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The Other Two Honda 700s? A Naked and an Adventure Bike?

According to a report in MCN, the 700cc parallel twin with DCT found in the Honda Integra described in yesterday’s article, will also appear in two other bikes displayed at EICMA in Milan this November.  A naked and an adventure bike. Follow this link to a photo posted by MCN of the naked version during testing.  As far as we know, Honda has not committed to manufacturing each of the three models it is expected to display in Milan, but only time will tell.  By the way, MCN describes the 700cc engine as capable of producing 77 mpg by European standards.


  1. Ruefus says:

    I’m rather dubious as to whether the bike in the picture is actually a 700. All-steel frame, spindly-looking forks, a single brake disc up front and what look to me like pretty meager width rubber.

    Looks like a smaller capacity bike to me.

    • MikeD says:

      LMAO. Have u been living under a rock ? I had the same mentality but OEMs little by little sure have removed it from my head.
      I think their way is wrong but…what do i now ? I don’t have any fancy degrees or wear a white lab coat.

      • Fred M. says:

        The problem is that the majority of buyers are more interested in style than in engineering. In fact, most do not even have even the most meager understanding of engineering.

        Want well-engineered motorcycles with good handling? Then stop letting ignorant people buy motorcycles. If someone can’t pass a simple test about motorcycle engineering, then they don’t get a motorcycle license (and, hence, won’t buy motorcycles).

        Needless to say, Harley would be especially hurt by such a move.

      • Kwixdraw says:

        I totally agree with Miked, most buyers are fools trying to be “Bikers” and not understanding the V-Twin is the most inefficient engine design of all.

  2. The Baron says:

    ‘Steve’ says: “Single-sided is the way to go and eliminates alignment issues”. REALLY? Do tell old man. Honest Ducati owners (hard to find with RUBs on them these days) will tell you different. Some of the mono-arms have been terribly out of alignment – but of course, you need a tool like GMD Computrack to actually measure that. Or do you just guess where you alignment is?

    • MikeD says:

      No such thing as having your cake and eating …ah ? Should’ve known better…lol.

    • Greedy says:

      How does a single sided swing arm get out of align? From the factory? Damaged? Bad bearing? Doesn’t sound too likely. It’s pretty hard to get the old style double sided swing arms perfectly aligned and even harder to tell before the tire starts to wear.

  3. Tim says:

    I wonder if the fuel is carried under the seat like it appears to be on the Integra model.

  4. Steve says:

    Honda has build single sided swingarms for decades and they put a butt ugly swingarm on this bike???? Single sided is the way to go and eliminates alignment issues.

    • MikeD says:

      Steve says: Single sided is the way to go and eliminates alignment issues.

      Hey, that’s right, i never saw that one coming…and all this time was in front of me. LOL.

  5. Mickey says:

    Bill ….the 1961 CB77 was called a SuperHawk and was a parrallel twin, the 90’s Superhawk (VTR1000F) 1997-2005 was a V twin 1000. The 400s (CB400T’s) came in auto and a 5 speed manual)from 1978-1981 were called Hawks and were parallel twins. The HAWK GT aka NT 650(1988-1991)was a 650 V twin Honda

    so to the best of my knowledge the Superhawk name was used twice once on a p twin and once on a v twin, and the Hawk name was used twice, once on a p twin and once on a v twin.

  6. John Bryan says:

    Why does Honda seem to have such an aversion to belt final-drive? And real passenger seats on non-touring models?

    Though, even without belt-drive, that looks a lot closer to what I’d like to see in a 2 cylinder mid-weight. The Kawasaki 650 models just don’t appeal to me. Guess I’m too old

    • MikeD says:

      NOPE. U are ok. Im a fan of MOST of the green products but those 650’s are as plane jane as they come and as xciting (to look at anyways) as paint drying.

      I like the Versys better out of the 3 Sisters…wich some people see as horrific.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      You are too old. 🙂 I like all three of the 650’s, especially the er-6n.

