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Dunlop Named Tire Supplier for Australian FX-Superbike Championship Series in 2012 and 2013

Buffalo, NY: Dunlop is proud to announce its selection as the spec tire supplier for the 2012/2013 Australian FX-Superbike Championship Series. Dunlop will return for the next two years as the successful supplier of control tires for the premier FX-Superbike, FX600 and the F1 and F2 Pro-Twins and F1 Nakedbike classes. These slick and DOT-approved treaded race tires will be built in the USA, where they are used extensively in competition.

Terry O’Neill, the manager of Australian Road & Track Rider Promotions said, “It is great to be working with Dunlop again for another two years; Dunlop has a proven track record in supplying great products and service to Australian racers and the series. It will be excellent to see the FX600s on slicks for the first time for any 600s in Australia at this level. Chances are there will be many new lap records set in the FX600s in 2012. The new slicks should really improve the quality of racing while further reducing tire costs for our control slick class competitors, which is pretty much a first in this day and age.”

Ken Wieden of Dunlop Motorsport Tires Australia said, “We are excited about being involved in the FX-Superbike Championship Series again for 2012 and 2013. Even more so, we are pleased to introduce to the series the new U.S.-made slicks to all control tire classes in this series. These new KR series slicks have been extensively tested both in the U.S. and Australia and display excellent overall performance, particularly with fast lap times.”

Sabastian Mincone, Dunlop Senior Manager, Motorcycle Road Racing USA further explained, “The new slicks are a result of extensive research and development at Dunlop’s Buffalo-based U.S. facility, using experience gained in international road racing and also through Dunlop’s involvement with the AMA Pro Racing series. In fact, the new tires have already made their successful introduction to racing in the USA where they have proven their worth in open-tire-rule racing with a number of wins in the WERA National Endurance Series Championship.”

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