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MotoGP Points Leader Casey Stoner Interview Provided by Repsol Honda

Leading the points halfway through the 2011 campaign, Casey Stoner provides his thoughts on the races thus far, as well as the upcoming second half of the championship in an interview distributed by his team earlier today.  Not surprisingly, Stoner expresses his view that winning races, not just consistency, is essential to winning championships.  Here is the interview.

Q. Five victories and four more podiums in 10 races. It does not sound bad at all for a first half of the season, does it?

Casey Stoner says: “Yes. I think that without the problem of the second race, we would have been in the podium in all races this season, which I believe is something very special. I am very happy this year at the Repsol Honda Team.

“The bike has been working brilliantly and even in the worst days it did not work poorly. This is something very positive. When we have the opportunity to win we are always there, very close, and that gives us the chance to win more often.”

Q. Which race do you prefer from the ones held until now with the Repsol Honda?

Casey Stoner says: “I would say that my favourite race this season was, undoubtedly, Laguna Seca. We had a very difficult weekend. Since Assen, where I had a huge crash, I suffered a bit due to my injuries, because I had a fall again in Sachsenring and things did not really went our way. When we arrived to Laguna Seca I was confident, but unfortunately, during the weekend we were not able to have the bike we wanted.

“It was not until the race when we took the step ahead we needed and which gave us the confidence to do a great race.”

Q. Lorenzo, Pedrosa and yourself are showing a very close performance and you have a level well above the rest. Does it gives the lead and the victories a higher level?

Casey Stoner says: “I competed with those rider during all my career, so I think that the value of the victories is always very high. The three of us, Jorge [Lorenzo], Dani [Pedrosa] and myself had the bad luck to coincide in a very difficult time, one of the toughest in history, in which it is most difficult to achieve victory, and it is certainly a great feeling, a deep emotion when you win.

“But after competing with them most of my life, the feeling is more or less the same. When you do a race like in Laguna Seca, then the feeling is special, but it was also the same in the first victory in the first race with Honda. It was something special.”

Q. From now until the end of the season, which do you think will be the details that will decide who will be the Champion?

Casey Stoner says: “I could say consistency, but as difficult as it is, I do not think consistency will win championships. You have to be there and win races, take risks. I think that is what might decide the Championship.

“We are going to do the best job we can every time we get on track, but if one of the days we are not able win, we need to settle for second place, a third or even worse, but we will try to win every time.”

Q. What would you say about your bike and what has to be improve of it? Because in the last races you suffered more than expected…

Casey Stoner says: “We had some weekends that were a bit weird, because in Mugello we suffered a little, because the tyres overheated, which was caused by an excess of grip on the rear. In Sachsenring we tried to reduce the grip, to decrease the temperature of the tyres and that is not the correct direction.

“In Laguna Seca we followed the same path, trying to avoid the temperature from being too high, but it was not the right direction. We have been just going around in circles to try to take a step ahead to find grip again, to find traction that helps the bike work well, because this is what I think is Honda’s best feature: traction. When we do not follow that path we don’t have a strong feature and that is why we suffered in those races.”

Q. And where do you think you need to improve? How do you feel about your physical problems?

Casey Stoner says: “Now we have a few weeks’ break and I am sure that we will feel much better afterwards, because week after week I did not improve too much. It is something we have suffered, but we had to compete and we did not think too much about it. There are many things I must improve of my riding, also with this bike. I have been learning in the last races, but the lack of experience with the Honda does not help.

“It will be beautiful to have more experience to know that a certain set-up works in a certain way, and that it is good to follow that path when we lack grip or when it is difficult to turn. With a little more experience maybe we could have even less bad moments, so I think that with a bit more experience we will improve those points, because they were are weaknesses in the last races.”

Q. What do you ask for the second half of the season?

Casey Stoner says: “Honestly, the best thing that can happen is that it is the same as the first half! To arrive with more than the rest to the end of the season is our main objective.

“I want to achieve even more victories, I want to do my best until the end of the season. The bike is good, is fast, I am riding well, but the problem is that I have very strong rivals that do the same. We will have to wait and see what we can do in the second half of the season, but I am sure it will be a tough championship.”

Q. What are your plans for these free days before going to the Czech Republic?

Casey Stoner says: “I don’t have many plans, just try to recover from my injuries and if I am able to recover enough, then start training again before the beginning of the next part of the season.

“This year, since Le Mans I have been sick or injured and it was very difficult to find time to train, so it would be good just to get back to the track in full form.”


  1. Vic cif says:

    Somewhere I read that Pedroza never smiles, no mater win or not, he is like that. He is a good racer with so far bad luck: crashes=injuries et al. In time, he will show how good he is, or bad ?who knows? I think if not for the crash with Simoncelli,(his fault or not his fault)which prevented him to race, he could be maybe in second or third place in the standings. So, constipated or not, give him a chance, he may surprise you this year or next.

  2. Norm G. says:

    something smells of bogus…? this interview reeks.

  3. Iain says:

    As an Aussie that just doesn’t sound right. I get the impression that this is the Repsol Honda interpretation of what Stoner said and not his actual words. Either way it’s been a great first half of the season and can’t wait for the second half. I don’t think Jorge is ready to roll over and concede defeat just yet. Bring it on.

  4. Dale says:

    I first noticed Casey on the 250’s. I saw him take about 10 seconds to crash after it was already over, everything except for him hitting the deck. He fought through two corners, on and off the track, and almost saved it. I remember thinking at the time “Man that Guy can RIDE!”.

    I saw him crash at Laguna during his first round on the Honda MotoGP bikes (2005?). As he was walking back to the pits I thought of saying “Don’t be dejected, you’re going to be a World Champion some day”, I should have.

    My regard for Jorge is as high as for Casey, this is gonna be good.

  5. Stinky says:

    If he wins this championship, and another. Honda will do their usual of getting rid of, constraining them until they move, because they will assume that a monkey could win on one of their bikes. This year that is almost true, next year we’ll see.
    This interview shows (kinda) how uncomfortable Honda keeps their riders. They’re afraid of speaking their mind for fear of incurring the wrath.
    Every up & comer wants to ride a Honda. Nobody wants to feel disposable. One more championship and he’ll go the way of Rossi, Hayden, even Colin Edwards of WSB.

  6. Lucky Bounce says:

    I have never commented here before, and no big whoop one way or the other, but does anyone else think these do NOT sound like words that would come out of Casey Stoner’s mouth? He’s a pretty friendly, upbeat, outgoing Aussie who shoots from the hip in every interview I’ve seen or read. This sounds much more like a corporate Honda robot being fed cue cards. I see that MC Daily noted this interview was provided by Honda. Perhaps carefully scripted and edited as well?

    • AndrewF says:

      I think these interviews are first translated from whatever language they used into Spanish for press release, then translated back into English for English-speaking media! That’s why even native English speakers like Casey end up sounding so unnatural.

  7. Brian Coetzer says:

    I would also be if I was continually being whipped by my team mate

  8. Tyler Anthony says:

    Is it just me, or does Pedrosa always looked pissed off?