      I currently own a belt-driven bike, and there are pluses and minuses. It is quiet, there is no slack and I don’t need to lube it. But I also can’t change the gearing (which I have done on most bikes) or see when a failure is imminent, and it is best to avoid gravel and debris-ridden roads which are often my favorite kinds of roads. Belt tension also puts a substantial load on on the front shaft. I have never ridden a “slick” shifting belt-driven bike, and belt tension is likely one of the main reasons.

    • Kagato says:

      I agree with John on the Kawi’s, I can’t stand the humpback tanks on the things–notice that the humps are starting
      to go away on the high end sportbikes, also the Ninja 250 lines are more even–I do like the look of the 250

    • Kwixdraw says:

      I think Jeremy is too young

  7. Bud says:

    I could see that sporty naked being quite successful.

  8. Jeremy in TX says:

    The stroke on that engine is pretty long. I would love to see something exciting from Honda in a middleweight flavor, but it seems they would really need to bore out those cylinders and shorten the stroke a bit to get some excitement out of the engine.

  9. Kagato says:

    I would love to see a Hawk 700 : – )

    • Justin says:

      So would I…but I’m not sure if I’m okay with it being an inline twin. Hawks are supposed to be V-twins.

      • Kai Ju says:

        You need to go back a little further than the Superhawk or the Hawk GT, when the Hawk was in fact a parallel twin.

        • Mickey says:

          The Hawk GT was a V twin at least here in America

          I’m dissapointed in the pic of the naked …looks like every other sport bike these days…too uncomfortable

          How about bringing it out as a STANDARD Honda? Something along the lines of the Hawk 400/450 of the mid 80’s…only with a larger fuel tank.

          Lets see what the adventure bike looks like since those seemto be the standards of this generation.

          • blackcayman says:

            Mickey – Look again…bar risers and a rider sitting almost straight up. This is not a Sport Bike stance. Its about as “Standard” as you’re going to get unless you get your hands on a Kwaker W800 or CB1100 – If that’s what you want, start asking for a retro-standard (which I think are cool).

            3 bikes all based on one platform/engine – economies of scale – they’ve got to be Profitable to remain in business. This is a sign of the times we are in.

            For now, maybe the closest thing to your Hawk 400 is the Ace 250 by Cleveland CycleWerks.

          • Bill says:

            Your Honda hsitory doesn’t go back so far, does it? the Hawk GT was the fifth Honda bike to be called a Hawk. The previous four were all parallel twins, dating back to the 1959 CB72 Hawk. Then in the sixties came the CB77 Hawk. In the seventies there was the CB400T Hawk. In the early eighties was the last parallel twin Hawk, the CB450T.

      • Kagato says:

        I was thinking about the 400/450, the spy pic does indeed sit like a standard–even with the plastic under armor. My Ninja 500 hopefully will keep going until a scoot comes out that I HAVE to have 🙂 speaking of, where is the Kawasaki Triple, or at least Scrambler? My dad had a Samurai 250, 71 model I think–neat bike!
        and speaking of Scramblers, have you guys ever seen a Suzuki Stinger? I’ll see if I can post a pic on here in a bit.

        • Kagato says:




          not sure if this will work

        • Southerner says:

          Barely remember those. I started with a TS50 back in the ’70s and I believe I can remember seeing those around the shop.

          • Kagato says:

            Oh yeah, if I remember correctly, the TS 50 looked just like a full sized Enduro (as we used to call em) and had the same cool low/high expansion chamber : – ) one of my dad’s friends had a TS 185 that is burned into my memory as very very COOL : – )

          • Fred M. says:

            Not just a TS50, a TS50 Gaucho (yes, folks, that was the real name Suzuki chose).

  10. MotoBum says:

    I’d be interested in the Honda adventure bike that gets up to 77 mpg. Bring it on!

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