes sounded like bikes. Late 990 era and the 800s all sound broken (like they’re constantly misfiring) when going round slower corners, with their traction control cutting in all the time.

    • Gutterslob says:

      Just to add, I do a bit of software dev work on a pert-time or contributory basis (mainly Open Source and GNU/Linux), so I don’t have any particular hatred towards programmers, but this is real motorsport.

    • GixxerGary says:

      I agree, less programmers talent, more riders talent.

  2. Bob says:

    There was only ever one thing wrong with the 800s and that was the precision with which you must ride them. All the riders say that you really only get one line choice. If you want to deviate from it mid-corner, you end up in the kitty litter.

    The 1000s and the extra power is going to be difficult to tame even with the sophistiated traction control. The riders are already saying the tire wants to slide around a bit. Add any more traction control to tame that and they’ll lose time because they have now dramatically reduced the drive out of the corners.

    With the riders’ observations in mind, I see this as good news to us arm chair fanatics. IMO, this means the rider will now have to use a higher level of skill to not only control the bike but to make the bike do things the 800 will not, such as deviate from the pure high corner speed style smooth turning in possible favor of different line choices. There will be a rebirth of backing it in (somewhere between the 990s sliding and the 800s cornerspeed style) and there will therefore be more line choices being made by the riders which will promote more passing opportunities.

    I thought the 2011 season was going to be a whopper. Seems the only thing that changed was Rossi being a second off the lead pace. I have high hopes for 2012. Things are looking up according to rider comments.

  3. MGNorge says:

    I don’t happen to believe there’s been anything wrong with the 800’s. They’re powerful and fast and allow the same individuals to ride at their best. Changing to 1000cc does nothing more than introduce more speed and weight. I do not think the racing or the equipment will improve just because of that.

    • Tom Shields says:

      It’s more than just speed. The extra horsepower allows more easily attainable power slides out of corner exits, for example, so it opens up a whole new dynamic. Should be interesting.

  4. james kontol says:

    Hopefully the 1000 can be as exciting as MOTO2 !!

    MotoGP .. what a boring parade.

    • Bob says:

      So quit watching it. Some of us still enjoy it. I like it for the technology as much as the race. Even if the race is a procession, I still get a kick out of watching the riders’ form and technique. I don’t race anymore but I find myself still learning by watching. I think I get better with each race. That’s a big part of the appeal for me.

    • MikeD says:

      Moto2…Moto2…AHH ! I get it! U mean The Honda Cup!

    • MGNorge says:

      When I hear that kind of remark, that MotoGP is boring because of it being a “parade” as you say, my first thought is you must not be a fan at those leading that parade? If it were a favorite rider or perhaps brand of bike all of a sudden the tune changes.

      I find MotoGP very entertaining to watch, both for the equipment and the rider’s skills. I do wish Suzuki could find their mojo and be more of a threat and it would hurt to have Kawasaki join in. My first enjoyment in racing is usually the battle between the brands, no so much the riders.

  5. MikeD says:

    Bring on the big guns…lol. Screw those 800cc lawn-mowers. LOL.

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