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Temporary Suspension of MotoGP Racing (Suzuki Motor Corporation)

Team Suzuki Press Office – November 18. Suzuki Motor Corporation has decided to suspend temporarily its participation in FIM Road Racing Grand Prix MotoGP from 2012.

This suspension is to cope with tough circumstances mainly caused by the prolonged recession in developed countries, a historical appreciation of Japanese Yen and repeated natural disasters.

Having an eye to returning to MotoGP in 2014, Suzuki will now focus on developing a competitive new racing machine for that class.

Suzuki will continue motocross racing activity and support of road racing activities using mass-produced motorcycles, by obtaining FIM homologation and co-operation with the supplier of its development racing kit parts.


  1. No1inparticular says:

    Isn’t Euro MotoGP really structured to sell V-twin Italian bikes?

  2. MGNorge says:

    But really, how is Kawasaki doing? I didn’t rush out and buy one. I know someone who did several years ago. These companies are all a little different in their product mixes. It’s a tough recession, people aren’t really out there in groves buying what’s available. I’m not saying what you say is wrong but we all fall to perception of what is actually going on. That’s brought on by hype in the media and in blogs.

    MotoGP is horribly expensive. The bikes don’t have road going versions all shiny waiting in the showrooms so the crowds can break down the doors on Monday. It’s motorcycling’s F1. People like to be associated with winners, that’s about all that comes from it.

  3. Tim says:

    I have to believe Suzuki (especially) and to a lesser extent Yamaha and Honda seriously miscalculated how to handle this recession. While Kawasaki, Triumph and BMW have continued to develop new bikes and bring them to the market, and have won significant market share as a result, Suzuki has been especially quiet. Their reputation is hurting for it. Honda and Yamaha have been half hearted in developing new bikes. Honda has developed a few quirky bikes that seem to miss the mark. Yamaha hasn’t done much other than evolved their sport bike line, with the exception of the big adventure tourer.

    Suzuki has also put way too much of their focus on sport bikes, and that’s too narrow of a market. They seem to be selling a lot of V-Strom 650’s, but thier sport bike bike reputation is not what it was 3 or 4 years ago. One wonders how much longer they’ll survive with such a narrow focus.

  4. Skuffy says:

    Unfortunately, this is leading to the complete demise of motoGP racing. Small grids. Small number of suppliers. Rules changing regularly. It is no longer a popular sport to watch or even participate from the financial standpoint. Moto2 is where we need to head.

    My opinion ofcourse.

  5. Norm G. says:

    game over man… GAME OVER…!!!

  6. Mickey says:

    Ahh too bad. I really enjoyed seeing the lone blue Suzuki making progress and Bautistas rise to the top ten. Come back Suzuki when you can. We’ll be waiting for you.

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